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Financial Problems

Do you want to become really wealthy without cheating others?

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Today's Mind Secret
Leading a life of prosperity is your birth right. Learn today to go from financial difficulties to financial abundance.........

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How to Overcome Financial Problems

The only solution is to focus on creating
Total Financial Freedom

Video : Financial Problems

YouTube 008: Want to be Wealthy?: Dr. Sudhir Arora, MBBS, Pune, India

How to come out of my financial difficulties?

Your financial may be because of any reason. This could be
  • Low income
  • More expenditure
  • Loans
  • Inadequate money management skills
  • Extravagant lifestyle to show off
  • Trying to live up to the image of a rich family
  • Sudden heavy medical expenditure
  • Collapse of business
  • Losing your job
  • Cheated by a trustworthy person and
  • Bankruptcy etc.
Well, all these are the usual logical self-evident reasons of financial mess.
However, the real reason lies elsewhere………

So what is that basic reason of my financial problems?

The fundamental reason is that you have been unknowingly programmed from your earliest childhood d-e-e-e-e-e-p inside you in your sub-conscious mind :
  • You don’t believe that you deserve a life full of abundance
  • You have erroneously believed that money is the root of all evils
  • You must reject a life of riches because ‘good people don’t become rich’ and ‘rich people are not good.’
  • Somehow you believe that God lies in poverty. You have equated a holy, religious life with a financial rough and tough life………

How does it all work?

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Whatever you deeply unconsciously believe comes true in your outer life sooner or later.
Please look into your daily life for the last so many years. Do you realize that you think, talk and discuss most often about your financial problems?
In fact your whole day is occupied by thoughts like
  • How bad is the financial mess
  • Why it all happened to your life only, and
  • What should you do now to remove this huge problem from your life?
Even your dreams are usually about tough times!………

What should I do then?

Please start thinking, talking and discussing about the ‘solutions’.
Focus on ‘what you want’ and ‘not what you don’t want’.
Once you consciously start focusing all your energies on what you want, then automatically all the 3 powers of your mind start creating the right circumstances for the right solutions to happen in your life very soon………

Is it that easy really?

Yes, it is that easy really. It’s exactly like a strong magnet attracting iron pieces towards it.
This is the Law of Attraction. You give attention to anything in your life; it absorbs your energy and so expands in your life.
If you want vanilla ice cream you don’t order a pizza. When you want to become an engineer you don’t sit for medical entrance test. If you wish to go to USA you don’t go for your visa to the Embassy of Bangla Desh!
  • Similarly, you want to get a solution to your problem, not more problems. Then why should you keep on discussing what all you ‘lack’ or what all is going wrong in your life?
If you give conscious or even unconscious attention to your negatives, weak points or deficiencies, then they all start happening more and more frequently in your life because you are giving your energy to them. You start attracting more and more suffering.
  • Same holds true for positives, strong points or abundance. They start expanding in your life the day you start talking and discussing about them………

Can I get it too in spite of all my drawbacks?

Yes, why not?
  • The Law of Attraction is totally neutral and impartial just like the various laws of Science. Anyone can use them positively or negatively
It’s like you can use the fire to roast a toast or to roast a man. It does not make any difference to fire. Its job is to burn everything, that’s all.
Please note that till now you too have been using The Law of Attraction, but using it unconsciously all your life.
Wherever you did succeed in any field of your life to whatever degree, you did so because you used The Law positively, although unconsciously. Same thing holds true for your negative achievements.
Then you did not know The Law. Now you are aware of The Law. So start using it positively from today.
Why wait for repaying your loans only first? Why wait for the salary to increase by 30%?
  • Why not straightway start dreaming of Total Financial Freedom????? ………

What is Total Financial Freedom?

  • Total Financial Freedom or True Wealth for you is the freedom from the drudgery of compulsory work done just for earning money.
  • It is your birthright. It’s the freedom without cheating or hurting others, to do whatever you want to do, at whatever time, at whatever place, without having to bother about earning your bread for the future rainy day.
For this lofty exciting purpose the monthly income from your investments must exceed your family’s monthly expenses at the current level of lifestyle. Consistently. Every month. For the rest of your life………

What does it mean practically?

It means that first you start focusing on solutions to your immediate financial problems.
Second, and equally important, is that you start saving a small percentage of your current income – daily, weekly or monthly – even if it is as low as 5% or 25%.
But save you must. This saved money is meant for your future use and is not to be used for your current problems. This is extremely important.
Third, start investing this saved money as SIP - Systematic Investment Plan every week or month in any reputed mutual fund with the help of a reliable financial advisor.
  • Do it consistently and persistently; week after week, month every month.
  • Initially, nothing drastic will happen. You continue finding solutions to your immediate money needs. Plus keep on doing SIPs.
  • Within a couple of years you will see how the tables have turned and how money starts flowing towards you easily and frequently………

But how will this happen so easily? How is it possible really?

  • ‘How’ is your biggest enemy if you want to go for Total Financial Freedom.
Leave the business of ‘how to do it’ to The Highest Intelligence or God-energy running this universe. You simply focus on what you want and not how to arrange and from where?
  • As they say, you eat your mangoes and forget the trees from where they came.
When you strongly focus on what you really want and not the obstacles on the path, your intuition – your sixth sense or Inner God – starts guiding you with mysterious answers and strange coincidences.
Suddenly, you start meeting the right people out of nowhere! Totally out of blue good people come and help you in your journey! ………

If it was so easy then everybody would become rich. Then why do common people struggle all their lives?

Why common people do not become rich is because
  • D-e-e-e-e-e-p inside they refuse to change their old self-limiting beliefs about money.
  • They refuse to accept that money is not evil but neutral by itself. It all depends upon you how you use it.
  • They continue believing that money making is extremely difficult.
  • They continue focusing on the obstacles on this path rather than the beauty of the journey.
  • They focus on counting the trees and not eating the mangoes.
We can go on and on like this, but this is our experience. You just don’t believe us and just don’t disbelieve us. You do it yourself practically and see the dramatic changes happening in your own life.
Trust your own experience, not our sayings………

OK, agreed! Let me start doing it right now. I need more abundance and more financial freedom in my life from today itself. What must I do now?

You start applying what all have just learnt. Plus, you need a personalized guidance to get the right solutions immediately. You can contact Dr. Arora for his well-known training on ‘7 Mind Secrets’.
Dr. Arora, a medical doctor, is an awakened soul and will personally guide you without any medicines or surgery. He has helped many people in similar situation in the last more than 3 decades.
He will surely show you too how to take more and more right decisions to first overcome the current money problems with very easy-to-use techniques. Then he’ll further guide you personally to go to a life of abundant richness.

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE introductory personal session.

Don’t miss this chance.
You have nothing to lose other than your financial worries!

Swapnil Kale, 28 yrs., B. E. Computers

"I did this course way back in 1996 & I am extremely satisfied. The course has helped me a lot. The course inspired me to acheive my dream of buying a premium car. I brought a "BMW-300 series" recently & have imported it to India a few days back.
Its a powerful course & I won't everyone to know that your dreams CAN come true through this course.
Good luck & Thank You Dr. Arora for helping me to acheive my dreams."

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See 100+ Reviews & Star Ratings in

200+ Videos

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Solving Personal Problems
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