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Good & Bad Times

Have you decided to learn the art of converting your bad times in to good times?

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Today's Mind Secret
Everything changes; nothing remains permanent. Learn today "It will also pass".........

Good and Bad Times
Two sides of one coin

[Want to know more about this topic's practical application in your life? ... Read more about Dr. Arora's Personal Growth Training here]

How to come out of my bad times?

In the distant past or just recently, something has happened which should not have happened or some body has done something not liked by you. So you are currently having a rough patch in your life.
But it has happened. That’s the plain and simple reality and you are feeling frustrated.
Now there is only one reason of your bad times. The superficial reason may be some circumstances or some one’s bad behavior.
  • But the real reason is that you are not accepting the reality as ‘a final reality’.
You are hoping that The Natural Laws will somehow change to suit your desires. The Cosmic Laws are totally impartial and neutral. These Natural Laws will not bend for you. Whether you try to bribe by praying, offerings or fasting or you threaten to "stop believing in God".
The reality will not change for you. It is you who will have to change your attitude and be in alignment with the reality of the Natural Laws.
  • For that alignment with The Flow of The Reality the best and the easiest way is to follow the 3 W's of meditation: Willing, Wait and watch, Without any judgment of good or bad………

I know that every hill has a valley. But I desperately want to have the good times or the peaks of mountains every day. How to get them?

Very sorry! It is not possible. You’ll get both. It is inevitable. You have to accept valleys with the peaks.
Just because you wanted something special in your life does not mean that you are going to get it every time.
  • When the going was good you never bothered to ask why things are happening the way you want them. You never stopped to learn the basic thing that after every day is a night and every hill is followed by a valley.
So now when the valley came and your wave crashed down you felt confused and started cribbing "Why me?", "Life is unjust", "Oh! Somebody come and save me", "Oh! please save my dreams, save my ambitions", "I only want the yang or the up phase, I don't want the yin or the down phase", "If God will not listen to me I will stop believing in Him", "I'll become so much miserable in depression that even God will learn a lesson".
You may continue like this living in the past and keep on blaming those people or circumstances. You’ll become only more frustrated in this process. Do you agree? What’s your personal experience in this regard?
The reality - that those unwanted things have happened already and you cannot change that past now - will not change.
  • You may accept the reality today itself or after do so some more quota of misery. It is entirely your choice. But accept you must – this fact will not change………

What should I do then?

You made some "mistakes" in the past because you were unaware, you were unconscious and you were in a sleep.
Doesn't matter, you got the benefit; you also paid a heavy price. Score is always equalized then and there.
Therefore, the only solution is to accept The Reality of your emotions first of all and simply witness it in the here and now.
  • The very act of being a total witness in meditation makes you detached from the game of your mind. Frustrations, then, stop bothering you………
During any emotional turmoil just watch and witness every moment and willingly go through all the turmoil without any moralizing or judgment. Everything is temporary. It will also pass.
That's the best, easiest and most productive way of coming out of your current mess.
  • It's also certainly the most painful initially. But then you have no other choice. There is no alternative to short-term pain to have life-long gain!!………

What’s something most important in all these teachings?

In spite of what all we have just told you your anxiety, confusion and frustrations will still come and pull you down quite frequently in the days to come.
It happens with everybody and it's going to happen with you too in the days to come.
  • What you have learnt till now is only intellectual swimming. It's your life finally and you have to actually experience the validity of these pearls of wisdom in your own peculiar way. That is the most important truth to realize.
And for that the only way is actually doing Meditation………

OK. How to go through the rough patches of life?

  • The most important thing is that you willingly go through the rough patch by actually doing meditation daily. Very soon you will start feeling like a still peaceful lake without any ripples of disturbance.
Watch without any judgment of good or bad. And wait for the negative emotions to pass away after some time.
Do not, I repeat, do not try to distract or change your mental status by giving any positive suggestions right now.
Your life is not running away anywhere. It's only your anxiety that makes you try to hurry up the flow of life. But no amount of efforts on your part to "become strong" or "have will power" or "think positive" will work.
You are just a mere drop, a drop in a small wave, arising from the Infinite Cosmic Ocean of Consciousness. If today this wave is going down then how can you question The Wisdom of the Whole Highest Intelligence?
How can a mere drop question the ocean? If you merge into the ocean, that is, accept the realty willingly then the rough patch will vanish pretty soon. However, if you continue resisting this painful reality then it will continue persisting for a very long time.
  • Remember, resistance leads to persistence and acceptance leads to disappearance.
Let life happen to you totally. Just allow the Infinite Intelligence to "happen" to you in each and every moment.
You just make "effortless efforts" by simply passively "being" there without actively "doing" anything in meditation………

Is “effortless efforts” the same as laziness?

No, not at all! Please understand that effortlessness is not being lazy.
  • Laziness means that you are just sitting and doing nothing. But mentally, your horses are running and running wild. You are dreaming big things, planning grandiose ideas, but physically not doing any concrete actions to convert those dreams into reality.
This process creates lots of inner conflicts within you. It sucks away your energy gradually. And leaves you more tired and chronically fatigued. It only leads to sub-total actions. Sub-total actions then lead to sub-total results and, hence, sub-total success.
  • Effortlessness means that whatever The Highest Intelligence gives you is totally acceptable to you in every moment in absolute humility. There is no judgment of good or bad, likeable or not likeable from your side. Each and everything is OK as it is.
There, then, is no need of trying to change any thoughts, feelings or sensations. Everything has simply been accepted as it is through being a witness without judgment and without any reservation………

You make it look all very easy. Is it really that simple?

Yes, very much! Start again today. After all, it's your "happy birthday - the first day of the rest of your life".
Life happens fresh in every moment; the two different points of the past and the present never ever meet.
  • What's gone is gone. It's over; totally over, finished. Let it go.
But you can keep those incidents and those so-called mistakes always "garden fresh" in your mind. You can continue feeling mighty angry or guilty? for eons to come. But nothing will happen to The Thinking Ocean of Cosmic Consciousness.
It welcomes you anyway, wholeheartedly. Whatever you choose to do with your life it helps you to achieve it totally through The Law of Attraction. No distinction for any body absolutely.
You want misery, you'll get it thoroughly.
If you want to be happy as well as successful in spite of all your past actions, you can still get it without any reservation. It's all available to all of you without any labeling of "good" or "bad"………

What’s the final diagnosis then?

Please remember that your MIS-ery comes from MISS-alignment with The Laws of The Universal Consciousness and your happiness comes from alignment with those laws.
Since these laws always happen in the present moment only, your HAPP-iness also HAPP-ens in the present moment only, never in wallowing in the past or being anxious about the future………

What if I am not able to do it all myself?

Nothing wrong! You just need a personalized guidance in that case.
Dr. Arora, an awakened soul, will help you then through his customized training on ‘7 Mind Secrets’.
For the last more than 3 decades he has been helping people from all walks of life to come out of their bad patches of life by using their own mysterious mind powers.
If you do feel a need for his personalized guidance to become happy equally well in good or bad times then

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE introductory personal session.

The learn to be happy under all circumstances.
You have nothing to loose other than your frustrations!

Praveen Agarwal,  22 yrs., T.E.(E.X.T.C.), M.I.T.

"Life was never easy before I joined this course. I used to study for hours together continuously leading a donkey life. I never knew the reason why I always got below average results. It's only when I joined the course things were all together different.
My study hours decreased by large amount and my results were highly,highly satisfactory to me. Apart from this, I learnt the art of smart work and since the course, I am now a 'free flying bird'. My quality of life has totally changed and most, important today I have started to know myself."

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