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Concentration & Memory

Do you desire to go from where you are to where you can be?

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Today's Mind Secret
Simplify your life. Learn today to delete the emotional hurts from the past which have been blocking all your memory space till now.........

Super Concentration and Memory
Your emotional memory
clouds your factual memory

Video : Concentration and Memory

YouTube 012: How to have a Super Memory: Dr. Sudhir Arora, MBBS, Pune, India

Why have you clubbed concentration & memory together?

Memory and concentration go hand in hand for all practical purposes. If one goes up, the other also goes up. If one goes down, the other also goes down. So we would talk about them together. Is it ok with you?........

Why do I have poor memory? Why can’t I concentrate properly?

You already have an excellent memory – yes, an excellent memory! It means that you already have a 100% memory recording. Each and every second from your life’s day 1 has been faithfully recorded in the infinite library of your sub-conscious mind.
You may not be aware of this recording happening even right now. It’s a continuous process going on throughout your life.
Therefore, your real problem is not a poor memory, but a poor memory recall of the right thing, at the right time, in the right place and in front of the right people. A tall order indeed!
Same way, you are able to concentrate fully on the things that you enjoy right now also. Examples would be of the games that you play, the tv serials that you watch with interest daily, the movies which you see with the company that you enjoy.
Is it not happening daily in your life? What do you say?.........

Yes, you are right. So?

So it means that the question is not how to have good memory and concentration but how to have good memory recall at the right time.........

Right! Then how to get the right memory recall at the right time?

For this first of all understand the 2 different types – the best and the worst - of your memory :
First is your functional memory which is your best friend in the world to become happy and successful.
  • For example, how to eat, how to brush teeth, how to drive, how to use your PC, how to calculate, how to understand language – all such things which you daily take for granted are a part of your functional memory.
  • Similarly, the incidences and their times and dates are also part of your functional memory. Like you went to see the Taj on the first day of last month with your friends; India became independent on the fifteenth August; you have to meet your client at 11 am tomorrow in Hotel Oberoi, etc.
  • All these skills and memories help you to coordinate with the world and live successfully in your daily life. Just imagine where you would be today without them!.........

Interesting! What is the second type of memory?

Second is your dysfunctional, emotional or psychological memory. This is your worst enemy!
  • For example, on your Taj visit your best friend insulted you publicly; 5 years ago you were cheated by your neighbor of 5 lac rupees; you were badly abused as a child; you failed in the college exams twice; you worry about your loss of employment; you are anxious about your financial future – all such incidences fill up your whole memory space with negative emotions.
  • Even any one such incidence is sufficient to ruin your peace of mind for years to come. You just cannot think straight when you remember such energy-sucking memories.
  • The functional memory simply gets clouded by your emotional memory. That’s why at the right time you don’t recall the right words. Later on you remember everything, but the golden chance to make a wonderful impression is lost.
  • All this happens in a split second. You may not be logically aware of any such bad incidence at that particular moment and may be totally focused on the task at hand. But all this clouding happens at your sub-conscious level upon which you have no logical control.
What do you feel? Does it happen with you too like other normal human beings?.........

What is to be done then?

You must first of all learn to delete your emotional or psychological memory so that the space becomes free in your brain to exhibit your functional memory.
  • For example, the fact that your best friend said something harsh to you publicly on your Taj visit is a factual memory. It has been permanently recorded in your memory cells. Therefore, it cannot be deleted.
  • But the hurt associated with that incidence can be easily deleted emotionally. This incidence then has no hold over you – it loses its ‘charge’ over you. Your memory space becomes free once again for your day-to-day’s functional memory.
  • Add all such emotional memories of the sad past and the anxious future. Check for yourself how much memory space you are losing daily to your worst enemy.
  • Imagine your life without the burden of unpleasant memories. Totally free memory space for your functional memory to give you a life of abundant success and happiness.
Won’t it be beautiful to regain your whole memory back?.........

Yes, certainly! I would love it. It makes so much sense now.

Remember, those bad incidences are just your emotional memories – you are giving energy to them by holding on to them all these years. Only you have the power to let them go.
  • The people who caused you so much of pain may not even be aware of those incidences!
  • Or they might have forgotten them.
  • Or they may be sitting comfortably in their home enjoying their favorite tv serial.
But you are sulking here when you are thinking about them. It’s like self-flagellation - you are punishing yourself for the mistakes that others have made!
Yesterday they made you suffer. But today you are making yourself suffer by allowing a few bad days to ruin all your good days.........

Agreed, only I can do it. But how to release myself from the grip of my emotional memories?

There are many ways. Here are some guidelines :
  • Learn and practice meditation daily. It will help you tremendously.
  • Practice pranayama daily. An altered breathing pattern will automatically delete your troublesome emotional memories.
  • Sleep regularly for minimum 8 hours a day.
  • Follow a disciplined lifestyle of balanced diet and regular exercise, yoga, aerobics, dancing, jogging, etc.
  • Drop as much as possible your addictions of alcohol, smoking, tobacco and junk food………

What about taking help from a counselor or wise friend?

That, of course, is the shortest way possible. If you do feel that you are not able to gain super memory on your own because of any reason, then it would be very wise to take help immediately.
Dr. Arora, a medical doctor, is an awakened soul. Through his customized training on ‘7 Mind Secrets’ he has already helped thousands of people like you to gain great memory and concentration in the last more than 3 decades.
He will help you too to have super memory and concentration by showing you smart studying and working techniques.
If you do feel the need for his personalized guidance to overcome your stress then

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE personal session.

Unleash your full potential from today.
You have nothing to lose other than your emotional memory blocks!

Anuj Gupta,  22 yrs., M.C.S.

"What I have gained from Dr. Arora's training:
1. I've controlled my temper.
2. I've reduced my worries greatly .
3. I've become very confident .
4. Learned effective public speaking.
5. Stopped taking tensions.
6. I've become a clear-headed person.
7. My communication skills have improved very much."

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See 100+ Reviews & Star Ratings in

200+ Videos

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