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Communication Skills

Have you noticed that those who communicate the best earn the best?

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Today's Mind Secret
Talk to people even if it is difficult initially. Learn today to talk to some more people; then talk more to some more people.........

Communication Skills
Daring on Stage and Public Speaking
They are the most important skills to master
to go to the higher levels in any profession

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Why have you taken these 2 topics together?

It’s because one-to-one communication is exactly like public speaking to a large group! Yes, you read right. They are both the same.
In one-to-one communication you are talking and the other person is listening directly. In a bigger group of 2, 20 or 200 people, you are still talking and the others are listening.
  • But each member of the audience is listening to you once again directly. No one is listening to you through somebody else in the crowd, although you are addressing the whole crowd together. So both communications are essentially the same.
  • Similarly, someone from the group asks you a question. At any one given moment only one person can talk to you while others wait for their turn. So, once again you are basically talking or listening to only one person at a time………

OK. Why can’t I communicate easily? Why am I so shy of public speaking?

Hello! You are already communicating easily!
You have already conveyed to us the message of your difficulty so easily and correctly. That is what communication is all about – getting your desired message across to the right person for the right effect, that’s all.
There is nothing wrong in your message or its delivery. Your problem actually lies elsewhere………

So what is my real problem?

  • Your real problem is your lack of self-belief. You don’t have self-confidence as far as your self-expression is concerned.
You erroneously believe that you are a poor communicator. Then what you believe deep in your mind comes out through your body’s gestures.
Your erroneous self-belief then comes really true. Consequently you feel that you cannot communicate your ideas easily and boldly………

Can you please explain in detail?

Sure. In reality there are 2 choices in human interactions.
  • First is plain talking – where a person does a monologue of blah!... blah!... blah! without bothering whether the opposite person is understanding his message correctly or not.
It is a simple waste of every body’s precious time and usually does not give any productive results. You may be knowing some such ‘big bores’ in your circle. So you understand what we are saying.
  • Second choice is to do the real communication – where your message is carried across correctly to the right person. He understands without any distortion what you want to convey.
Let’s not talk anything further about boring people. Instead we’ll focus our energy only on how to become a more effective communicator in one-to-one conversations as well as in public speaking in big groups. What do you say? Do you agree? ………

Yes, I agree. Please tell me more about real communication.

Your communication has 2 parts:
  • Verbal communication with words - which is only 7% effective,
  • Non - verbal communication without words or body language. It is done by using your body’s gestures and expressions. Obviously, it is very much more important than verbal communication – as much as 93% effective!
All the great communicators who have ever impressed you in your life were great because they were using their body language most effectively………

Oh my God! I did not know that my body language was that much important. Please tell me more about body language.

Even when you are not speaking anything verbally your body is still speaking something through the facial expressions, shoulders, posture, legs movements, hands’ gestures, etc.
Even without you being conscious about it, your physical body keeps on showing what’s really happening in your deep sub-conscious mind at that particular moment through its body language.
  • So you understand that in each and every moment you are unconsciously sending some message across through your body language you are always communicating in every moment your inner state of feelings to the outer world through your body language.
In fact, your particular body language is right now showing what’s happening in your mind as you read these very pages. Whether you are excited, thrilled, neutral or bored is simply coming out through your whole body………

So my deeper problem is not my verbal communication but an unconsciously chosen wrong body language that shows me in poor light in front of the audience. Is that so?

You are very right! Stop bothering about what to say verbally, as it is only 7% important in your communication. Even if you speak all the words of gold, its impact will still be only 7%.
Start becoming aware of the 93% important message that is coming out through your body language right now.
As we said earlier, you are always in the process of conveying some message through your body language in every moment.
If your verbal communication does not match with the non-verbal body language then this mismatch greatly decreases your talk’s impact. People don’t take your communication seriously then.
Conversely, even if you speak very few words, but your body language strongly supports your spoken words, then your impact upon the audience is immediate and huge.
  • That’s the master key – to match your non-verbal communication strongly with your verbal communication………

Very good! Now can you tell me more about the role of various parts of my body in my communication?

Basics of a perfect delivery
  • Your eyes and a smiling face are 50% effective to create the right impact upon the audience.
  • Modulation of voice, the right appropriate gestures, a comfortable posture and rest of the body are 43% effective.
  • Visible enthusiasm in conveying your message boosts your confidence and the impact of your words on the audience.
  • Loudness of speech has to be moderate taking the audience’s interest into picture.
  • Keep the speed moderate – neither too slow nor too fast – so that an adequate interest is maintained in your talk.
  • Small and frequent pauses at the right time make your whole communication very effective.
  • Clarity in putting forth your ideas is most important. Don’t speak of too many things in the same talk. Keep it simple, uncluttered and focused on the most important 1-2 points only.
  • Lay stress especially on the last syllable of each word. Speak it clearly.


Keep your chest out, shoulders back and head high. Distribute weight evenly on the balls of your feet. Keep knees relaxed.


Adopt open body posture. Show "nothing-to-hide" open hands. Do not cross arms or keep at the back.


Do gestures to explain your points more clearly. Keep gestures above waist level. Do not keep on repeating the same gestures again and again………

Great! It’s very informative. Now what about the power of our words?


Complex or big words may look very sophisticated but are poorly followed by most of the audience. Your speech should be clearly understood by the person with the least intelligence in the audience.
Therefore, use simple words with only 1 or 2 syllables. e.g. Use ‘Refusal’ for ‘Unwillingness’, ‘Serious’ for ‘Humorlessness’, ‘Happy’ for ‘Irrepressible’.

Use short, simple sentences

Use plenty of full stops. Do not use more than 2 phrases in each sentence.
Verbal tics like ‘ugh. ugh,…’ ‘you know, you know’, ‘and all and all’ etc. distract the listener from the effectiveness of a good speech.
e.g. ‘Having gone to attend the office on Sunday, I found the office locked because the peon had not come till 9 a.m.’ It can be spoken as: ‘I went to the office on Sunday. The peon had not come till 9 a.m. The office was still closed’.


Use ‘However’, ‘Moreover’, ‘Consequently’, ‘Therefore’, etc. to form a smooth flow. e.g. ‘I went to office on Sunday. However, the peon had not come till 9 a.m. Therefore, the office was still closed’.

Rule of 50 – 50

Use connectives to connect at least 50% of the sentences. Avoid ‘And’, ‘Which’ to connect two different ideas.
e.g. ‘One day I was waiting for my friend in East Street and I found him coming on his bike and this gladdened my heart very much’. It can be spoken as: ‘One day I was waiting for my friend in East Street. After a while, I saw him coming on his bike. This gladdened my heart very much’. ………

I desperately want to become a confident communicator and a highly charismatic public speaker. What do I have to do now?

Just call us. Dr. Arora is an awakened soul and has already helped thousands of people like you without any medicines or surgery.
He will help you too to become a confident communicator and a fluent and highly effective public speaker.

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE personal session.

Give yourself the privilege to express yourself boldly and in front of scores of people.
You have nothing to lose other than your under-confidence!

Nitin M. Khanna,  20 yrs., B.E. (Mechanical Sandwich)

"1. The best thing I have got from Hope Academy is I have started to listen empathically by considering his/her emotions. The result of this is that my friendships & relationships are increasing beuatifully. 2. I am becoming a good leader day by day. 3. I have accepted my realities which makes me more satisfied. 4. I have studied my strengths & weaknesses, hence my vision is very clear. 5. Right now, I am purely solution conscious instead of worrying about problems."

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