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Participants' Testimonials
Age-wise in ascending order

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Jenish Gala,  16 yrs., Student

"I am very proud of joining Hope Academy. I have gained lot like confidence, being assertive. My mother is very happy that I have opened up.
But your idea of having picturised theory is interesting. It helps to remember fast and dosen't feel bore. My friends can't believe that I have changed.
I thank you very very much. Thanks once again SIR."

OLIVIA C. VAZ,  16 yrs., Student

" From hope Academy’s Training   I have gained a lot to which I cannot express But still to tell I have got a lot of confidence In public speaking and to break my inertia. I have become very assertive and now I do not get angry very often."

Thorat Preeti B. ,  17 yrs., F.Y.B.C.S. [Computer Science]

" Sudhirji has shown us a very nice way to change our lives. I think I have gained everything from Hope Academy’s “Mind Control” which will help me to become a good daughter, good sister, good friend & a good wife & mother in future . I think, it is totally changing my life in a very dramatic way as a magic.
First I used to think like, oh! How beautiful she is ! if I would  be like her, that means I used to compare myself with others. But how I have leant to accept the things And I have accepted myself the way I am.
I have overcome my  inertia, I have started appropriating people. While talking with people I have more eye – contact.
I have learnt how to become assertive. How to say ‘No’ to people without hurting them & I will try my best to learns this skill. I think this “HOPE-ACADEMY” iis the Best as Sudhirji , he is really a perfect human being. I have really taken a very wise decision, I think first time in my life, of joining Hope Academy."

Murtuza Attarwala,  19 yrs., S. Y., B. Com.

"6 months before joining Dr. Arora's course, I was suffering from skin allergy because of a stressful life.. I was totally dependent on medicines to control it. Every 4 to 5 days when tablets' power reduced, again itching started. And so I was very much tensed that rest of my life I will have to be dependent on tablets.
But after joining the course when Sir gave us small-small techniques, I started practicing them. After 2 months then I came to realise that my disease had been actually cured by its own self without any medicines. It was certainly a miracle for me. Thank You Very Much, Dr. Arora."

Nitin M. Khanna,  20 yrs., B.E. (Mechanical Sandwich)

"1. The best thing I have got from Hope Academy is I have started to listen empathically by considering his/her emotions. The result of this is that my friendships & relationships are increasing beuatifully. 2. I am becoming a good leader day by day. 3. I have accepted my realities which makes me more satisfied. 4. I have studied my strengths & weaknesses, hence my vision is very clear. 5. Right now, I am purely solution conscious instead of worrying about problems."

Swapnali Patil,  20 yrs., II Year M.B.B.S.

"1. I had joined Dr. Arora's course to increase my concentration & confidence. Before joining this course, I was very hard working, I was not wasting even a minute, but I was not getting the desired results. Now I am enjoying my life as well as medical studies, without any hard work by doing only smart work.
2. I had failed in Ist MBBS examination, but now I have passed all the 3 subjects with good marks. I have understood the importance of spiritual breathing which now helps me a lot in my studies. I really give thanks to Dr. Arora."

Sameer Kulkarni,  20 yrs., T.Y. Engg.

"Really, what I have gained from Dr. Arora is too immense to be written down on a piece of paper.
The whole of the course is based on 'Meditation' & 'Awareness' which have changed my life radically in the past month. I have got rid of my tensions, worries and improved my concentration immensely.
I have also improved a lot on the spiritual level & the course helped me get closer to my Spiritual Self."

Sameer Vithal Pise,  20 yrs., B.E.(Computers)

"I am thankful to Sudhirji for helping me achieve happiness & relaxation- Two months after completion of his course I applied the technique & values. Now I am proud & happy to write down these gains: 1- I have come more closer to my father, sister & mother 2- I have organized my life & have taken charge in my academics 3 - My friendly behavior is helping myself improve at various aspect 4- I am improving my leadership quality 5- "Abundance" of life is really coming into myself."

Kaushal Shah,  20 yrs., T.E. Production Engg.

"This course has helped me understand the basic making process with the help of the knowledge of my value-systems. My interacting with people is now more effective and assertive.
Exposure to meditation and the benefits due to realisation of inner-self now helps me look at the future in a positive way.
This course and all the people related to it helped me a lot."

