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ATM - Any Time Meditation

Do you know that you can use work as meditation?

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Today's Mind Secret
Meditation is not concentration. Learn today that, nevertheless, concentration improves superbly as a by-product of meditation.........

Meditation – What is it Really?
Any one can meditate
any time any where

Videos : ATM - Any Time Meditation

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What is meditation?

In any given moment your body and mind experience certain thoughts, feelings, sounds or sensations. These are the ways you perceive this Intelligent Universe through your senses. That is your reality, your truth because that is what you have actually felt and perceived in that particular moment.
Meditation is the art of watching and witnessing The Truth as it unfolds on your body in each and every moment.
It is Present Moment Awareness or PMA. It means simply becoming aware of the reality in your body in every present moment in a neutral gear without any labeling of "good" or "bad"………

What are the benefits of meditation?

In today's highly competitive and fast-paced world meditation is the easiest and simplest answer to your daily worries, tensions and stress.
  • First of all, the noise of your chatterbox mind stops. You start experiencing deeper and deeper levels of heavenly silence within yourself.
  • Automatically you find that the outside circumstances have not changed, but you have changed. Your daily problems start melting away by themselves. You start getting intuitively through your sixth sense very simple and easy answers to your complex problems from The Highest Intelligence within yourself.
  • Your natural immunity to diseases goes up and your physical health definitely shows a remarkable upswing.
  • At an emotional level, you become a very calm person who has learnt to master his emotions and remain cool in all situations.
  • Your memory and concentration improves dramatically. That shall automatically reflect in greater marks and better grades for students and much higher efficiency and productivity for working people.
  • Your thoughts become more crystal clear. Thus, your decision taking ability sharpens greatly.
  • As you start experiencing the inner peace and bliss, your relationships at home and workplace become very fulfilling and satisfying.
We could go on and on like this but it's all our experience, it's our truth. Unless you practice meditation yourself it shall all remain "a borrowed theory" for you.
Mere intellectual understanding of meditation has no meaning for your transformation unless you start practicing meditation today itself. Without that you will not "know" what we are saying. Plus, you have to be consistent and persistent. And just patiently wait for the results.
Please make your beginning today itself………

Which is the best meditation?

There are 112 different techniques of meditation. All of them give the same results finally.
Neither of them is superior or inferior. You can practice any one of these 112 techniques according to your personal temperament and preference.
However, the ‘ATM - Any Time Meditation’ is one of the simplest and easiest meditations to practise and gives very fast results. As the name says, it can be practised
  • At any time
  • At any place
  • By any body
  • For any length of time
  • For as many times in a day as you desire
  • Without any chance of doing it ‘wrong’
  • Absolutely without any side-effects………

How to do ‘ATM – Any Time Meditation’?

The 3 most easy and basic points to remember in ‘ATM - Any Time Meditation’ are 3 W's of being a ‘Witness’: ’Willing’, ‘Watch’ and ‘Without judgment’.
Choose a time and silent place with no tv, phone or noise to disturb you. Sit in any comfortable posture with eyes closed. No particular asana is important. Just sitting comfortably according to your body’s needs is absolutely OK.
Now be willing to be totally open and effortless. Be willing to receive any input through any of your senses in every moment. Be willing to embark on an entirely new journey of your life.
Simply watch every feeling, sensation, thought or your breathing in every particular moment in a neutral gear. You can start by watching your breath going in, going out…… going in, going out…… Or you can start watching the various sounds coming in your ears. Or you can start watching your feelings as they come and go to be replaced by some different feelings. Similarly, you can watch your thoughts as they come from somewhere and go somewhere.
Watch anything in any random sequence, but no judgment of ‘wanted’ / ‘unwanted’ or ‘postive’ / ‘negative’. This passive awareness of every present moment is the most important point of ‘ATM - Any Time Meditation’.........

How to deal with my mind during ‘ATM – Any Time Meditation’?

