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Interview Skills & Nervousness

Do you agree that nervousness is one of your greatest enemies during any interview?

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Today's Mind Secret
Inter+view is only an exchange of views in between two parties. Learn today to overcome the fear of failure in any interview.........

Interview Skills & Nervousness
‘They’ need you as much
as you need them

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What are the 3 most important points to prepare for an interview?

  • First, always remember that an interview = Inter + View. That is, it is an exchange of views between different people. So your view and queries are as important as their view and queries.
  • Second, while you do need that job, they also need a pair of hands and a sound brain to work for them because they cannot handle the work load all by themselves.
  • Third, please never ever try to bluff the interview board. They are smarter than you think. That’s why they are sitting on that side of the table!
Plus, they have been dealing with scores of hopeful candidates like you in the past. They can smell a rat immediately. It’s because of this experience only they have been chosen by their boss to conduct this particular interview.
Every action of yours before, during and after any interview must flow from these 3 basic values………

How is it really practical to be honest?

A job interview most often boils down to the question of supply and demand.
The reason is that today it’s a highly competitive and job- scarce world. For every 10 seats there are about 100 applications.
  • So the job of the interview board is to get the best candidates for the 10 seats by rejecting the unwanted 90 applicants. That is, rejection of the many leading to selection of the few.
They just need a valid enough excuse to reject you. It’s your job to prove that you are the right, competent and honest candidate for that post.
When it is so competitive out there and when they can smell a bluff master from a mile away it is very important that you get noticed from among the crowd of applicants.
  • This you can do very easily because of your polite straightforwardness and the inner strength which comes from being honest with your strengths and weaknesses.
Everyone around you is trying to manipulate someone else. Dishonesty has become a way of life. So when you are being dishonest in the interview they can catch you so easily because that’s the art they themselves have been exposed to for ages now.
  • But if you don’t behave like the crowd and swim against the current of bluffing and cheating – then you get noticed immediately. It becomes your competitive edge, all others things like degrees and work experience being equal in all the candidates………

Then should I go and shout my negative points to them and still expect to land up that job?

No, this is not what we are saying. Please understand that the interview board is made up of human beings like you only. They know very well that none of the candidates will be perfect in all respects for that job.
They understand quite well that they have to choose the best from among imperfect human beings – each with his unique strengths and weaknesses.
So when they come across your weaknesses they are seeing closely how you handle that difficult situation in the interview.
For example, they ask you a question ‘Please explain how do you do a task like XYZ’.
Now this topic is your weak point. You can either try to beat about the bush and bluff your way through this question.
Alternatively, you can say very politely and smilingly - with a very confident eye contact – that ‘Sir, this topic is not my strength or an area of my expertise. I’ll be delivering results in my job on the basis of my strengths and not my weaknesses. My strength lies in topic ABC. Can you ask me questions on topic ABC and not XYZ?’
So, in one stroke, you have conceded your weakness, told about your strength, not did any bluffing, plus shown your inherent self-confidence and self-belief.
  • This capacity to convert an obstacle into a stepping stone is what they are looking for in you………

Can you give any other example?

Yes, this is a true story. By the end of the whole day, the interview board people were tired. To the last candidate they threw a challenge ‘We shall ask you only one question. If you are able to give the right answer you’ll be selected. Are you ready?’… ‘Yes Sir’, came the reply. … ‘OK. Please tell us about the role of money and muscle power in the last elections.’… ‘Sorry Sir, you are asking the second question. I have already answered ‘Yes’ to the first question!’
The candidate got the job then and there because of his presence of mind and his creative thinking! ………

So what are they looking for in the candidates?

  • Foremost is that you must be technically sound in your field. Your academics must match with the job profile.
You are going to be rejected immediately in the first round of interview itself if you don’t know well the technicalities involved in your new job profile.
  • Second is the above-mentioned rare quality of self-confidence and self-belief. They want to check how creatively you handle daily life’s sudden ups and downs.
  • Next is your PR or human relationship skills.
In the just beginning of your work life 90% importance is given to your hard skills or academic marks and 10% importance to your soft skills or human relationship skills. But very soon the tables turn.
  • As you progress further up the ladder 10% importance is given to your academic marks and 90% importance to your soft skills! ………

What is involved in PR or human relationship skills?

This is a vast field and involves your
  • Communication skills and body language in one-to-one conversations
  • Public speaking skills in front of a small or big audience
  • Team Working Skills with a group of colleagues
  • Motivational and leadership skills to lead your subordinates to achieve their targets
  • Decision taking skills and problem solving skills to handle the daily pressures of tough deadlines and demanding customers
  • Time management skills to strike a work-life balance
  • Stress management skills to live through all the ups and downs of daily life and still be happy and successful………

But I need a personalized guidance to crack my upcoming interview. What must I do now?

Just contact Dr. Arora. He is an awakened soul and has already helped thousands of people like you without any medicines or surgery. He will help you too to master smart interview skills to clear any interview anywhere.

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE personal session.

Learn to face any interview any where.
You have nothing to lose other than your current job’s boredom!

Choudhari Sagar S.,  22 yrs., T.E. (Electronics)

"First and the foremost thing in my life I gained is "Smile".
My confidence, my approach towards the people and surroundings has transformed to the greatest extent I have ever witnessed.
For each and every moment my style and my way of living is changing.
At last I have gained "Happiness in every moment"."

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