Ms. Preeti C. Shah,  20 yrs., Last Year B. Com.

"I have started to take decisions on myself. I have started Planning I have started smilling I have started to join with peoples and it makes me more open, free and improvements in Relationships. More friendly towards People More Confidant, in Public Speaking Inertial Breaking Improving day, today by making Small, Small Improvement . Feel comfortable, happy & smilling."

Nazneen K. Vankasia,  20 yrs., B. A. Psychology/Davan's P. A.

"I have gained the knowledge of balance between spiritual & materialistic would which I was very confused about earlier. Meditation  -  Which has brought me much sought after, peace with myself."

Shweta Dolli,  21 yrs., MATH (H)

"The course brought about a holistic improvement in my personality. I remember enjoying the classes a lot and at the sometime leaching so much about ways to improve. In fact I have still preserved the notebook in which I took notes in the class and it’s still helpful.
I would also like to share a recent a achievement in my life. I won the title of pantaloons femina miss india south 2011 and now I get a direct entry into the top ten finalists of Miss India 2011.
Hoping  for more success to come my way."

Monica A. Shilimkar,  21 yrs., Student

"Before joining the class , I was petrified of public speaking since I always used logic  Here I learnt to speak out my beast which has definitely boosted my confidence. The techniques that were taught on improvement in encore aspect of your life wore made so simple and fun too!! Me being an egoistic person has definitely overcome it too some extent in this one month."

Shabana Shaikh ,  21 yrs., B Tech Instrumentation

"Assertiveness Confidence & faith in myself Optimism No more interiority  couplet A tension free life
I have listed out only few things out of the numbers of things I have got free hope Academy, because for that this page will not be enough.
Now, I am very much confidant about any self that I can do whatever I really revise to do."

Aditi Chimbalkar, 22 yrs., B.E. Computers

"Today I proudly say that I am a software developer working in Persistent. Sometime back this was not the case. I was jobless & at the bottom of my life. Then I joined Dr. Arora's course & things changed. I learnt techniques which improved my communication skills & confidence - I got my first job.
I learnt other techniques - kaizen, witnessing, balancing & centering, implemented them & the result was I became more & more successful. Today I am earning five times more of what I had started with. Thank you Sir for bringing happiness & success in my life. Thank you very much."

Anuj Gupta,  22 yrs., M.C.S.

"What I have gained from Dr. Arora's training:
1. I've controlled my temper.
2. I've reduced my worries greatly .
3. I've become very confident .
4. Learned effective public speaking.
5. Stopped taking tensions.
6. I've become a clear-headed person.
7. My communication skills have improved very much."

Praveen Agarwal,  22 yrs., T.E. EXTC

"I used to get ATKTs in my engineering career and after I joined the course, I have satisfactirily cleared my subjects. My academics were never so good before. It's all thanks to Sir for showing the way to smart work."

Choudhari Sagar S.,  22 yrs., T.E. (Electronics)

"First and the foremost thing in my life I gained is "Smile".
My confidence, my approach towards the people and surroundings has transformed to the greatest extent I have ever witnessed.
For each and every moment my style and my way of living is changing.
At last I have gained "Happiness in every moment"."

Rushikesh Tole,  22 yrs., B.E.(Mechanical S/W)

"Low self-confidence, inferiority complex, fear of rejection & so many other problems! You name the problem & I had it. This was my situation before joining this course. And no wonder I joined the course. First day of the course & I got the formula which I think has begun the "Revolutionary" phase of my life.
KNOW YOUR REAL SELF. GO TO THE ROOTS. HEALTHIER THE ROOTS, SWEETER ARE THE FRUITS. Since the last one month I have begun my path on a very happy-successful journey. The techniques taught by Sudhirji are-- I can't put a word for them. I would just say, "Sudhirji, you are the ultimate!!"."

Praveen Agarwal,  22 yrs., T.E.(E.X.T.C.), M.I.T.

"Life was never easy before I joined this course. I used to study for hours together continuously leading a donkey life. I never knew the reason why I always got below average results. It's only when I joined the course things were all together different.
My study hours decreased by large amount and my results were highly,highly satisfactory to me. Apart from this, I learnt the art of smart work and since the course, I am now a 'free flying bird'. My quality of life has totally changed and most, important today I have started to know myself."

