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Life Management Skills

Will you like to fly high in the sky like an eagle with two strong wings of outer success and inner happiness?

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Today's Mind Secret
Self-discipline is the small price you pay today for getting big success tomorrow. Learn today to go for a short-term pain but a lonnnnnng-term gain.........

Self Test No. 1: Your Life Management Skills
The ultimate purpose of life is
to be happy and spread happiness

[Want to know more about this topic's practical application in your life? ... Read more about Dr. Arora's Personal Growth Training here]
Dear friend,
Please answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following questions spontaneously without thinking much about them. Let the answers come from your heart’s feelings and not your mind’s logic.
Please click in the box given below if the answer is mostly, often or usually ‘yes’:

Sr. No. Questions Select If Answer 'Yes'
1. ‘I wish I could quit my current job. I don’t like the whole working atmosphere here.’
2. ‘I wish I could change my current stream and start working in another discipline altogether. It seems that is better paying.’
3. ‘I’m tired of changing so many jobs. Why am I not getting the right break?’
4. ‘I very much want to make really big money at a young age but I know I cannot do it in my line of job / business.’
5. ‘I want to be my own boss. But I don’t have the millions to start my own business.’
6. ‘I have a deep wish to handle hundreds of people. But I don’t want to go into politics. Nor do I have the qualifications to become the GM of a big company today.’
7. ‘I am working hard and harder to make not myself, but the owners of our company richer and richer. Deep inside me I don’t like this at all.’
8. ‘In spite of working hard all these years what have I got finally other than tensions and headaches. When will my time come to enjoy my life on my terms?’
9. ‘I want to go higher and higher professionally. But honestly I don’t have the stamina or the inclination to go back to college for higher studies.’
10. ‘I feel utterly trapped and helpless in my current financial scenario. I am just stuck, running more and more to stay in the same place.’
11. ‘I am seriously afraid that some new technology or a younger worker will soon take away my job. What will happen to me and my family then?’
12. ‘There is too much competition in our line. It’s simply killing me every day. I just don’t know how to cope up with it any longer.’
13. ‘I cannot keep on working like this for so many hours every day. My mind and body need at least some rest now.’
14. ‘I used to really enjoy my work. But now I feel kind of suffocated in the same work.’
15. ‘I want to leave everything in this line of work and just run away somewhere else to start a new life with better prospects.’
16. ‘I am tired and bored of doing the same things again and again. I just want to deal with more creative people with more challenging ideas.’
17. ‘I am sick of the need to please my stupid, lousy boss every day just to save my job.’
18. ‘Like some of my old batch mates I too deeply wish to have great money as well as time for my family. But I don’t know how to do it.’
19. ‘I know I have to do something different in my life. But what is it I don’t know.’
20. ‘I am confused as I don’t know how to be rich without working 12-14 hours a day?’


Please check the total number of your ‘yes’ and type it here:
All the ‘yes’ answers come from some deep rooted mental blocks. You have to start working upon them at your earliest.

Your Score Card on Life Management Skills

This particular questionnaire shows you the mirror of how you have managed your overall life till now.
All the areas in this questionnaire where you clicked ‘Yes” are your problem areas. You need to work upon them immediately with the help of a personal friend or a professional guide.
Please remember we are not telling you this. Rather you are telling us this about yourself in black and white through your answers………

In the questionnaire on Life Management Skills your "yes" score is 15-20:

Things are really, really bad for you. Please change your job and way of thinking fast.
Take help immediately from a wise man and work with his guidance.
You have no more time to lose. Start a new part time learning venture………

In the questionnaire on Life Management Skills your "yes" score is 10-14:

Sorry, your life is in a soup. Stop denying it. Face up to the reality. You need to change your old way of thinking and working. Fast.
You have nothing to lose other than your misery.
We are not finding fault with you or blaming you. Please remember, there are no right or wrong answers in real life. There are only old and new answers.
In yesterday’ world you could get along fine with your old formulas of life. But today’s new economy needs new answers. That’s why you have to change your formulas too, that’s all………

In the questionnaire on Life Management Skills your "yes" score is 5-9:

You are coping up OK till now. But you are not very happy in your job or business and hence in your life. Deep inside you have a frustration building up.
Technical skills alone will not save you. Start learning more soft skills like public relations, communications, body language, leadership and motivation.
It’s going to be very tough very soon otherwise………

In the questionnaire on Life Management Skills your "yes" score is 0-4:

Congratulations. You are enjoying your life. Keep it up.
But continue polishing your people handling and financial skills. You will be surely on the top.

An exercise to change your life from today itself

One day a farmer found an egg in the forest. He took it home and put it among his hen’s eggs. Very soon the chickens hatched. But the chicken from the forest egg was not a hen chicken. It was a baby golden eagle.
Believing that it too was a hen chicken the baby eagle started hopping on the ground and living the general mundane life of a hen chicken.
One day a golden eagle flying in the sky was looking at the chickens below and found a strange thing. He was surprised to find a baby golden eagle playing on the ground with some hen chickens.
He scooped down and asked the baby eagle what he was doing here. The terrified baby eagle squealed that it was a hen chicken and was doing what all other chickens do, that is eat, hop and run on the ground and wait for their turn to be slaughtered one day.
The astonished eagle immediately took the baby eagle to the nearest water body and showed it its own reflection.
The baby eagle instantly recognized that it was truly a golden eagle and not a hen chicken. Then and there it spread its big wings far and wide for the first time. It started flying high in the sky and joined the other eagles of its fraternity………

Who are you – an eagle or a chicken? Have you too been underestimating yourself all these years?

