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Goals & Ambitions

What stops you from daring to dream BIG?

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Today's Mind Secret
Nothing great is ever achieved by thinking small. Learn today to dream big, think big and act big.........

Achieving your goals surely and happily
Goals = Success. All else is just details.

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What is the difference between my dreams and goals?

Dreams are emotional, while goals are logical. Goals are dreams with a tail of a well laid out plan of action to achieve those dreams………

How to begin to achieve my dreams?

First things first. Please write down what all things, small or big,you really want to achieve in your life regarding job, money and material possessions? Please keep only materialistic things on this list.
If you neglect to do this first step then you will find it extremely hard to achieve real success in life………

What about my goals and inner happiness?

Please cancel out personal happiness out of your goals list because your emotions cannot be converted into logical goals.
Remember, happiness and all other emotions happen only in the present moment while the materialistic success of achieving goals happens in the future. Therefore, outer goals and inner happiness are mutually opposite.
This is not to discourage you but to show you the mirror of reality………

What is this reality?

Outer success of achieving your goals will definitely give you thrill and excitement. But please note that excitement of achieving outer goals is not the same as inner happiness or peace of mind.
As long as you have not achieved your goal you’ll have anxiety and stress about the outcome of all your efforts. After achieving your goal you’ll celebrate your success surely. After that you’ll start chasing your next goal! Again you’ll encounter the next dose of anxiety and stress.
This game of achieving your successive goals then becomes an endless chase. This subtle anxiety about the outcome in the future of your efforts sucks away your peace of mind in the present moment. This way the outer goals happening in the future and inner happiness happening in the present moment are mutually opposite.
What do you feel, not think? What is your own personal experience about this in the past?………

Do you want to imply that I should not set my goals?

Not at all. On the contrary, you must have outer success as well as inner happiness certainly. You definitely have a birth right to set the direction of your life through your goals. Simultaneously, you also have the right to be happy in every moment of your life………

What should I do then?

Only two things.
First, start enjoying whatever you have right now. Peace of mind or inner happiness happen when you enjoy whatever you have right now in the present moment.
  • Remember, what you have today was achieved yesterday as a goal. That time too you had thought you will become happy on achieving this goal. Are you really enjoying the fruits of those efforts or just chasing a new dream to repeat the same story?
  • So my dear, start enjoying the outcome of your past efforts before you start running in the rat race.
Second, the purpose of chasing your goals is to be happy finally.
  • Then why wait for the last day? Why not enjoy the whole process and the journey of setting and achieving your goals too?.........

What will I get in this way?

Suppose you set a target date of 100 days to achieve your goal. This way you get your one big diamond of happiness on the last one hundredth day when you finally do achieve your goal.
Along with that you also get a necklace of 100 small pearls of happiness on the way – one small pearl for every small enjoyment that you had while going through the whole process every day!
  • Isn’t it better to have one 100 pearls plus 1 diamond necklace rather than staking all your happiness on one single future diamond? What do you feel? Do you agree?
Additionally, suppose you are not able to achieve the final success because of any damn reason like accident, sudden hospitalization, act of God like floods, etc. Then you lose your coveted diamond as well as your happiness.
Had you gathered your small pearls of happiness every day on the way then on the last day of accident you will still have your 99 pearls of happiness. Not a bad deal! What do you say?
  • So my dear, if you keep on thinking that ‘I will be happy only when I achieve this, this and this…’ then you will keep on postponing your happiness for the future and therefore will be never really happy.………

So how to have both success plus happiness?

Your tomorrow takes birth from today. If you are unhappy because of certain things for 10 days then suddenly on the eleventh day you will not become happy.
  • Rather you will be more unhappy on the eleventh day because that’s what you have been practicing for the last ten days!
  • You have been sucking out your energy levels by being sad, mad or bad, but not glad. After all, practice does make a man perfect!

What must be my first priority then?

What is your personal experience in this regard? Don’t you agree that in negative or frustrating moods your energy levels go down, you think more and more negative and things overall look very gloomy?
In such low energy levels how can you motivate yourself for working wholeheartedly on your plan of action to achieve your goal?
You know very well that output cannot be more than the input. So the first priority is to increase your inner energy levels. Only this will then lead to an increase in your outer work output.
Thus the answer is very simple :
  • Start thoroughly enjoying whatever life is giving you right now. Simultaneously, be clear about your goals and where you want to go in your life.
  • Automatically, there will be no sucking of your energy levels; your input of energy will rise; this extra energy will then propel you towards accomplishing your goals.........