Your mind runs here and there like a monkey with various thoughts and feelings. Let this monkey mind run any where. Let all thoughts or feelings of every kind come – whether negative or positive does not make any difference.
  • At this point don't curse yourself for being silly or being attached to your thoughts. Just gently start the meditation and watch the breathing, sounds, feelings, sensations or thoughts once again.
  • And pleeeeeeese don’t try to change your negative thoughts into positive. Be totally neutral. Just witness in every particular moment whatever is happening in your body in any region without any judgment or without any good or bad label.
It’s like you are sitting passively on the side a busy road and are watching the various vehicles pass you by in any direction without any interference from your side. No appreciation, as well as no condemnation of any vehicle, any person. Just a ‘choiceless awareness’ of whatever is happening in every particular moment – not choosing between any thing good or bad – but letting every thing happen on its accord in its own way………

Is meditation same as concentration?

  • No, not at all. Please understand that meditation is not, I repeat, not concentration of mind.
In concentration you are basically trying to focus your awareness on one particular thought, feeling or sensation to the exclusion of all the other remaining Truth--i.e. 1 % inclusion and 99% exclusion.
Concentration is, therefore, anti-meditation! Yes, your act of concentration in reality is the opposite of meditation and takes you away from real meditation.
The actual meditation is being totally aware and watching without any judgement or exclusion The Whole Truth unfolding on your own body. While concentration means trying to divide The One Complete Whole Truth unfolding in your body into favourable and unfavourable parts.
This act of division itself is so silly! That's why all people who try to concentrate on one particular thing find after sometime that it becomes an uphill struggle to meditate.
Soon the ‘action of concentrating' becomes more important than ‘awareness’ of The Truth itself. Instead of giving you inner peace and tranquility, this struggle later leads you more and more into inner turmoil and chaos.
  • Your concentration will automatically improve as a by-product of meditation. But concentration as such is not meditation.
  • It’s like your shadow. The shadow belongs to you, but you are not your shadow. Similarly, your concentration improves definitely and greatly as a result of meditation. But meditation is not concentration………

How to deal with discomfort and distractions during ‘ATM - Any Time Meditation’?

Simply watch and be aware of all vague aches and pains during Any Time Meditation. They are just a ‘happening’ in that particular moment.
Since meditation is all about being in the present moment, you just be aware of them in each and every moment.
They are all temporary. Spontaneously they came and spontaneously they will disappear. Rest assured.
  • You may change your posture any number of times or do any itching anywhere without feeling bad about it. Do any thing in any moment but do with awareness, that’s all. Then that distraction itself becomes a part of ‘ATM - Any Time Meditation’!
Isn’t it so easy and beautiful? ………

I have been trying meditation, but I am just not regular. What to do?

You may be finding some difficulties in your meditation practice. Does not matter really. All the problems will vanish gradually. There is no perfection and no final destination in meditation. You only have to do it. Doing itself is the reward. That's all.
Many years ago like you we were also irregular initially. But as the time passed it all became more and more regular spontaneously. The same will happen to you also.
Just remember that each and every day that you do meditation is important in your inner journey. Nothing ever goes waste. It’s just like a new plant sprouting under your tender loving care.
It all adds up gradually over a span of time. Very soon you have a thick foliage with beautiful flowers.
So even if you had stopped for some time in between it does not matter really in the long term. Just start once again today ………

Won’t a personalized guidance save me a lot of time and energy?

Certainly, yes. It’s like taking a personalized help from an architect friend to design and construct your life’s beautiful bungalow.
You may contact Dr. Sudhir Arora for your personalized coaching. Dr. Arora, an awakened soul, has been helping thousands of people from all walks of life without any medicines or surgery to lead a very happy peaceful life.
This he has been doing through his customized training of ‘7 Mind Secrets’ for the last more than 3 decades.
He will help you too to master the techniques of various meditations in some very easy steps.

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE introductory personal session.

Create the time to meditate daily to experience heavenly peace of mind.
You have nothing to lose other than your negative attitude!

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See 100+ Reviews & Star Ratings in

200+ Videos

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