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Computer-related Stress

Do you know that your stress is the biggest serial killer that kills silently?

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Today's Mind Secret
Computer is a good tool, but a very bad master. Ask yourself "Is my computer meant for my life, or is my life meant for the computer?".........

Computer-related Stress
Are you in the business of living
or living for your busi-ness

Video : Computer-related Stress

YouTube 011: How daily Stress affects your Health: Dr. Sudhir Arora, MBBS, Pune, India

Why do you use this term 'Computer-related Stress'?

Information Technology [IT] has brought the whole world together like never before. Along with this globalized world has come tremendous IT-related stress on every body as a most unpleasant side-effect.
Today you may be an IT professional or only using computers as an efficiency tool or only for fun. But there is no escaping from the stress that is caused to your mind and body by daily spending hours in front of the computer screen………

How does IT-stress build up?

Whether the stress is because of IT overload or because of other numerous reasons your body undergoes the following curve under stressful situations :

Enthusiasm, Efficiency Time, Work, Stress

There are 7 stages in this graph called the ‘Bell Curve’ :

Stage 1 of Challenging Positive Stress or Eu-stress

It is the stage of excitement, efficiency and enthusiasm.
You are able to use computers for ‘n’ number of functions. Your PC is your most loyal friend. It does not nag or rag you. It simply obeys all your commands and makes your life so smooth and functional. It’s cool, man.
As you become friendlier with this wonderful invention your whole world starts becoming more and more efficient. You marvel at the tons of knowledge available to you just at the click of a small mouse.
You actually enjoy the long hours spent in front of the computer screen as it gives you a deep sense of security and power in your life. You enjoy working more and more at a faster and faster pace………

Stage 2 of Plateau Stress

Slowly over a period of time you reach a kind of peak or plateau. Now as time passes, the responsibilities increase and the work load increases. But you do not experience that kind of excitement which you were feeling earlier.
The zing seems to be missing! It starts feeling ‘boring’.
Only you know that something fishy is happening to you. The work which was taking 1 hour earlier now starts taking 2 or even 3 hours sometimes.
Still you keep on working harder and harder at the same old pace – ie. burning your candle at both the ends to meet various deadlines. But the fun is gone.
It becomes more and more monotonous and non-motivating. You now want to escape from this drudgery of work………

Stage 3 of Emotional Dis-Stress

Without realizing what’s happening to your mind and body you slowly cross the danger line from eu-stress to dis-stress! It’s no longer inspiring any longer.
You have crossed into this negative stress zone when some of the following symptoms start hitting your daily life :
  • You no longer enjoy what you used to enjoy earlier. For example, yesterday your favorite dish was ‘dal makhani’ but today it revolts you; that day you bought this red tee-shirt with so much enthusiasm, but today you don’t even feel like looking at it; Rajesh was your closest buddy for so many years, but today you feel you hardly know him.
  • You start having short lapses of memory. Like you misplace your keys, lose your wallet or simply forget an important appointment with a client. These things start happening more and more frequently.
  • You start becoming cranky or irritable very easily. Even small incidences start bothering you.
As you keep on working harder still, your enthusiasm and efficiency actually start going down now………

Stage 4 of Loss of Peace of Mind

Your efficiency and enthusiasm rapidly slide down now. You get hyper on petty issues. More frequent arguments, show-downs and emotional outbursts seem to destroy your peace of mind………

Stage 5 of Physical Diseases: ‘Dis + ease’ soon becomes a ‘Dis-ease’

You still do not take any help to manage your stress. It keeps on getting worse. Now physical diseases start hitting your body. This could be migraine, neck pain, joint pains, chest pain, acidity, gas, indigestion, back ache or skin problems.
If you still continue on this self-destructive path, then you may get attacks of more serious diseases like asthma, bronchitis, high BP, heart problems, kidney diseases, gall stones, liver failure, etc. ………

Stage 6 of Frank Depression

Alternatively, you get attacks of depression which start very small but become bigger and bigger very soon. You become more and more isolated and cut out from the mainstream. You lose interest in your career, friends and family members………

Stage 7 of Attempted Suicide

The last stage is when you start getting self-destructive suicidal thoughts. You may attempt suicide then one day.
The saddest examples would be of those otherwise bright medical and engineering students who take their own lives every year in our colleges because of some temporary academic failures.
Over a span of time they had gradually lost the will to live because of years of academic pressure built up in their minds and bodies. Then just one more additional stress coming from some perceived failure broke them down completely and they committed suicide………

Is this worst-case scenario inevitable for everyone?