Sheetal A. Khurana, 23 yrs., B.E. (Industrial Electronics)

"Showing the pot of Happiness, Showing the path to Success
With the route map of life in your hand and Dr. Arora by your side..... Guiding you to choose the BEST path..... Helping you to achieve your goals..... Look at him, he is the pot full of GOLD..... Spreading Love & Happiness is what makes him GLOW.
True from Heart, Full of Confidence, Full of Life, is his SECRET CODE."

Rishi Kumar Gara,  23 yrs., B.Sc.(Agri.)

"I have got very satisfactory cure from my speaking problems.
I have also selected in J.N.V. (Biotech) even undereligible, because of smart study practic as prescribe by Dr,Arora.
I strongly feel that this programme is definately helpful for TOTAL SUCCESS to all aspirants."

Tattyasaheb S. Harkal, 23 yrs., B.E. Mechanical

"1) Before Dr. Arora's course, I was having bronchial asthma of 10 yrs. Taking inhalers & steroids to come to normal breathing. It was severe pain in chest. Sleepless night, lots of frustrations & tensions.
2) After going through Dr. Arora's course I learnt the spiritual breathing which helps me to keep relaxed through out the day. I have felt relaxed & comfortable since last 4 years. Last 4 years I have not used inhaler or taken steroids.
I thank sir for giving me this beautiful solution for perfect health. I am fully cured of asthma today."

Nilima Shah,  23 yrs., B. Com.

"I have started living life happily as now-
Problems are there but tensions are not there, Memories are there but PAIN is not there, & most important is I have learnt the art of living by meditation.
Self esteem has increased And one thing I would really like to mention is after doing this course.
“I have taken the charge of my life. I have leant to take the decisions & pay the price smilingly.
& of course I have gained – real good friends."

Manasi,  23 yrs, Computer Engineer

"I learnt to more organized better public speaking and also learnt to be more calm in tense situations and take the downs in life in a more graceful manner."

Arun S. Kadam,  24 yrs., B.Sc.(Chem), M.B.A. (Mktg+HR)

"When I joined Dr. Arora's Course I had problems of depression, nervousness, stage fear, under-confidence & stammering. Over the period I am following his breathing techniques & meditation. I have overcome nervousness, depression & I have cured my stammering almost 95%.
Still I am working on myself, learning & studying about myself. The process is going on Thanks to Hope Academy."

Harshad R. Parate,  24 yrs., M.E. (Water Resources Engg.)

"I have joined this course along with my father. From the first day of class changes started taking place in me. Earlier I used to be nervous. But after attending the classes I felt my nurvousness is not staying for a long. More happiness started flowing in my life. My way of working is also changed. I started enjoying my work. My communication skills has improved a lot. My relations with my parents, friends started improving. I am started getting more involved with the people. In all my full personality has been changed & I am feeling more confident & relaxed doing any work, earlier it was not like that. I thank to Sir for taking such a wonderful course."

Rohit Ghatol,  24 yrs., B.E.(Computers)

"What I gained from Hope Academy:
1. True self-confidence - Getting out of over-pretending, Getting out of influence of others, Able to come out as original me, Able to live as original me.
2. Self-esteem - Able to love myself, Able to live myself, Able to accept myself.
3. Stress release - Able to work in the present moment without anxiety, worry & other obstacles."

Reshma k. baldota,  24 yrs., Home Science

"I am thankful to Dr. Arora for changing my life.  This course was conducted in a very very good way.Dr. Arora was very practical about the things he wanted to tell.  I  come back to this  hone academy’s course    Dr. Arora was very polite in explaining your difficulty   He was very form about his timing   This course is a guide line in my life."

Supriya B. Khodade,  24 yrs., B.E.(Computer)

"I am working with P.C.S. & the techniques which are taught in MCC like public speaking, presentation skills, group discussion skills, how to face the interview, helped me a lot in getting this job.
Also, whenever you join a new environment, you need to adjust the different ways different rules that are followed there. This skill of mixing with people from different background is something that I learnt in MCC which is helping me in my personal as well as corporate life. And I am very sure that the time mgnct techniques, kaisan techniques, smart work techniques will help in climbing the ladder in the corporate life. Also, I would like mention that I joined this course with my friend smita after that my sister Anjali & my cousin brother Ravikiran also joined the course as they could see the changes in me."

