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Stress Management Skills

Are you willing to de-stress yourself in all situations?

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Self Test No. 4: Stress Management Skills
Stress is like the white termites
eating away the wood from inside

[Want to know more about this topic's practical application in your life? ... Read more about Dr. Arora's Personal Growth Training here]
Dear friend,
Please go through the following questions and tick a 'yes' or 'no' against each question.
Please click in the box given below if the answer is mostly, often or usually ‘yes’:

Sr. No. Questions Select If Answer 'Yes'
1. 'Do you often dislike going to work or doing housework?'
2. 'Do you often bored with your job or your housework?'
3. ‘Do you ever feel that you chose the wrong study course or wrong career or wrong life partner?’
4. ‘Do you often get irritable and loose your temper easily?’
5. ‘Do you often take tension-relief tablets to help you get through the day?’
6. ‘Do you often find yourself resisting attempts to bring in changes at work or home?’
7. ‘Do you often feel that people are laughing at you behind your back?’
8. ‘Do you ever blame people for your problems or miseries?’
9. ‘Do you ever suspect people are planning to harm you?’
10. ‘Do you often feel that your work is not appreciated?’
11. ‘Do you often have lapses of memory or concentration?’
12. ‘Do you ever have an alcoholic drink to relax yourself?’
13. 'Do you feel that the promotion system in your organization or the division of work at home is unfair?'
14. ‘Do you feel trapped in your job or housework?’
15. ‘Do you ever find yourself shouting at people with whom you strongly disagree?’
16. ‘Do you often feel like resigning from your job or leaving your family and starting a new life?’
17. ‘Do you often suffer quite bad episodes of depression?’
18. ‘Do you often lie awake at night worrying about your problems?’
19. ‘To stand up to your boss or others even though you are right?’
20. ‘To accept criticism from others?’


Please check the total number of your ‘yes’ and type it here:
All the ‘yes’ answers come from some deep rooted mental blocks. You have to start working upon them at your earliest.

Your Score Card on Stress Management Skills

This particular questionnaire shows you the mirror of your personal and professional relationships.
Please note that a life led happily in joy and abundance is nothing but stress management done beautifully daily.
In this questionnaire all the areas where you clicked ‘Yes” are your problem areas. You need to work upon them immediately with the help of a personal friend or a professional guide………
Please remember we are not telling you this. Rather you are telling us this about yourself in black and white through your answers.

In the questionnaire on Stress Management Skills your "yes" score is 15-20:

You are under very great strain and need skilled professional advice and training to help you with the problems of your negative thoughts.
You are simply unable to handle your life’s pressures. It is just proving too much for you because of looking at the negative side of everything.
You are unable to manage your life the way you want it. It is causing a lot of pent-up frustration within you at your home, college or work place………

In the questionnaire on Stress Management Skills your "yes" score is 10-14:

You life is certainly very run down and things will get worse unless you take immediate action.
You are unable to enjoy your life properly because of your negative thinking.
Undoubtedly, the old situations of your life needed the old answers taught to you since childhood. They definitely worked for some time. But now the new economic situations in your life need new answers. The time has come for you to get a training now for converting your negative attitude into more positive attitude………

In the questionnaire on Stress Management Skills your "yes" score is 5 - 9:

You are still on the right side of the border but should guard against your tendency towards slipping into a mode of negativity and self-pity.
This is making you vulnerable to quite unnecessary bouts of depression. A training course at this stage on stress management will do wonders for you very fast………

In the questionnaire on Stress Management Skills your "yes" score is 0-4:

Like everyone else you have your "off' days but have learnt how to cope up with life's occasional bad storms.
Work a little bit more on bringing the score to 0-2. Life would be simply great then………

Cut away your self-limiting beliefs

Ever wondered why a big elephant cannot break free from captivity simply by breaking free of the chain or rope tying its leg?
When an elephant is very young, ropes are tied around its legs and then tied to a post. The baby elephant is left for days, during which time it keeps tugging the ropes, trying desperately to break free.
Finally, after a period of time, the baby elephant accepts the reality that when the ropes are tied on, he is tied to the post and cannot move. The baby elephant mind has successfully been programmed.
Gradually, the many ropes become only one small rope or a chain. Yet the baby elephant is convinced in its belief that it cannot escape.
Years later, when the elephant is all grown up, and massive in size and strength, all that’s needed to get it to stay still is a rope or chain tied around its leg. The other end of the rope doesn’t even need to be tied to a post!
Why? Because the elephant’s belief system says when there’s a rope tied to its leg, it cannot move. That is the immense power of your self-limiting beliefs………

Could you be just like our elephant?

All the ‘yes’ answers that you gave in the questionnaire above are in fact your ropes or self-limiting beliefs which are holding you down in life. The only hold they have over you is ‘I belief in them to be true’.
You are trapped in your 'comfort zone' at the end of a very short rope, unable to move beyond the length of the rope. It has been created by your own peculiar experiences of life, particularly while you were young and impressionable.
You have learnt a lot of rules about what you can and can't do, should or shouldn't do. These are reinforced over the years, creating the self-limiting beliefs which firmly hold you tied to your very own stake in the ground.
There are lots of ways to snap your rope and get out of your comfort zone. One of them is taking a personalized friendly help………

Are you wondering whether a personalized guidance could be right for you?

Then please contact Dr. Sudhir Arora. He is a medical doctor and an awakened soul. He has been working for the last more than 3 decades with people from all walks of life who struggle with self-belief, confidence and stress. He helps you without any medicines or surgery through his training course on ‘7 Mind Secrets’.

Please call us today for a FREE personal introductory session.

Break the ropes that hold you back.
You have nothing to lose other than your bondage!

Dr. Rakesh, 26 yrs., D.H.M.S.

"1) I have overcome my public speaking fear. 2) I have become much more confident than before. 3) I could overcome my negative thoughts. 4) I began to love myself as I am. 5) Before the completion of the training I was always complaining about the world & trying to change the surrounding circumstances. But now I realized that I was banging my head against the wall. I should not go about changing the world but should change myself. 6) I got peace of mind from daily practice of meditation."

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See 100+ Reviews & Star Ratings in

200+ Videos

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Solving Personal Problems
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