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Mind Guru Dr. Sudhir Arora, MBBS
Be Confident, Be Happy
Solving Personal Problems
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Do you realize that happy people are always more successful than sad people?

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Today's Mind Secret
Happiness always happens "now and here". Learn today that if you are not happy today, what do you need a tomorrow for?.........

Happiness – and How to Gain it
It’s always in the present moment,
never in the future

Videos : Happiness

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YouTube 002: How to be Happy: Part 2 of 3: Dr. Sudhir Arora, MBBS, Pune, India
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How to be really happy in my life in spite of all ups and downs?

Every day your whole life is spent in pursuing only 3 activities : Firstly, you are eating, sleeping, resting, exercising, pursuing your hobbies or doing something similar basically to maintain a good physical and mental health.
Secondly, you are either studying, working or running a business to earn some wealth to lead a comfortable life.
Thirdly, inside or outside your home, you are spending time, energy and efforts to maintain some close and warm relationships.
Thus, your whole life is spent for health, wealth and relationships only. There is really nothing else happening in human life.
Additionally, all these things are never sustained suddenly or overnight. They need constant nurturing every day of your life to maintain, but can be destroyed very easily.

So how does happiness happen then?

Please understand that happiness never happens directly. You can never catch it from somewhere directly. It’s just like a dog trying to catch its own tail by going around in circles but never succeeding.
Instead it always comes as a by-product of pursuing your health, wealth and relationships with a full heart – by thoroughly enjoying whatever action you are doing in every moment.
Happiness is never a destination or a goal to be reached at the end of the rainbow. On the other hand it happens automatically as a shadow, as a wonderful friendly guest, once you are totally engrossed with your whole heart into whatever emotion you are experiencing in every particular moment.
It happens surely and immediately once you are living totally in whatever action you are doing in that moment. If you are undivided in your attention to whatever you are doing in any moment then you start feeling more and more happy without any obvious cause outside.
On the contrary, if only a part of your mind is present in that moment while the other half is lost in the past or the future, then no amount of hard work will give you that sweet taste of happiness.

That means it’s all a game of emotions and living life totally in every moment? Is that all?

Absolutely correct. It’s all a game of enjoying the process of living – simply enjoying the actions and the emotions as they come and go.
You can use both positive or negative emotions for your happiness. Be totally into that emotion without trying to change it, judge it or deny it. If you have been total into that moment in that emotion then after some time you automatically find a sudden, a nice wave of happiness sweeping over your body.
It’s like a pendulum swinging to the other extreme. Anything positive or negative experienced totally soon becomes a source of joy coming from within.

What’s the role of meditation in all this?

Meditation is the art of learning to remain in the present moment. Happiness then happens by itself as a by-product. That’s why meditation and happiness are like twin brothers.
‘ATM – Any Time Meditation’ is one of the easiest ways to live in the present moment and be happy in whatever you are doing.

I am really sick of leading an unhappy life. What if I want a personalized guidance for faster results?

Then you are most welcome to contact Dr. Arora.
Dr. Arora, a medical doctor, is an awakened soul. Through his customized training on ‘7 Mind Secrets’ he has already helped thousands of people like you without any medicines or surgery in the last more than 3 decades.
He will help you too to come out of your life’s difficult situations into a life full of joy and happiness.
If you do feel the need for his personalized guidance to overcome your misery then

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE personal session.

Dare to live totally in the present moment to be happy.
You have nothing to lose other than your misery!

Praveen Agarwal,  22 yrs., T.E. EXTC

"I used to get ATKTs in my engineering career and after I joined the course, I have satisfactirily cleared my subjects. My academics were never so good before. It's all thanks to Sir for showing the way to smart work."

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See 100+ Reviews & Star Ratings in

200+ Videos

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Solving Personal Problems
Be Confident. Be Happy.
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