Siddharth Talwalkar, 25 yrs., MBA (Marketing)

"At the outset, I must thank Dr. Arora for all the support he has given me. When I joined Hope Academy, I was very depressed down & under-confident. Dr. Arora was the one who put life into me & made out of me, the person that I am today.
If I were to think of 3 most important things that I have gained from Hope Academy, I would say they are 1) Self Esteem, 2) Confidence & 3) Taking responsibility for my own actions. These qualities give me resilience due to which I can not be bogged down by problems. Today I am a type of a person who improves continuosly & can happily say - "Celebrate the special occasion called Life"."

Amit Koul, 25 yrs., B.E. (Mechanical)

"In Hope Academy I learned a number of amazing things that were instrumental in attaining success after success. Some of them are:
1) Today I am working with ICICI Prudential as a Unit Manager drawing a few lakhs per annum. All the credit goes to Hope fundas of group discussion and interview skills. 2) I also learnt smart study techniques because of which an average guy like me got distinction in B.E and a score of 650/800 in GMAT. 3) Because of communication skills & self-confidence gained from Hope Academy, I also became the top salesman for two years in Tata Honeywell (before I joined ICICI Prudential after a tough interview). ALL THANKS TO DR. ARORA."

Venkata Anil Kumar Ch.,  25 yrs., M.C.A.

"I had come to Hope Academy for poor concentration, patience, determination & will power.
Concentration: Never I have achieved such level of concentration in my life until I joined Hope Academy by just using Meditation techniques taught by Dr. Sudhir Arora.
Patience, determination & will power: I have tremendous acheivement in these aspects. My heartfelt pleasureful thanks to Sir for what all I achieved in just one month."

Dhiraj S. Shah, 25 yrs., B.E. (Production)

"1) I am very happy to mention that I was selected in the very first interview of my life. I was so confident that they had no other choice but to select me. I had gained this confident from Sudhirji.
2) I had done this cource before 3 yrs. At that time I already had my backlogs. I was studyng a lot but was unable to get the required output. After doing this cource I felt so confident that I cleared all the backlogs. I belive all this happened because of Hope Academy. Today I am confident & very much thankful to Sudhirji for making me able to see my abilities."

Amar Prasad,  25 yrs., DME, PDTD, (BE Mech)

"I have gained so many things since joining Dr. Arora's course. Three things I would like to mention most: 1. Confidence, 2. Courage, 3. Convincing skills. Before joinning this course, I was a very under-confident person. For that reason I used to get so much tensions, worries and anxiety in my studies and work. These all led me to a very poor health.
I suffered for 4 years so much from ulcers, gastritis, acidity and sinus. During those 4 years I practically used to visit doctors every week. After completing Dr. Arora's course, I gained a lot of confidence. I got out of all my tensions and worries. My stomach problems simply disappeared. I stopped visiting all doctors after 1 month of completing the course. I gained 4 kg. weight within 6 months and I became an ideal weighted person. Till now I have maintained the same good health.
Other than this, I gained courage in my life. That helped me to become free from all my worries about my future. I have become very happy and joyful person now. My career prospects have improved a lot because of the convincing skills which I have learnt from Dr.Arora. Thanks to Dr.Arora for showing me destiny of my life."

Laxminarayan Sharma,  26 yrs., B.E. Civil

"1. I have learnt to control my anger. 2. This course has helped to get me a well playing job. 3. My attitude has tremendously improved in a +ve manner. 4. Public speaking skill has made so much improvement that my voice is listened to by even much senior people in a meeting. 5. I had started leading the team very effectively. 6. It has taught me how to do effective Time Management & Stress Management. 7. I can take now many decisions in a +ve way."

Dr. Rakesh, 26 yrs., D.H.M.S.

"1) I have overcome my public speaking fear. 2) I have become much more confident than before. 3) I could overcome my negative thoughts. 4) I began to love myself as I am. 5) Before the completion of the training I was always complaining about the world & trying to change the surrounding circumstances. But now I realized that I was banging my head against the wall. I should not go about changing the world but should change myself. 6) I got peace of mind from daily practice of meditation."