No, certainly not. The above-mentioned sequence leading to suicide happens very rarely. But any body who tries to commit suicide has already gone through all the stages silently without taking any help from anywhere.
The only thing was that he or she and the family members were not aware of what’s cooking silently inside the sub-conscious mind of the unfortunate victim. The disease process went on unchecked and was not diagnosed in the early stages………

Does every one have to go through these stages?

Every human body is different. Therefore, every person reacts differently to the same stress level. What is toxic for one may be exciting for someone else.
Similarly, what is exciting and challenging for you at age 20 may become extremely stressful for you at the age 40!
So please understand that the outer circumstances are not important. It’s your own mental and physical reserves which determine your levels of stress………

What do I have to do then to come out of my stress?

Stress is defined as the emotional and physical reaction of your body to any change.
At any given moment you have a good, but limited, stress-bearing capacity. It is adequate to handle a normal life’s stress quite comfortably. It means that you are definitely capable of handling your day-to-day stress easily.
The problem arises when you want to achieve too much, too soon and too fast. Certainly you can do that also. But definitely not at the level of your current stress-bearing capacity.
It’s most important for you to first increase your stress-bearing capacity to the next level. And the next level and the next level, and so on and so forth.
Then daily it does become a beautiful game of positive challenging stress………

How to increase my stress-bearing capacity then?

Balance in everything, balance is everything. Start today on the following guidelines :
  • Take adequate sleep of 8 hours every day.
  • Take good care of your body with a nutritious balanced diet.
  • Do exercise, yoga, aerobics, dancing etc. daily regularly, consistently.
  • Spend some quality time daily in nature and with your hobbies.
  • Develop close friendly relationships with a few people at least so that you can unwind in their company.
  • Be regular and disciplined in your daily activities, whatever they are.
  • Develop a more positive attitude towards life.
  • Learn better inter-personal skills.
  • Be open to learning smarter time management skills.
  • Be more decisive. Learn problem–solving skills.
  • Stop taking junk food immediately.
Finally, drastically cut down your addictions like alcohol, smoking and tobacco………

But I am already doing most of these things. Still I have so much of stress building up within me. Why?

It’s very good that you are already following most of the stress management guidelines. That is the precise reason why you have been able to sustain yourself so beautifully in today’s highly competitive world.
But old situations needed old answers and old capacities. Things change. Now the new situations need new answers and new stress-bearing capacities.
Whatever you have not done consistently or not at all till now needs your attention at this stage of your life now………

What if I want faster results as I really want to come out of my complex problems now?

Then you are most welcome to contact Dr. Arora.
Dr. Arora, a medical doctor, is an awakened soul. Through his customized training on ‘7 Mind Secrets’ he has already helped thousands of people like you in the last more than 3 decades to come out of their severe stressful life situations into an abundant life of success and happiness.

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE personal session.

Convert your stresses into stepping stones of abundance.
You have nothing to lose other than your negativity!

Murtuza Attarwala,  19 yrs., S. Y., B. Com.

"6 months before joining Dr. Arora's course, I was suffering from skin allergy because of a stressful life.. I was totally dependent on medicines to control it. Every 4 to 5 days when tablets' power reduced, again itching started. And so I was very much tensed that rest of my life I will have to be dependent on tablets.
But after joining the course when Sir gave us small-small techniques, I started practicing them. After 2 months then I came to realise that my disease had been actually cured by its own self without any medicines. It was certainly a miracle for me. Thank You Very Much, Dr. Arora."

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