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Money Management Skills

Do you know The Secret that great wealth follows only the right application of your own mind powers?

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Today's Mind Secret
Money is the greatest invention of mankind till date. Learn today that money management is the root of all wealth creation.........

Self Test No. 2: Your Money Management Skills
Money is the basis of everything in life
but money is not everything

[Want to know more about this topic's practical application in your life? ... Read more about Dr. Arora's Personal Growth Training here]
Dear friend,
You first see ‘You are here’ when you read a map to go somewhere. Therefore, the following statements are about your deeply-held beliefs about money to show you ‘You are here’ in your financial journey. You must know yourself well before you go forward.
Please go through the following and answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ spontaneously from your without bothering really what ‘should be’ the correct answer.
Please click in the box given below if the answer is mostly, often or usually ‘yes’:

Sr. No. Questions Select If Answer 'Yes'
1. 'Money comes only to some lucky fellows with very good karmas'
2. 'I have to work very hard to earn money'
3. ‘I don’t deserve real richness; it’s not in my fate’
4. ‘To earn money life is full of competition which is very, very difficult to win’
5. ‘Like so many others I too have to become a cunning fellow to become truly wealthy’
6. ‘Wealthy people are the blood suckers of poor people’
7. ‘All rich people are in fact hidden crooks, black marketers or tax evaders’
8. ‘I cannot become really rich because I am not highly qualified or talented like others’
9. ‘I must have very good social and political contacts to earn great wealth’
10. ‘Honest people cannot become rich’
11. ‘I can not easily become rich in my line of studies or work’
12. ‘Happiness is more important than money’
13. ‘I must work hard for doing a good job to retire one day on good pension’
14. ‘When I retire my loving and caring children will surely look after me in my old age’
15. ‘I don’t know what ‘continuous financial education’ for creating wealth is’
16. ‘I don’t have a written financial plan for becoming rich in a planned way’
17. ‘I don’t know how to have ‘total financial freedom’’
18. ‘I must continue working. Otherwise my income will stop soon’
19. ‘I often wonder how others make so much money easily and silently’
20. ‘I find myself misfit in the world of finances, investments and wealthy people’


Please check the total number of your ‘yes’ and type it here:
All the ‘yes’ answers come from some deep rooted mental blocks. You have to start working upon them at your earliest.

Your Score Card on Money Management Skills

This particular questionnaire shows you the mirror of how you have managed your overall finances till now. Please remember that financial confusion is the biggest cause of chaos in your work and relationships.
Money alone does not give you happiness surely. But an absence of sufficient money definitely causes a lot of unhappiness. What do you say?

Very, very important

Money is the foundation of your whole life. Whether you like it or not, this is the stark reality of human civilization since ages.
That’s why Lakshmi is a goddess and Kuber is a god in Indian mythology.
If money was truly evil then our ancient enlightened rishis would have placed these gods into rakshasa or evil category and not into god category.
Lakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu who runs and maintains the whole world. It is precisely for this reason that goddess Lakshmi is one of the 3 most important goddesses – along with goddess Parvati and goddess Saraswati. That’s why she is worshipped on Diwali day.

You need a prosperity-conscious mindset to become wealthy

You parents need money for your mother’s nutrition and medicines even before you are born. They need money for her delivery.
Then again money is needed for your survival, education, traveling, job, business, marriage, sickness, etc. Even your dead body needs money for burial or burning. So you see money is needed everywhere.
You may choose to have the least possible money for your survival if you are a nun or a monk. But still you do need some money. Isn’t it?
However, undoubtedly money is not the only thing needed for a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. But money facilitates the purchase of all other things needed.
Let’ call money as the most important lubricant of human life.
Becoming wealthy is every one’s birthright. To be born poor is not your fault. But to die poor after spending so many decades on Mother Earth is wastage of your whole life.
It does not require a miracle to become truly rich. It just needs a different mindset of money consciousness to have abundant prosperity in your life, that’s all.

Only an open mind which is willing to receive abundance is sufficient

All it needs is an open mind and a willingness to acknowledge your mind’s old conditioned thoughts for what they really are – just mental blocks coming from your childhood’s conditioning.
You were brought up in a particular atmosphere where a specific set of values was followed consciously or unconsciously by your elders and the surrounding society. This value system was pro-poverty and anti-richness.
You as a child just imbibed it like a sponge unknowingly. Life-long you’ve been following this poverty plan ‘how to remain a struggler’. That’s why you got the financial results in your life that you got till now.
You may already be a CA, CPA or a tax consultant. You may be having a very good job or business even now; you may be financially quite comfortable today. But look deeply and you find a whole lot of financial insecurity within.
First be aware of it and then accept it.
Because of your acceptance of this reality the next step automatically happens. That is, you will now learn fast how to correct your self-limiting energy-sucking beliefs to self-enhancing energy boosters.
You’ll start spontaneously following pro-wealth values. You will see very soon what real wealth is.
Remember, it is not anti-poor, it’s anti-poverty!
You cannot remove poverty by becoming yourself poor. You can remove poverty only by creating more wealth, and thus more employment, for the whole society.
All the areas in this questionnaire where you clicked ‘Yes” are your problem areas. You need to work upon them immediately with the help of a personal friend or a professional guide.
Please remember we are not telling you this. Rather you are telling us this about yourself in black and white through your answers………

