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Positive Thinking

You can always quit any day. So why quit today?

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Today's Mind Secret
In reality, all failures are tiny steps to success. Learn today to accept that the road to final success is always under construction.........

Positive Thinking and The Law of Attraction
It’s NOT done the way you have been trying till now!

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YouTube 010: How to do Positive Thinking: Dr. Sudhir Arora, MBBS, Pune, India
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What is positive thinking?

Mountains and valleys are part of living. Going through them SMILINGLY is the art of living! This is positive thinking at its best. This is the essence of all religions, all masters and The Law of Attraction.
In every situation where are you focusing? Is your glass half-full or half-empty?
  • A negative mental attitude is like unwanted weeds in a garden. Focusing on the half emptiness of the glass is a negative attitude and attracts only more problems and misery in your life by the Law of Attraction.
  • A positive mental attitude (PMA) is like planting beautiful roses in a garden. Focusing at the half fullness of the glass is a positive mental attitude which attracts more health, wealth and happiness in your life by the Law of Attraction………

Ok, Ok. I have done some other courses and read some books on positive thinking and The Law of Attraction also. It works only for some time. All talk of positive thinking just evaporates when things are really bad. So what’s new about you?

You are so absolutely right! It happens with everybody else too because you are trying to be positive by using your will power or 10% conscious mind power.
You are expecting wrong things from it unfortunately.
  • The basic property of your superficial conscious mind is to be logical, questioning and judgmental- that is, being doubting, extra cautious and negative.
  • It simply cannot think positively. That’s why all talk of changing your negative thoughts into positive thoughts remains a pipe dream and never ever works out in daily practical life.
Your positive attitude only comes from your hidden Infinite Super-conscious Mind or Inner Self. Whenever you felt very positive, passionate or enthusiastic about anything in your past life it was only because somehow unknowingly you were able to tune yourself to your Inner Self.
  • Therefore, the master key is to tap into the hidden powers of your own Infinite Mind first. Then positive thoughts automatically start ‘happening’ to you………

So how to be positive really?

Pygmalius, a famous sculptor, used to carve out beautiful statues from marble blocks. One day he carved out a masterpiece statue of a beautiful girl.
This story from Greek mythology says that the maiden was so life-like and beautiful that Pygmalius himself fell in love with his own creation.
He continued praying in all love and humility to God to give life to his statue so that he could marry her one day. He was very positive and had no doubt that his prayer would be granted soon.
It’s said that finally God conceded and that statue came alive. Both got married and lived happily thereafter.
This is called The Pygmallion Effect or The Law of Attraction. Its meaning is very clear.
  • You only get in this world whatever you expect d-e-e-e-e-e-e-p inside you to get. Your deeply-held beliefs determine what you achieve today or what you will be in future.
  • If you really want to achieve something deeply from your heart then the whole universe conspires to fulfill your wish.
  • Conversely, if you deeply believe that although you desire it but you don’t deserve it really, then your deeply-held belief will again come true and you will not achieve it.
  • That means you are successful again. You did not believe it – you did not achieve it! So you were successful; you got what you deeply wanted!………

Can you give some real life examples?

Yes, sure.
  • For example, you want to get a top rank, but deep inside you doubt whether you’ll get it.
  • You want to clear this interview, but believe deeply that it’s going to be an uphill task.
  • You want to speak confidently to impress your audience, but have a lot of fear of ‘what will they think about me’.
  • You want to make your relationships work smoothly at home and outside, but believe in you heart of hearts that nobody loves you really.
So what you deeply believe eventually becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy. You do try but still you seem to lose mostly. Why?
Because it’s just a beautiful game of ‘Conceive-Believe-Achieve’………

What is ‘Conceive-Believe-Achieve’?

Whatever you conceive in your mind and believe deeply that you do deserve to get it; you will simply achieve it sooner or later.
But please don’t believe us for it. And don’t disbelief us either. Just be neutral. Simply do the following exercise yourself and experience it yourself........

OK. How to do it?

Do it just before sleeping and first thing in the morning when you awaken but before even opening your eyes.
Start this exercise when things are going smooth and not bad in your life. If you start doing it under negative circumstances then the results will be still negative. You will be again frustrated.
It’s like preparing for the coming war during peace time. You don’t start the preparation when the war is on your head!
  • To begin, first you sit up or lie down in a cool and calm place. Now deliberately relax your whole body from head to toe.
  • Then conceive of a successful self-image in all details – as much colorful and bright as possible. Visualize yourself in your mind ‘already’ living an abundant lifestyle full of success and happiness the way you want it in your own unique way.
  • Along with that have a sure shot belief that come what may, you deserve it and it’s your birth right – just because you are a human being and alive! Whether you are saint or a sinner, does not really matter………

What about the final achievement?

Very Important :
The final step of actually achieving is never in your hands; only the previous actions are in your hands, not their results.
  • Just don’t bother how this will be done. It’s the sole responsibility of The Highest Intelligence or The Universal Energy. This God Energy will automatically guide you through your intuition………

How will this work really?