Guru Bansal,  26 yrs., B.Com

"I have gained tremendous confidence. My habit of procrastination has been overcome. I have also gained motivation, time-management, decision taking skills in a very effective way. This training has helped me in my business to a very great extent.
Now I am able to manage my stress in a very cool way after learning meditation. I am able to take proper decisions. Now I have got all the time to enjoy life after learning time management.
I have fixed my goals in my life & I am confident that I will acheive them in the specified period with the help of Sudhirji's training. Thank You Sudhirj!i"

Sonali A Bhatewara,  26 yrs., B.A.(Sanskrit), M. A.(Prakrut)

"I did this course along with my mom : 'Vijaya' & brother 'Sunit'. I have gained a lot from Dr. Arora’s course:
Self Confidence, Clarity in my thinking, in my relationships, in my Attitude towards life, I like to be organized in every aspect of my life & here with Sudhirji I got a real Booster for this qualify of mine.
I think this course is a good combination of Practical Professional & Spiritual aspect of life. The techniques which I have learned from Dr. Arora also help me in my field of music."

Ms. Bharati R. Sangle,  26 yrs., B.A (Economics)

" This training was very helpful.
I have gained lot of happiness from the Hope Academy, I become more positive, now I can overcome my problem also I have full confidence, patience the power to accept the reality, I always live in the present. I never think about my future & past Living in the presence is to challenge for happiness, I don’t get any frustration I am more tension free, I can take my own decision, Most important thing is I always introspect myself, Stage fear is also gone.

Vikas Sukhija, 28 yrs., M.B.A

"What I have gained from Dr. Arora's course is a difficult question, because it's difficult to write down hundreds of techniques of skills on one page. I don't have words for this course, it's really amazing, wonderful & mind-boggling.
The top most benefits which I got are: 1) I have given 20 interviews & I have cleared all. 2) 3 years I have worked with Tata-Honeywell & remained their best sales person nationally.
I thank Dr. Arora for changing my life."

Swapnil Kale, 28 yrs., B. E. Computers

"I did this course way back in 1996 & I am extremely satisfied. The course has helped me a lot. The course inspired me to acheive my dream of buying a premium car. I brought a "BMW-300 series" recently & have imported it to India a few days back.
Its a powerful course & I want everyone to know that your dreams CAN come true through this course.
Good luck & Thank You Dr. Arora for helping me to acheive my dreams."

Ajay Karamchandani,  28 yrs., B.E.(Computers)

"After attending the Dr. Arora's course, I feel my life has changed very positively.
I lost my weight by 5.2 kgs. My weight was 80.2 kg before and now it is 75 kg. I feel active throughout the day.
I feel more confident, enthusiastic and fully focused while doing any task. Thank you Dr. Sudhir Arora."

Mrs. Taraj Mudaliar,  29 yrs., M.Com, L.L.B. L.L.M.

" 1) To become Assertive 2)To take charge of my life 3) Learnt Time Management 4)  I have learnt how to forget & forgive others and ownself 5) How to do decision making 6) Found out ways to relax stress(mgt.) 7) how to create (make) friend and maintain friendship 8) I have started accepting reality as it is 9) I have learnt human behavior skills 10) I have learnt how to work smarter and not harder and achieve your targets 11) The most important thing I have learnt is “HOW TO BECOME HAPPY IN LIFE” which is the basic purpose of every human being."

Satish A. Sawant,  30 yrs., Civil Engg.

"The very first thing I have gained is confidence and how to take initiative steps for breaking 'Inertia' (which is very important thing to change the life). I learnt how to do meditation. What I gained from meditation is beautiful. It can not be expressed in words. How to live life tension-free, stress-free and how to overcome fear is also what I have gained from Dr. Arora's Course.
Before coming here I knew everything but didn't know how to practice it. Things are not new to us but here Dr. Arora helps us to take them out of ourself. This course will bring me on the right track of my life."

