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Leadership & Motivation

Do you agree that all leadership begins with self-motivation first?

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Leadership & Motivation
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What motivates us to do what all we do?

Mr. Pawar went to his friend’s house and rang the door bell. A boy of about 10 years opened the door with a half-open book in his hands. ‘Is your dad at home, sunny’ asked Mr. Pawar. ‘Sir, can’t you see my course book in my hands? Dad must be at home only!’ replied the boy matter-of-factly.
This was motivation by the stick. It was to avoid of pain of punishment by his father if he did not study well that was motivating the boy to study.
On another day, the same boy was reading his book sincerely even though both the parents were not at home.
That was motivation by the carrot. It was the pursuit of pleasure of reward that he would get for topping in his class that was motivating the boy.
Human beings everywhere in every country, every culture, in every situation and at every age are motivated by only 2 factors – a carrot or a stick, that is :
  • Pursuit of pleasure or the greed of a reward, and
  • Avoidance of pain or the fear of punishment, that’s all. Every motivating factor finally falls into either of these two factors………

Can you give some more examples?

Sure. A child is hungry and wants to avoid the pain of hunger pangs and wants to enjoy the pleasure of a fulfilled belly. So she cries for her mother.
Her mother wants to enjoy the pleasure of seeing her daughter being well-fed and growing into a healthy baby. The mother also wants to avoid the pain of guilt which will come into her if she remains busy in her work and neglects the child.
Same child looks after her ageing parents when she grows up. Why? This way she enjoys the pleasure of seeing her loved ones being looked after well during their golden years. Also she avoids the pain of guilt and remorse if she neglects them and their health.
So it is win-win for both. Both avoid some pain and enjoy some pleasure with each other’s help………

Is it really so simple and straightforward?

Yes, of course. Take your own example right now. What is motivating you to go through this vast knowledge on so many problems given in this website?
It’s your desire to have the pleasure of freedom from your personal problems.
It comes from understanding the basic cause and the remedy for your personal problems. Plus you obtain the pleasure of gaining more knowledge. Additionally, you avoid the pain which your problems have been giving you till now.
Similarly, why did we make this huge website and gave all the knowledge free? Simple! We enjoy the feeling of oneness with all human beings when we help to solve their small or complex personal problems.
In the process of helping you we get so many insights from our intuition or our sixth sense every day. These flashes of intuition solve so many of our family problems in the bud itself before they become monsters. This way we avoid the pain of emotional turmoil to a huge degree.
Thus, you realize that all human beings are inter-dependent in the common pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain………

But what motivates a soldier to die for his country or some Good Samaritans to risk their own life to save a child from drowning?

Same two things again! They sacrifice their life because the pain of guilt of letting down that innocent child or his country would be too much for them to bear.
Additionally, the pleasure of being a man with very high morals is what motivates them in the heat of that moment.
  • It is not done consciously by any one, no doubt. It all happens at the sub-conscious level. You are mostly not even aware of your motives. But the complex inter-play of your scores of emotions has the same pleasure or pain as the basic motive every time………

What about people becoming hurting themselves in religious rituals and conversely being very business-like in office?

Again it’s the same thing. The pleasure of doing something special and sanctified by their religion is very great as compared to a few days of physical self-torture. That’s why they are willing to subject themselves to the physical pain of some of the religious rituals.
In the office situation it is a win-win business dealing where things are very clear right from day one to both the parties.
The employee goes through the pain of serving his boss and company with his time and talent. He gets rewarded with the pleasure of a certain salary every month in lieu of his time and mental or physical labor.
The company gets the pleasure of keeping a huge chunk of profits in its own coffers. But it gets the pain of sharing its remaining profit as the salary to its employees. So it’s win-win for both the parties………

OK. What is real leadership then?

Leadership means guiding your people from where they are today to where they can be tomorrow.
  • It involves motivating them to perform some actions for every one’s welfare by using both carrot and stick in various combinations, depending upon the situation.
For example, a colonel leads his officers and soldiers to an astounding victory over the enemy from the jaws of certain defeat in a battle. How did he motivate them?
Many factors, small and big, were involved :

I] Pursuing the pleasure or greed of a reward

  • First, for the soldiers it was the pleasure of coming up to their colonel’s highest expectations of top most conduct from his subordinates. That sub-conscious pleasure itself was their motivating reward.
  • Second, it was their tough peace time military training. During their regular training courses the soldiers and officers had gained very high self-esteem and very high image of their battle-worthiness. They thoroughly believed in their officers’ and their own competence.
During the battle they had the pleasure of coming right up to the level of their high self-image. This was a huge sub-conscious motivational factor.
  • Third, over the preceding months the colonel had proved through his exemplary conduct in front of his soldiers that he was an officer of highest caliber and integrity. Consequently, the soldiers had complete trust in their colonel’s leadership qualities.
Therefore, they carried out his orders with pleasure during the battle with total trust and without any hesitation.
  • Fourth, in the battle field the colonel led from the front. He was not found sitting safely in a bunker and just issuing orders. To fight for such an able and courageous officer was the soldiers’ highest pleasure and greatest sub-conscious reward.

