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Cure of Stammering

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100% Cure of Stammering
Without any medicines,
without any speech therapy.

Video : Cure of Stammering

YouTube 018: Cure of Stammering / Stuttering: Dr. Sudhir Arora, MBBS, Pune, India

What is the basic cause of stammering?

It starts as a very innocent twisting of the words by a curious small child who has seen someone around him speaking in a strange way.
Being naturally curious the child gets drawn to this new and different way of communication. When it starts becoming a regular way of speaking the parents become alert and anxious.
They start admonishing the child to speak correctly. But, very, very unfortunately, more is the correction, more is the anxiety in the child and more happens the stammering.
A very innocent game of attention seeking thus gets converted into something shameful for the innocent child………

Is this a vicious circle?

  • Yes, very much. As a small child you would have gone through something similar.
  • The poor child within you was not able to express his inner confusion to anybody. It's the fear of being judged, it's the fear of people's ridicule that made you more and more anxious and tense.
  • A never-ending vicious circle of stammering-judgment-ridicule-anxiety-stammering thus kept on getting enhanced for many years to come………

Is it the fear of ‘What will people say’?

Yes, very much. As a small child you would have gone through something similar, though you may not remember all the details now.
The poor child within you was simply not able to express his inner confusion to anybody.
It's the fear of being judged, it's the fear of people's ridicule that made you more and more anxious and tense………

That means stammering is never in the tongue?

You are absolutely right. It's always in the mind.
It's always the fear and anxiety coming from your past...'that day also I stammered, yesterday also I stammered, today again if I stammer, then what?..... What about my future... how will I go on in my life without being able to express my self to any body clearly?'
This is the trap that runs in your subconscious mind all the time. And this is the trap you have to learn to break to overcome your speech problem………

What is the usual presentation of stammering in different people?

This hundred percent curable problem can present in different people in different ways. You may have very mild stuttering, which comes out only when you are really very tense or anxious. Or you may stammer strongly only in the beginning or only in the middle of a few selected words.
Or you may not have any problem in singing songs even on the stage. You may have no difficulty today in front of small children or friends and family members with whom you are emotionally quite comfortable.
It may happen that you stutter only in front of your strict parent(s), teachers, boss and other people in authority. You may find it difficult to open up clearly only in front of strangers or on the telephone.
Thus, there can be various ways in which this speech obstacle can hit your life………

What is the boys and girls ratio?

The usual male-female ratio is 8:1, i.e. if only one girl gets this problem, then as much as eight boys get the same unfortunate problem.
The reason is the expectations of a higher and better performance by the society from boys. Additionally, God somehow seems to have given more immunity to girls than boys to generally bear others' taunts and sarcastic remarks………

Did any famous personalities also have stammering?

  • Hrithik Roshan, Bollywood superstar
  • Dilip Kumar, Bollywood superstar of yester years
  • Remo Fernandez, Singing sensation from Goa
  • Bruce Willis, Hollywood superstar
  • Late King George VI of England
  • Sir Winston Churchill, the late prime minister of Great Britain
They all overcame stammering to go to the top. Same thing is very much possible with you too!
They all got cured because they went ahead and took help of the right people at the right time. Starting from this biggest social handicap they all went on to become very effective public speakers and famous personalities.
It’s simply because they just followed the principle of never never never give up.........

Do you understand my inner turmoil?

Yes, we do. We understand your problem and how much difficulty it must be causing you in your life. We are here to help you.
Your distress can be definitely 100% CURED by using the right techniques as well as our totally personalized consultations.
Your personal problems will not be discussed publicly. For that we shall be taking separate sessions for you. Thus, you get the group training as well as one-to-one coaching too, all in the same fee, all going on at the same time………

Do you give any medicines or speech therapy for curing my stammering?

! You are neither a sick person nor there is anything wrong in your tongue.
Your stammering is not like a broken bone. If the bone is broken, it remains broken all 24 hours and causes continuous pain. The fracture does not come in front of some people and goes away in some other situations in the same day.
If your stammering was because of a tongue defect then like the broken bone it would too happen with the same intensity every day every where.
But your stammering is not because of a defective tongue because it comes and goes depending upon who you are talking to. It’s only a fear of being judged or ridiculed which causes stammering.
There re no medicines to cure a fear of any kind anywhere in the world. So you don’t need medicines or speech therapy but only techniques to overcome your fear from your mind, that’s all………

I heard that you also give free life membership?

Sure. You get a life-membership without any extra charges. To upgrade your skills you are welcome to repeat the whole or the partial course of Dr. Arora’s ‘7 Mind Secrets’ any number of times any time in your life in the future.
You can also come to us for totally private and personal discussions any number of times any time throughout your life for any other problem too. Totally free………

Can I meet other ex-stammerers too?

Yes, certainly. We have a long list of ex-stammerers. You can meet some of them and listen to their experience of what they were and what they have become after going through our course.
Additionally, you can actually see them talking live on the stage extempore to total strangers in our training………

Is there any treatment by post ?

Sorry. We are sure you understand by now that there can be no postal treatment for stammering. Only a totally customized and personalized package of various techniques can cure you of this great social limitation………

I desperately want to overcome my stammering. What do I have to do now?

Just call us. Dr. Arora is an awakened soul and has already helped many people like you.
He will help you too to cure your stammering 100% without any medicines or speech therapy.

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE personal session.

Give yourself the privilege to express yourself boldly, clearly & confidently.
You have nothing to lose other than your stammering!

Anwar Tamboowala,  34 yrs., B.E.(Electronics), DBM

"Dr.Arora's training was way beyond my expectations. I had joined to learn how to get rid of my stammering problem. But I learnt much more than that. I learnt how to get to know my Real Self and come closer to my centre, ie. Spiritual Centre. By learning techniques to come closer to my centre, I was able to control my anxiety wich was the cause of my stammering."

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See 100+ Reviews & Star Ratings in

200+ Videos

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