Pankaj N. Pradhan,  31 yrs., B.Com

"I have gained, or I will say I have already gained great self-confidence which was lacking earlier. There are many things which I already gained. To put it here on paper I will require more papers. But in short:
-> Confidence
-> Effective Public Speaking
-> New ways of thinking about life
-> It Is My New Birth Today."

Ashish Kaswa, 32 yrs., B.E., DEXIM

"I shifted my business from Nagpur to Pune due to personal reasons. Because of Pune being a new place for me, I was not able to get business here for a long time. At that time I joined Dr. Arora's Course. After 3rd session itself I was able to approach a few prospective clients of mine. During the session itself I closed down 2 deals. During this period I was working from my house. One month from the completion of Dr. Arora's course I was able to shift with 2 people working under me.
Today after 16 months I have once again shifted to my new office, 3 times bigger than the first one. Now 4 people are working under me. Additionally, I was also able to save 25% on my new office furniture cost by using negotiation skills learnt from Dr. Arora's course. I am earning today almost 4 times of what I started with, by working smartly & strictly only from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Previously I was working late nights also. 3 cheers to Dr. Sudhir Arora."

Anwar Tamboowala,  34 yrs., B.E.(Electronics), DBM

"Dr.Arora's training was way beyond my expectations. I had joined to learn how to get rid of my stammering problem. But I learnt much more than that. I learnt how to get to know my Real Self and come closer to my centre, ie. Spiritual Centre. By learning techniques to come closer to my centre, I was able to control my anxiety wich was the cause of my stammering."

Aniruddha Kelavkar,  36 yrs., B.E.(Mechanical)

"My wife also joined along with me. This course has benefited me in many ways.
Firstly my stammering has decreased considerably. My confidence, concentration, public speaking ability has increased.
Fear of failure has gone down tremendously. I have started giving up my addictions. Practice of witnessing & spiritual breathing has calmed me a lot."

Jeetendra Rane, 37 yrs., M. Com

"After doing Dr. Arora's course I left for Singapore on a job. There in my professional career the increased self- confidence enabled me to tap my hidden strengths, secure better jobs in competitive markets like Singapore, USA & Malaysia & acheive success. Clear concentration & memory helped me in computer courses like Networking, SAP etc.
In my personal life the techniques I learnt here gave me the ability from various angles to take the elders into confidence & go ahead with an inter-religion marriage. On an individual level, I feel that I have changed from being an angry, anxious, & short-tempered person to a relaxed, balanced & intuitive human being."

C. R. Khapre , 37 yrs., B. E. Civil

"1. I have been able to focus on my strengths and get the results that I always wanted
2. Assertively able to say "no" when I want to say "no"
3. A comforting introduction to meditation & other techniques to lead a rich and balanced life   
4. Learnt to remain happy in any situation without getting stressed
5. Become a positive human being."

Dr. Kishor J. Lokhande,  38 yrs., M.B.B.S.

"What I have gained from Dr. Arora's workshop:
1) I started getting great confidence in me. 2) Developed Self-awareness.
3) Started managing time more effectively. 4) Reduced my guilt.
5) Improvement in communication skills. 6) Very nice sleep during night.
7) Concentration power improved very much. 8) Reduced stress remarkably.
9) Awareness of diet. 10) I became more open."

Raees Ahmed Siddiqui,  38 yrs., Diploma In REF & A/C

"The course has taught me to become confident, taking better decision, public speaking, managing tensions of day to day life.
More over thr self-marketing art has increased my income more than three times what I was earning before joining the course."

Vasant B. Augustine,  39 yrs., D.M.E., D.B.M.

"It was conducted in a beautiful way. Dr. Sudhirji's experience which he himself has gone through in his life was a real eye-opening experience & made us feel that all of us are sailing in the same boat of problems, worries & tensions.
Dr. Sudhirji's speeches with a humorous touch made all sessions lively & everyone took active part in each session. Public speaking & inter-active meetings were effectively conducted & everyone came to know where he stands. Training conducted was simply superb."