In the questionnaire on Money Management Skills your "yes" score is 15-20:

You are in a big soup financially. Real wealth is very much away from you as of today because you have somehow unconsciously learnt to worship poverty.
You must work upon your self-limiting beliefs to change them from ‘scarcity consciousness’ to ‘abundance consciousness’.
You need to take help super-fast from a wise guide………

In the questionnaire on Money Management Skills your "yes" score is 10-14:

Things are not so good on the money front. You could have done better in life had you gone ahead with proper financial education.
It’s all in your thoughts. Please learn at double speed how to change your pro-scarcity thinking to pro-prosperity thinking………

In the questionnaire on Money Management Skills your "yes" score is 5-9:

Financially things are quite OK. But you are still far away from total financial freedom.
You still have to continue bearing the drudgery of working even if you don’t like your job or business.
But you can learn very fast how to have total financial freedom where you don’t work hard to make money. You make money work hard for you………

In the questionnaire on Money Management Skills your "yes" score is 0-4:

You are a real smart person in money matters. You actually love money. Follow the basic financial and see your wealth further soar to astronomical heights real fast.
Starting today you will reach total financial freedom soon.

The horse and the Persian wheel

A merchant traveled a long distance throughout the night on his horse without any rest in between.
The horse was very thirsty and tired by this time.
Early next morning they came across a Persian wheel in a farmer’s field. On the merchant’s request the farmer started the Persian wheel.
The water started flowing immediately with a loud noise coming from the water boxes of the Persian wheel.
The horse had never heard such a big cracking noise before. So it was very scared and would not go near the water even though it was very thirsty. On the merchant’s request the farmer stopped the Persian wheel. Now there was no noise, but no water either.
To get the water the Persian wheel had to be started. But again the problem of the big noise would happen and the horse would not go near the water.
Then the wise farmer told the merchant that if the horse wanted to drink water it would have to do so only while the Persian wheel was running and making its noise………

Did the horse finally drink the water?

That’s not the question. The real question is whether you want to drink the water.
In your real life that water is your own success and happiness. That noise is the various problems and obstacles that you face daily in pursuit of your dreams.
Are you waiting for the problems to disappear before you become truly successful and happy? Then life-long it’s going to be one hell of a wait, my friend!
It’s much better to learn now how to be successful and happy in spite of the problems, not in the absence of the problems………

Your self-limiting beliefs

But, as shown in the questionnaire above, it’s your self-limiting beliefs - and not the problems - which are preventing you from enjoying an abundance of success and happiness.
The time has come in your life now to convert these dis-empowering beliefs of losers into empowering beliefs of winners.
How to do that is the next million dollar question. So start reading, start searching and start doing whatever you feel is right according to you peculiar circumstances. But please start.
There’s always a first time for everything in life. You have to start someday. Why not today?………

You may need a personalized help

You may feel that the time has come in your life now to cut down any further delays. Its high time you really did something concrete to come out of your difficulties and problems. A personalized guidance would be best for you then to expedite the matters.
For the last more than 3 decades Dr. Sudhir Arora, an awakened soul, has been helping people from all walks of life to break their mental walls and come out of the prison of their self-limiting beliefs without any medicines or surgery through his training course on ‘7 Mind Secrets’.
If you too wish to start becoming successful as well as happy today in spite of your problems then

Please call us today for a FREE personal introductory session.

‘Impossible’ becomes ‘I M Possible’.
You have nothing to lose other than your self-limiting darkness!

Aditi Chimbalkar, 22 yrs., B.E. Computers

"Today I proudly say that I am a software developer working in Persistent. Sometime back this was not the case. I was jobless & at the bottom of my life. Then I joined Dr. Arora's course & things changed. I learnt techniques which improved my communication skills & confidence - I got my first job.
I learnt other techniques - kaizen, witnessing, balancing & centering, implemented them & the result was I became more & more successful. Today I am earning five times more of what I had started with. Thank you Sir for bringing happiness & success in my life. Thank you very much."

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See 100+ Reviews & Star Ratings in

200+ Videos

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