II] Avoiding the fear or pain of punishment

In all defense forces the fear of punishment, like that of a court martial, on not obeying the superior’s orders has been thoroughly drilled into the soldiers’ sub-conscious mind during their years of tough military training.
This fear of punishment was always at the back of the mind of every soldier and officer. This partially motivated them to stay put and carry out their orders, come what may.
But that stick of the fear of punishment was only one of the minor factors in the soldiers’ motivation to fight. It was not the deepest motivating factor for the soldiers to give their best in this battle situation.
There was another stick of fear. It was the fear of certainly being killed by the enemy in that hopeless situation. Either kill or be killed.
This fear of death – which is the biggest pain - motivated each soldier to use the last reserves of his energy to give his best to save his and his comrades’ life. The battle was won because every body was motivated enough to give his best.
But the pleasurable factors were deeper motivating factors than mere avoidance of fear or pain………

But does leadership happen only in armed forces or during war?

Not at all! Leadership and motivation happen daily in every body’s life. For example,
  • A yoga guru leads from the front and leads his students into doing with ease the various complicated asanas,
  • A mother motivates her child to eat regular nutritious diet, sleep well and study consistently. She silently leads her child towards a healthy and happy life,
  • A father daily leads from the front by working hard to provide all comforts for his family and follows the family’s traditional customs and values,
  • A teacher guides the students to find creative solutions to various problems by tapping their own hidden potential,
  • Your friend stays with you during your emotional breakdown. He motivates you to recover gradually from your setback and go on with life,
  • In your office you are motivated by your team leader to give your best and even surpass that year’s sale targets,
  • In the hospital the doctors and nurses work round the clock to save lives,
  • On the city’s roads the policeman continues to be on his duty for hours together and faces the hazards of the traffic’s pollution,
  • During riots there are so many examples of common people who stake their own life to save the lives of total strangers,
  • Thousands of NGOs in the country are working tirelessly for the weaker sections of society, and
  • During natural calamities there is huge outpouring of emotional and material help from the common man, etc.
So you see leadership and motivation is the very backbone of human civilization in every country and every society.
You don’t have to wait for war or floods to lead and motivate people. You are already doing it unknowingly as a part of your daily life.
Now start doing it consciously with more awareness on more occasions………

But all this is still external motivation. How to have self-motivation?

  • In the final analysis, please understand that all leadership is self-leadership and all motivation is self-motivation.
No one can motivate you to do anything for a long time unless d-e-e-e-e-e-p inside it tunes with your own value system.
In all the examples given above no one can force anyone to do something against his deepest set of values. Maybe yes for one or two days, but not everyday.
People will always find ingenious ways of dodging and evading if the orders don’t click with their inner motivation.
That’s why the experiment of communism failed after a few years in all countries because people were not motivated from inside to follow that super-imposed ideology.
Even in the world’s fastest growing economy of China it’s no longer communism which is working. It is the market economy under one party rule in reality………

So what are the values to follow to motivate myself as well others consistently?

  • Values are our inner compass which silently guides all our life’s actions. They are the unwritten principles which lie very silently behind each and every human decision in every field of life.
You are already following hundreds of values as a part of your daily living, but doing it mostly unconsciously.
For example, studying to be a topper, not cheating in exams, helping your friends in their difficult times, loving with the whole heart your family members in spite of their imperfections, working honestly in the office, not cheating the company with raised TA bills, etc. are all higher values which you follow daily.
Simultaneously, you also follow some lower values. Like you throw the banana peel on the road because the underlying value is keeping the city clean and hygienic is not your responsibility.
You take bribes and other favors in your government job because every body else is doing it.
Here you have to make a personal choice of how much you will follow higher or lower values in your daily life………

I agree. But there must be some very fundamental values that help us in our daily life’s leadership and motivation?

Yes, they are there. Just remember the 4 values of K.I.S.S. :
K – Known to all. Keep things open and transparent in your functioning. There is no confusion and no chance of corruption then around you at least,
I – Impartial rules and regulations which are fair to all,
S - Simple and minimum rules which are easy to understand and easy to follow by everyone. There is minimum hassle and confusion in their implementation,
S - Strictly enforce the minimum rules set without any favor or partiality.
We are one of the most corrupt countries because these simple 4 values of K.I.S.S. of leadership are not being followed at the highest levels of the government.
But see around you. Wherever these 4 values of K.I.S.S. are being followed in any department or organization there is hardly any corruption. The people enjoy coming for work. They are self-motivated to give their best.
  • It’s very important that you make a beginning with your own family and your own work place first. You will see dramatic changes happening around you very soon even though others may not follow fully the 4 values of K.I.S.S.
Do it yourself and experience the benefits yourself………

I wish to learn more secrets of leadership and motivation as my job demands it every day now. What should I do?

You just need a personalized guidance in that case.
Dr. Arora, an awakened soul, will help you then through his customized training on ‘7 Mind Secrets’. For the last more than 3 decades he has been helping people from all walks of life to lead a life full of inner motivation.
If you do feel a need for his personalized guidance to become supremely self-confident in your leadership qualities then

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Dare to lead from the front.
You have nothing to loose other than your own hidden fears!

Aniruddha Kelavkar,  36 yrs., B.E.(Mechanical)

"My wife also joined along with me. This course has benefited me in many ways.
Firstly my stammering has decreased considerably. My confidence, concentration, public speaking ability has increased.
Fear of failure has gone down tremendously. I have started giving up my addictions. Practice of witnessing & spiritual breathing has calmed me a lot."

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