Mrs. Shanti Janardan, 40 yrs., MET-Life Insurance advisor

"I consider myself really blessed to have joined Dr. Arora’s Course. This course has helped us to a very great extent.
Being in spirituality for a long time, I had already experienced The Divine Energy. But after his course I realized that implementing his meditation techniques and Adi Kriya in practical daily life does make a huge difference.
I have excelled in my insurance field to a great extent. After his course, I obtained a very respectable position in my social as well as personal front. I am looked upon with great respect now. All my hassles have lessened and the intensity of our problems has decresed tremendously.
I have started seeing the results “then and there”. We have become totally loan-free now. I am able to save a lot of my energy and devote it on our priorities now.
There is no repentance later about doing certain things because I have learnt the art of doing things then and there without postponing any work for tommorrows."

Dr. Sanjay M. Lokhande,  40 yrs., Veterinary Surgeon

"How was Dr. Arora's workshop conducted:
 1- Extremely well conducted work shop.
 2- Lots of tips and experience about controlling one self as an individual.
 3- Gives insight as how to look at you as a third person and fix better solutions to any problem
 4- Very practical when practiced."

Dr. Siddharth Chaudri, 42 yrs., M.S. (E.N.T), D.N.B., F.C.P.S., D.O.

"What I learned from Sir is the wonderful thing called Meditation.
How to be positive, How to be happy, How to do smart work, The beginning of network, To be creative, To learn how to learn better , To identify opportunities, To come out of my comfort zone, To give up anger, The formula to be happy, successful & healthy, To imbibe positive energy from Sir, Spread Sir's techniques to help patients, Be a better father, husband, son, doctor & human being. Thank You Sir."

Dr. S. R. Trivedi ,  49 yrs., M.B.B.S.

"The training conducted by Dr. Sudhir Arora was 'Fantastic'. The training was in a very open manner & in a very friendly manner. The training points are all realistic. No imagination is there.
He gave us a direction that is 'a total different direction to look at life'. He taught us to accept reality and that is an important TRUTH that nobody tells us. It makes the whole life worth living."

Janardan P. Sambandam, 50 yrs, B.Com.

"Before joining Dr. Arora’s Course I had an unstable mind, taking shaky decisions, no confidence, laziness, postponement of actions, always jealous, full of anger, grudge, comparing myself with others and dominating behavior.
After completing his course, I actually starting accepting things and others behavior as it is with AT.M. – Any Time Meditation. Consequently, the impact of the events and negative thoughts is no longer there.
There were many disturbing thoughts which have subsided in a tremendous way permanently. Everything is becoming spontaneous without any extra big efforts. I am living in the present moment – not feeling angry about the past or worrying about the future unnecessarily.
I want to thank Dr. Arora from the bottom of my heart for guiding our lives so well with his great patience. May God shower his fullest Grace and Blessings upon him."

Rameshwar M. Agarwal, 50 yrs., M.Com, LLb

"1) Training was very educative. It has changed my way of thinking. 2) Now I am more calm but curious to learn more. 3) I used to be nervous & even small matters used to disturb me. Now I have gained confidence & courage to face things. 4) I have learnt the importance of time management in a more realistic manner. Now I break my inertia & do the most hard things first & do not postpone them. 5) I have learnt the communication skills. Now I can communicate in better ways than earlier. Body language & eye contact are the real mirror of mind. Now I can read the visitors in more precise way than earlier. 6) I have gained confidence to face the circumstances in whatever manner they come. I always take them in positive way. 7) The methods of meditation taught are really useful to charge spiritual energy. 8) I have controlled my anger & I am ready to accept things as they happened."

Padmakar Medhekar, 50 yrs., Notaphilist

"Because of a thirst & zest to learn something from a different angle I joined Hope Academy & I now say it has been fulfilled. Simplicity in teaching many small small techniques which can bring about major shifts in overall personality of the participant is marvellous.
Dr. Sudhir Arora's minute observation of his own life & application of all those techniques in all incidents in his life is unparalleled. I wish to become as happy as he is continuously by applying all his teachings in my life. I sincerely wish all the best to Hope Academy."

Dr. Swanand Ghatpande,  51 yrs., M.B.B.S.

"Dr. Arora makes you face your life boldly. He removes the feeling of frustration, anger, revenge and other negative emotions from your mind. You become more effective in public speaking and are able to add much more to your self-esteem.
Life becomes happier & worth living under the guidance of Dr. Arora who is doing whole hearted efforts to improve the total personality of all those who are participating in this course."

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