You were born for a great specific purpose in this life – something that only you can do in your own unique style. That’s the reason The Highest Intelligence is still keeping you alive on this planet.
But unfortunately some of your childhood’s negative experiences and bitter past experiences make you feel very inadequate, inferior or insecure.
You are simply not able to come out of the trap of these self-limiting experiences and beliefs. Consequently, life-long you keep on under-estimating your real potential and barely exist to live.
You never feel the thrill and the excitement of being really alive to all your inner divine powers. This life then also goes waste like thousands of earlier lives wasted………

Do you really want to taste the ecstasy of a fulfilled happy life – a life of fabulous outer wealth, great inner happiness and warm beautiful relationships? Are you ready for the Master key?

Then pick up only 2 times of your daily life: One, 2-3 minutes just before sleeping in the bed at night. Second, 2-3 minutes first thing in the early morning the moment you realize that have you have just awakened and are lying in your bed.
Then with closed eyes, from the deepest part of your heart every day for the next 21 days, do the 3 steps of the following wonderful exercise ‘S.V.F. – SAY, VISUALIZE, FEEL’:
1. SAY [loudly will be better]‘Yes, yes, yes. I really, happily deserve to have abundant success and happiness in my life immediately. O God, please show me the right ways.’
You only have to speak 3 times to yourself with full enthusiasm as if you have already achieved abundance.
2. Simultaneously, VISUALIZE in clear detail that you are already leading a life full of joy, happiness and material success. Visualize this lifestyle of abundance in bright, vivid colors in as much detail as possible.
Have a limitless vision.
Don’t restrict yourself in any way. You can imagine any thing and every thing that suits your fancy. The only thing is that you must believe that you actually deserve that lifestyle from your deepest being.
3. FEEL the surge of joy, thrill and enthusiasm sweeping your body more and more ‘as if’ you are already experiencing a life of abundance………

One very important point

Just don’t bother ‘how’ this will happen or ‘what’ difficulties are there right now in your life. This part you leave in the hands of The Universal Consciousness to manage.
For those 2+3 = 5 minutes only focus on what you want and not what you don’t want.
After all, you have the whole of the rest of the 23.55 hours to munch about your problems, obstacles, difficulties and compromises!………

All this is illogical and seems like a drama

You are right. It is very silly, very illogical and is just like a drama.
So, what to do? Don’t believe us and don’t disbelieve us. Just be neutral. You just practice this exercise. ‘Sirf kar ke dekho’ – Just do it and experience the magical benefits yourself.
There is no alternative to practice, patience and persistence………

Remember, practice makes a man perfect…

Nothing may happen on the first few days. Yet you simply continue to do its daily practice for 2-3 minutes each in the early morning and just before sleeping for 21 continuous days.
With every successive day we can guarantee – yes, guarantee! – you that something beautiful will start happening in your life very mysteriously.
It will be highly illogical and will not fit into any conventional mode of thinking. But your life will gently start turning towards abundant success and happiness.
It will so happen because The Law of Attraction or Abundance will start showing you various ways of realizing your God-given hidden potential through some articles, websites, books, people, circumstances, situations or intuitive flashes.
Simply start following those ‘illogical’ mysterious leads and see how your life starts flowering………

In fact, this Cosmic Law of Abundance is already working for you right now!

You want to know where and how?
The first fact is that you searched on the net and found our site. Then you went through different pages. You continued to persist to reach this particular page and then this specific sentence.
It was The Law of Attraction, my friend, showing you a way to fulfill your hidden desire to lead a confident happy life full of spiritual growth as well as material abundance.
Our site is all about CREATING ABUNDANCE in your personal as well as professional life. So The Law of Abundance was already working for you. It very gently showed you the right way to the right place at the right time in your life.
It may seem like a pure haphazard co-incidence to you initially. But soon such incidences will start happening as a regular feature daily………

A flame lighting more flames

First your own inner lamp has to be lit. Then you start lighting the lamps of your near and dears. Soon more people will get involved with your mission. This is the way your life is going to be transformed.

Do you want to have a personalized guidance to expedite the whole process of your life’s transformation?

Then you can contact Dr. Arora. He is an awakened soul and has already spread abundance in the life of thousands of people like you in the last more than 3 decades without any medicines or surgery.
He will help you through his training course on ‘7 Mind Secrets’. First you’ll have abundance in your own personal life and then you’ll become a channel yourself so that your flame can light more flames all over the world.
You too may feel the need to have a more detailed discussion on flowering of your inner hidden potential. Then

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE personal session.

Awaken The Master within.
You have nothing to lose other than your self-limiting darkness!

Rishi Kumar Gara,  23 yrs., B.Sc.(Agri.)

"I have got very satisfactory cure from my speaking problems.
I have been also selected in J.N.V. (Biotech) even though I was under-eligible, because of smart study practice as prescribed by Dr. Arora.
I strongly feel that this programme is definitely helpful for TOTAL SUCCESS to all aspirants."

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200+ Videos

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