Understood everything clearly. How to proceed further now?

Now, label your major materialistic life goals as :
  • "A" grade: "Absolutely must do" goals.
  • "B" grade: "Better to do" goals.
  • "C" grade: "Can wait" goals.
Bring together all "A" grade goals on one page and forget the rest right now. This point is very important. First focus all your energies into achieving your top priority “A” grade goals. Only after that you focus on rest of the goals.
  • Now convert your big "A" grade goals into small, weekly sub-goals and follow the following formula………

P.P.F. gives S. M. A. R. T. Benefits

P- Personal: e.g. improving your whole family's life is not a personal goal. Think what self-development course you can do to improve your own personal life to contribute to your family's over-all life style. This is a personal goal.
P- Positive: e.g. "I'll bring Mr. Panse down so that I can appear brighter than him" - is a negative goal. "Let Mr. Panse do what he thinks right. I am going to improve my own performance to outshine him." This is a positive goal.
F- Flexible: e.g. "I wanted to earn Rs.10,000/- in one month. However, due to sudden slump in the market, I could earn only Rs.8,000/-. I accept that temporarily without becoming frustrated". This is a flexible goal.
S- Specific: e.g. "I want to become rich." This is a non-specific goal and will only de-motivate you. "I want to start my own business of trading in mobile phones in Laxmi Road." This is a specific goal.
M- Measurable: This is one of the two most important criteria while formulating a goal. Can you measure your goal? e.g. "Being a better person" cannot be measured. But "I shall spend minimum 30 minutes daily on my exercise."- is a measurable goal.
A- Achievable: e.g. "I can have 20% improvement in my income in a month. However, I want to have 200% improvement in a month." Is it an achievable goal? It's always better in life to have a chain of many small achievements rather than chase a few big achievements.
R- Review periodically: e.g. "I can become the Prime Minister of India in twenty years. However, am I being realistic enough to judge myself if I want to become India's PM in two years?" Review your progress periodically every week.
T- Time-bound: This is the second most important criteria to judge the soundness of a goal. e.g. "I wish to go on a vacation to "Mahabaleshwar" is a measurable goal. But when? In one month? Or in ten years?
Therefore, putting a definite date limit of say "by the 10th of next month" on the achievement of that goal is a must to achieve that goal.
Benefits : For the benefit of achieving your goal you will have to pay a cost. Always. For nothing comes free in life. Calculate the cost to be paid as immediate-term, short-term, medium-term and long-term. Then take your decisions to do whatever needs to be done to achieve your sub-goals.
The cost will be in terms of your health, family life, leisure time, religious and moral values, sexual life, tensions, job, money and status. Be ready to pay that cost smilingly. Then implement the final decision and go ahead full steam to fulfill your goals.………

It’s all very clear. But I am not able to keep up the tempo as my enthusiasm soon fizzles out every time I start something new. What do I have to do now?

In such situation you need a personalized guidance to steer you through. You can contact Dr. Arora for this purpose.
Dr. Arora, an awakened soul, has helped thousands of people from all walks of life to fulfill their dreams. He has been doing this through his customized training of ‘7 Mind Secrets’ for the last more than 3 decades.
He will surely help you too personally to set and then surpass your goals.

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE personal session.

Dare to dream BIG.
You have nothing to lose other than your small vision!

Harshad R. Parate,  24 yrs., M.E. (Water Resources Engg.)

"I have joined this course along with my father. From the first day of class changes started taking place in me. Earlier I used to be nervous. But after attending the classes I felt my nurvousness is not staying for a long. More happiness started flowing in my life. My way of working is also changed. I started enjoying my work. My communication skills has improved a lot. My relations with my parents, friends started improving. I am started getting more involved with the people. In all my full personality has been changed & I am feeling more confident & relaxed doing any work, earlier it was not like that. I thank to Sir for taking such a wonderful course."

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See 100+ Reviews & Star Ratings in

200+ Videos

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