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Relationship Skills

Do you realize that the depth of your relationships determines the height of your success?

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Today's Mind Secret
Some people will always throw stones at you. Learn today to use those very stones to build bridges, not walls.........

Self Test No. 3: Your Human Relationship Skills
You can complain that the roses have thorns
or you can rejoice that the thorns have roses

[Want to know more about this topic's practical application in your life? ... Read more about Dr. Arora's Personal Growth Training here]
Dear friend,
Please go through the following questions and tick a 'yes' or 'no' against each question.
Please tick on the ‘yes’ box if your answer is ‘yes’ even sometimes.
Please click in the box given below if the answer is mostly, often or usually ‘yes’:

Sr. No. Questions Select If Answer 'Yes'
1. 'To say "No" to a persistent salesman and hence often buy things you do not want?'
2. 'To return faulty goods to a shopkeeper?'
3. ‘To bargain while buying something?’
4. ‘To mingle with a group and, therefore, often find yourself alone in social gatherings?’
5. ‘To take an active part in social conversations?’
6. ‘To initiate or continue conversation with a stranger?’
7. ‘To refuse extra work in office or home even though you are already overworked?’
8. ‘To ask any favor from a friend, colleague or relative?’
9. ‘To criticize a friend, colleague or relative?’
10. ‘To pay compliments to a friend, colleague or relative?’
11. ‘To protest strongly even though you are denied your just rights in your home or office?’
12. ‘To accept compliments graciously from others?’
13. To accept criticism from others?
14. ‘To refuse any request from a friend, colleague or relative?’
15. ‘To show your hurt or anger in office or home?’
16. ‘To ask for a pay raise or an extra leave from your boss?’
17. ‘To stand up to others for your self-respect?’
18. ‘To pull up or scold your subordinates or workers?’
19. ‘To stand up to your boss or others even though you are right?’
20. ‘To share your innermost tender feelings with someone?’


Please check the total number of your ‘yes’ and type it here:
All the ‘yes’ answers come from some deep rooted mental blocks. You have to start working upon them at your earliest.

Your Score Card on Human Relationships

This particular questionnaire shows you the mirror of your personal and professional relationships.
Please remember we are not telling you this. Rather you are telling us this about yourself in black and white through your answers.
In this questionnaire all the areas where you clicked ‘Yes” are your problem areas. You need to work upon them immediately with the help of a personal friend or a professional guide………

In the questionnaire on Human Relationships your "yes" score is 15-20:

You are under very great strain. Burying your neck in the sand will not solve your inter-personal problems. You need skilled personalized advice and training to help you with your problems of human relationships.
Very often you want to say “no” but end up saying “yes” and then sulk about it in your heart throughout the day. You are also unable to communicate your ideas or to express yourself clearly in front of others. It is causing a lot of pent-up frustration within you.

In the questionnaire on Human Relationships your "yes" score is 10-14:

You are certainly very run down and things will get worse unless you take action now. Basically, you need to discuss your problems with someone – a trainer, a psychologist or a counselor, or even a trusted friend or colleague.
You are unable to assertively stand up for your self-respect at times. You want to say “no” but you end up saying “yes” and then feel bad about it throughout the day. People take you for granted and are losing respect for your opinions. You are being taken for a ride is how you feel on many occasions.
It is good to be good. But it is bad to be too good! You are being too good for your own good.
Undoubtedly, the old situations needed old answers taught to you since childhood. But now the new situations in your life need new answers.
You have been going for “I lose – you win” type of solutions till now, continuously trying to make others happy by becoming miserable yourself. The time has come for you to get a training now how to go for “you win – I win – all win” solutions which add to you self-respect………

In the questionnaire on Human Relationships your "yes" score is 5-9:

You are still on the right side of the border but should guard against your tendency towards slipping into a mode of self-pity and “I am a victim of circumstances”.
This is making you vulnerable to quite unnecessary periods of depression. Count your blessings and learn now to take a more positive view of your life. A training course on improving your relationships will do wonders for you very fast………

In the questionnaire on Human Relationships your "yes" score is 0-4:

Like everyone else you have your "off' days but have learnt how to cope up with life's occasional bad relationships.
So long as you continue to look forward rather than backwards, to be optimistic instead of pessimistic, you will remain happy and contented with both your work and personal relationships.
Work a little bit more on bringing the score to 0-2. Life would be a great benediction then………

The story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree

The Chinese Bamboo Tree when planted hardly grows for 4 years. Even with all the love and care it manages maximum of only 1 foot – yes, only one foot.
Something happens…..Then comes the year five….. In the fifth year the same Chinese Bamboo Tree suddenly shoots up and grows 80 feet – yes, eighty feet – in one year!!!
All this time it had that HIDDEN POTENTIAL for an astronomical growth. But for four years the hidden potential had to wait for the right time and the right season to burst forth in all its majesty.
Similarly, like that Chinese Bamboo Tree, you and your people too have an unlimited potential to grow dramatically – but only with the right knowledge and right techniques at the right time.
You have seen your own scores in the questionnaires above. Do you feel that you too need to learn the ways to tap your and your people’s hidden unlimited potential?………


Dr. Arora is an awakened soul and has already spread abundance in the life of thousands of people like your in the last more than 3 decades without any medicines or surgery.
He will help you to have first abundance in your own personal life, then to become a channel yourself so that your flame can light more flames all over the world.
His customized training of ‘7 Mind Secrets’ draws out the best from inside you. It shows you practically how to develop consistently positive and warm relationships with people who matter in your life.
There’s always a first time for everything in life. You have to start someday. Why not today?………

Please call us today for a FREE personal introductory session.

Start repairing at least one important relationship from today.
You have nothing to lose other than a fractured relationship!

Amit Koul, 25 yrs., B.E. (Mechanical)

"In Hope Academy I learned a number of amazing things that were instrumental in attaining success after success. Some of them are:
1) Today I am working with ICICI Prudential as a Unit Manager drawing a few lakhs per annum. All the credit goes to Hope fundas of group discussion and interview skills. 2) I also learnt smart study techniques because of which an average guy like me got distinction in B.E and a score of 650/800 in GMAT. 3) Because of communication skills & self-confidence gained from Hope Academy, I also became the top salesman for two years in Tata Honeywell (before I joined ICICI Prudential after a tough interview). ALL THANKS TO DR. ARORA."

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See 100+ Reviews & Star Ratings in

200+ Videos

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