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Laziness & Procrastination

Do you feel that most of your big plans fail simply because of laziness to actually implement those plans?

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Laziness & Procrastination
These are your biggest enemies
in every field of life

[Want to know more about this topic's practical application in your life? ... Read more about Dr. Arora's Personal Growth Training here]

Why these are my biggest enemies everywhere?

Like a see-saw there are 2 opposite forces working in your life from cradle to grave – the negative, energy-sucking force of Inertia and the positive, energy boosting force of Initiative.
  • Initiative or life force is the God-given creative force of the universe. It maintains the universe, galaxies, stars and planets.
In your own life it’s the force of love – which may be parental love, sibling love, romantic love, friendly love or love for your nation and passion for your work. Love for anything in any form keeps you alive, healthy and vibrant. It comes out as your enthusiasm for living.
It’s responsible for your good relationships and all your success. Your joy and happiness depend directly upon how much the force of love is active in your life.
  • The opposite is the destructive God-given force of inertia. It breaks down everything and brings disease, destruction and death – represented in your life by your laziness and the tendency to postpone things for tomorrow, called procrastination………

How does it all work?

All your life there is a constant up and down game of the see-saw between these opposite forces. That’s why good times keep on alternating with bad times in every one’s life like a sine wave.
If a mountain peak is the force of love, success and happiness, then the valley is the force of inertia.
Because of love you breathe and eat to maintain your life healthy, happy and wealthy. Each and everything that you do every moment is guided by this force to remain alive happily.
Simultaneously, inertia or laziness makes you postpone exercise, makes you eat wrong foods, lose your sleep for silly reasons, fall into addictions, hurt your relationships and miss the right actions so that you face failure in studies or work………

Is it similar to the ‘Rajas’ , ‘Tamas’ and ‘Sattva’ forces that run our life according to Vedanta philosophy?

Absolutely correct! Both Rajas and Tamas forces are mutually dependent upon each other. They are like the two banks of a river. It’s like the oscillation of a pendulum from one extreme to the other extreme.
‘Rajas’ is the force of light. It controls all your ambitions, actions and achievements. It is the force which synthesizes the universe and your daily life from the basic elements into gigantic creations. It is the creative force of Universal Energy to run the whole universe, including your daily life.
Its opposite, ‘Tamas’, is the force of darkness. It causes the ultimate destruction of every creation back into the basic elements. In human life laziness and procrastination are its representatives………

Isn’t it the dance of Lord Nataraja?

Yes, you are dot on line. It is the famous Dance of Lord Nataraja where the dance of life of creation and destruction goes on endlessly and eternally.
It’s like a pendulum oscillates and changes from -100 to +100 and then again from +100 to -100. Similarly rajas changes into tamas and tamas changes back into rajas.
When both the forces are in dynamic balance with each other, then the real beauty of life happens. It’s called ‘Sattva’ then………

What is its relation with the Chinese philosophy of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’?

Rajas or creative force is called ‘Yang’ while Tamas is called ‘Yin’ in Chinese philosophy.
What it means is that our ancient cultures have been understanding the dance of life for many centuries. They have also shown us the solution for encountering our eternal enemies of laziness and procrastination………

So what is the final solution for my problem?

You must have tried a lot of your will power in the past to overcome this problem. You must have succeeded for some time to crash once again. Do you agree?
Now you come to the final solution whereby with least efforts you can win over your negativity. This solution is ‘ATM – Any Time Meditation’………

I want to come out of this biggest drawback of my life at the earliest. What should I do now?

Just contact Dr. Arora. He is an awakened soul and has already helped thousands of people like you without any medicines or surgery.
He will help you too to overcome your laziness and procrastination with very easy and simple steps.

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE personal session.

Don’t postpone any further - Just do it now.
You have nothing to lose other than your laziness!

Rushikesh Tole,  22 yrs., B.E.(Mechanical S/W)

"Low self-confidence, inferiority complex, fear of rejection & so many other problems! You name the problem & I had it. This was my situation before joining this course. And no wonder I joined the course. First day of the course & I got the formula which I think has begun the "Revolutionary" phase of my life.
KNOW YOUR REAL SELF. GO TO THE ROOTS. HEALTHIER THE ROOTS, SWEETER ARE THE FRUITS. Since the last one month I have begun my path on a very happy-successful journey. The techniques taught by Sudhirji are-- I can't put a word for them. I would just say, "Sudhirji, you are the ultimate!!"."

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See 100+ Reviews & Star Ratings in

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Solving Personal Problems
Be Confident. Be Happy.
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