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Time Management Skills

Have you experienced that brooding about the past and worrying about the future is the best way to waste your time and hence your life?.

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Today's Mind Secret
Time is the resource given equally to all. Learn today to spend it the way the greatest and the wisest do.........

Self Test No. 5: Time Management Skills
Time management is life management,
life management is time management

[Want to know more about this topic's practical application in your life? ... Read more about Dr. Arora's Personal Growth Training here]
Dear friend,
Please go through the following questions and tick a 'yes' or 'no' against each question.
Please click in the box given below if the answer is mostly, often or usually ‘yes’:

Sr. No. Questions Select If Answer 'Yes'
1. 'I am the only one to properly do various tasks in my home or office.'
2. 'My time is usually consumed by handling daily crisis.'
3. ‘I rarely get time to sit back, and do more important things that I want to do.’
4. ‘I sometimes take on too much work or studies to do at one time.’
5. ‘I am always rushing to complete my jobs or studies as I am behind time.’
6. ‘I usually do overtime because my job demands it. I just can't help it.’
7. ‘I have periods of hyper-active overwork followed by periods of unproductive sluggishness.’
8. ‘I usually miss deadlines in my work or studies.’
9. ‘I usually take my office work and office worries to my home.’
10. ‘I rarely take vacations.’
11. ‘I usually postpone tasks to the last hour and then rush to complete them.’
12. ‘I work or study seven days a week.’
13. I totally believe in perfection and go all out to achieve excellence in all my jobs.
14. ‘I am unable to decide which priorities are to be tackled first and which last.’
15. ‘I am unable to believe that others can do some job as well as I can.’
16. ‘I don’t trust my friends, juniors, spouse or my children with major decisions.’
17. ‘I am indispensable for the smooth running of my office or my home.’
18. ‘I like to sit around and gossip a lot.’
19. ‘I usually feel tired and exhausted after my day's work or studies.’
20. ‘I wish I had 26 hours in my day.’


Please check the total number of your ‘yes’ and type it here:
All the ‘yes’ answers come from some deep rooted mental blocks. You have to start working upon them at your earliest.

Time Management Skills

This particular questionnaire shows you the mirror of how you have managed your time and hence your life till now.
Please note that life management is nothing but a great time management because life is only 24 hours being spent every day:
Prior Proper Panning Prevents Poor Performance!
In this questionnaire all the areas where you clicked ‘Yes” are your problem areas. You need to work upon them immediately with the help of a personal friend or a professional guide.
Please remember we are not telling you this. Rather you are telling us this about yourself in black and white through your answers………

In the questionnaire on Time Management Skills your "yes" score is 15-20:

You are under very great strain and need skilled professional advice and training to help you with your problems of time management.
You are unable to say “no” to more work load. Even though the current work load is also proving too much for you.
You are unable to manage your time effectively and efficiently. It is causing a lot of pent-up frustration within you at your home, college or work place………

In the questionnaire on Time Management Skills your "yes" score is 10-14:

You life is certainly very run down and things will get worse unless you take immediate action.
You are unable to plan your life properly or to set and achieve your goals. You have to learn how to decide your priorities and then work upon them consistently.
Undoubtedly, the old situations of your life needed the old answers taught to you since childhood. They definitely worked for some time. But now the new economic situations in your life need new answers.
The time has come for you to get training now for working smarter, not harder - of course, without hurting or cheating anybody………

In the questionnaire on Time Management Skills your "yes" score is 5-9:

You are still on the right side of the border but should guard against your tendency towards slipping into a mode of laziness, procrastinating or postponing things to the last moment.
This is making you vulnerable to quite unnecessary bouts of depression. A training course at this stage on time management will do wonders for you very fast………

In the questionnaire on Time Management Skills your "yes" score is 0-4:

Like everyone else you have your "off' days but have learnt how to cope up with life's occasional bad days.
Work a little bit more on bringing the score to 0-2. This world would be a great beautiful place to enjoy then………

Ever thought how do they capture monkeys from the jungle?

The monkey catcher fixes a trap vessel to the ground in the jungle. It has a very narrow mouth at the top and a banana or peanuts inside it.
Lured by the bait the monkey comes very soon and grabs the banana inside the fixed vessel. Its open hand becomes a fist now.
The fist cannot be withdrawn because the mouth is open enough for the straight hand to go in but tight enough for not letting the bigger fist come out!
Howsoever hard the monkey pulls and yells it simply fails. After all the monkey is not educated like you and has not done his MBA also!
It does not realize that just by letting go of the banana its hand will be free of the trap once again. But because the monkey does not do this easiest action it loses its freedom permanently.
The monkey catcher simply comes back at his own convenience and ties the rope around the monkey’s neck for its life-long slavery.
Please note that the banana was not catching hold of the monkey. It was the monkey which was catching onto the banana………

Are you too holding onto some bananas somewhere?

Your ‘Yes’ answers given above are your bananas which you have been unknowingly holding onto - even though they have been causing immense roadblocks in you life.
The first step is to realize these self-limiting beliefs as your own bananas deep inside your psyche.
The second step is to learn to drop these bananas from your life permanently. The best option would be for you to do it yourself right now.
Just drop these self-limiting negative beliefs. Remember they are not holding you, you are holding them! So only you can drop them………

You may feel the need for a personalized guidance

However, you may feel that these dis-empowering negative beliefs have been embedded like so many viruses in the programming of software of your sub-conscious mind.
In that case you cannot do it yourself and require a friendly personalized guidance to help you.
If you do feel such a need to come out of your negative beliefs then give Dr. Sudhir Arora a call. Dr. Arora is an awakened soul and has already shown the right path to thousands of people like you in the last more than 3 decades without any medicines or surgery.
He will help you to change your self-limiting negative beliefs into very powerful positive beliefs through his training on ‘7 Mind Secrets’.

Please call us today for a FREE personal introductory session.

Gain 26 hours in 24 hours.
You have nothing to lose other than your time wasters!

Dr. Kishor J. Lokhande,  38 yrs., M.B.B.S.

"What I have gained from Dr. Arora's workshop:
1) I started getting great confidence in me. 2) Developed Self-awareness.
3) Started managing time more effectively. 4) Reduced my guilt.
5) Improvement in communication skills. 6) Very nice sleep during night.
7) Concentration power improved very much. 8) Reduced stress remarkably.
9) Awareness of diet. 10) I became more open."

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See 100+ Reviews & Star Ratings in

200+ Videos

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