Soon the right ideas will come to you; right books, people and circumstances will start happening in your life to show you the right ways of achieving your dreams. Follow these guidelines – they will be your right positive actions taking you towards your dreams.
These ‘intuitive flashes’ will come at the least expected times and places. They will come as sudden strokes of lightning sometimes and will seem initially illogical.
  • Initially, they will be tiny in number. If you neglect them they will further decrease in number.
  • However, if you start inking them immediately then gradually they will start sinking in your psyche. They will become more and more like a flood. Then you will see your own life changing dramatically. Very positively………

Any examples?

Yes, certainly. All great things in human history in every country and every century have happened because of someone’s intuition at the most critical point.
For example, Thomas Edison, after 10,000 logical failures, got the final breakthrough of using tungsten as a filament to invent the electric bulb by using his intuition.
Madame Curie discovered radium through her intuitive flashes during sleep at the most critical moments in her experiments.
Albert Einstein discovered The Law of Relativity by intuitively traveling as a passenger on a ray of light!
Wright Brothers invented an aero plane by following their strong intuition and self-belief. They were not listening to the arguments of their critics who said this could not be done logically and no body had ever done this before.
After the First World War in 1918 Great Britain was the supreme world power controlling directly or indirectly 50% of the earth. Yet in 1929 Mahatma Gandhi and other towering Indian leaders listened to their intuition.
  • They gave the call for total independence from this mightiest empire of its time. That too without any violence against the occupying power – which had never be attempted before anywhere in the whole human history!
  • What could be more illogical than this? And just in another 18 years in 1947 India was independent! [Please; we are not discussing any politics here; just showing you the power of your God-given intuition working at individual as well as collective level.]
In 1961 John F Kennedy gave a call to the American nation to go to moon. And in only 8 years in 1969 man was on moon!
In 1967 India was a food basket case of the world. But within 7 years in 1974 our PM Indira Gandhi followed her strong intuition and gave the orders to explode India’s own atom bomb right under the very nose of the snooping American satellites [which are the ultimate ‘logical’ marvels of technology].
In 1998 India was still recovering from the financial crisis of 1991. Yet our PM Atal Behari Vajpayi took the call of his strong intuition and India became a declared nuclear power – again right under the nose of those snooping, very logical American satellites.
[We have nothing against logic and technology – it is just to show you the supremacy of intuition and human spirit over logic, that’s all.]
  • All western powers at that time decided to stop supplying any nuclear fuel to India. But what happened just 11 years later? Simply 3 strong leaders – Sonia Gandhi, Man Mohan Singh and George Bush - followed their strong intuition.
  • In 2009 the Nuclear Suppliers Group having 45 strongest countries of the world reversed their own logical stand and changed their own charter only for one country, ie. India. They agreed to supply nuclear fuel to India under the leadership of the same Uncle Sam.
  • This is the only instance in the world history of 45 strongest countries agreeing to do something collectively for only one country. [Again please leave the merits and demerits of the politics aside.]
In 2008 Barack Obama, a black with a Muslim name, followed his intuition through and through and did the unthinkable. He became the President of United States of America!!!
Phew! A really never-ending list going on and on!………

I am fully convinced now. Should I actually note these ‘intuitive flashes’?

Yes, yes. Please start listening to your first voice in each and every situation. It’s the voice of your intuition [Intuition = Inner tutor!] coming from your Super-conscious Mind or God Within.
It will be never ever wrong! After all, who will be right if God is wrong?
So start keeping a small pocket diary + pen with you 24x7. Just note down these intuitive ideas immediately and work upon them later at your convenience.
  • This is the easiest and the fastest way to have positive attitude under all circumstances.
  • But your tragedy is that you judge these flashes logically and ignore them. Instead you follow your logical, doubting conscious mind and land up into a continuous vicious circle of more and more negativity………

What about my problems then?

Are you at the bottom of your life? Good! Now the only way is up!
Problems are just challenges in disguise. Pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin. Mistakes, failures, handicaps and problems are just stepping stones to success.
Thank God for your problems! You can learn something more now and consistently work upon them to become more successful………

Failure is not the opposite of success, not trying is

You are greater than your problems. Mistakes are simply miss-takes. Just do a retake!
Making mistakes is your birth right as well as your destiny. Accept yourself as an imperfect human being.
You are your own best friend. Therefore, love yourself the most first of all, in spite of all your imperfections. This then is the beginning of a real positive mental attitude………

What if still I am not able to do it all by myself and need a personalized guidance?

In that case you can contact Dr. Arora. He is an awakened soul and has already helped thousands of people like you in the last more than 3 decades.
He will help you too personally to come out of the trap of your negative thoughts.

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE personal session.

Convert your P.A.I.N. into Positive Approach In Negative Situations.
You have nothing to lose other than your negative attitude!

Guru Bansal,  26 yrs., B.Com

"I have gained tremendous confidence. My habit of procrastination has been overcome. I have also gained motivation, time-management, decision taking skills in a very effective way. This training has helped me in my business to a very great extent.
Now I am able to manage my stress in a very cool way after learning meditation. I am able to take proper decisions. Now I have got all the time to enjoy life after learning time management.
I have fixed my goals in my life & I am confident that I will acheive them in the specified period with the help of Sudhirji's training. Thank You Sudhirj!i"

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