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Anxiety, Tensions & Worries

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Anxiety, Tensions and Worries
From ‘Dis-stress’ to ‘De-stress’

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Why do I have this anxiety, useless tensions and unnecessary worries?

It’s because you are a very normal human being! So you will definitely think about your uncertain future and ambiguity of life often. All this will surely cause some degree of fear about the unknown future.
This is so with 100% normal human beings. But the real problem arises if your anxiety or worries start disturbing your day-to-day life.
Then it is a serious matter and must be treated immediately.
Your tensions have now converted into unhealthy stress if you have started experiencing any of the following changes in your daily life :
  • Getting too many negative thoughts or same fearful thoughts repetitively
  • Tossing and turning in bed for hours without getting proper sleep
  • Palpitations
  • Increased sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Depression
  • Unexplained mood changes
  • Crankiness and irritation on minor matters
  • Feeling isolated or cornered or trapped in an unwanted situation
  • No one understands your inner feelings
  • Frequent headaches, body aches or feverish feeling
  • Acidity, gas or constipation
  • Asthma attacks
  • Backache or neck pain
  • Sexual problems
  • Too much appetite or too less appetite
  • Hair loss………

What is this stress really?

Stress is your body’s reaction to any change. Since life keeps on changing constantly your body will always have some degree of stress. This is healthy stress or ‘Eustress’.
It becomes unhealthy or ‘Distress’ when it becomes excessive or beyond your body’s normal stress-bearing capacity.
So you cannot banish stress totally from your life. You can only manage the unhealthy stress and bring it within healthy limits………

How does stress develop?

Let us learn from an example. Amit, a young man was walking in an open space when suddenly a ferocious dog started chasing him. He panicked and started running fast to save himself.
All of a sudden there appeared a wide ditch in his path. He did not think twice and just jumped with all his strength to leave the dog behind.
The instinct to save his life was so strong that he easily jumped across a distance which he could not have done under normal circumstances………

The useful ‘flight’ response due to adrenaline

It was a ‘flight’ response of the body to save itself from a sudden catastrophic change or from the stress of ‘danger to life’. This extra energy to use the body’s muscles to run to save life came from within the body reserves.
It came because of a very useful hormone called ‘adrenaline’ and some other adrenaline-like hormones. [We’ll use the word ‘adrenaline’ henceforth for all of them together.]
  • Same flight response occurs in your body when you feel cornered and hence stressed by your boss or a critical fault finding person. Also in any other unpleasant or frustrating stressful situation same flight response occurs.
  • You want to escape from this situation which is not threatening your life but your self-esteem. Your body reacts in the same old way to the stressful situation by secreting once again high levels of adrenaline in your blood stream………

The other useful ‘fight’ response of adrenaline

In another example, our hero Amit does not run away from the dog. He decides to face and fight that dog. Once again he finds a great surge of energy from within himself.
Likewise, in another stressful situation you decide not to escape but to stay put and fight back for your life or honor. Here also you feel a sudden tremendous surge of energy in your muscles to fight and face the adverse situation.
You may be actually in a physical fight posture or a mental fight mode – it does not make any difference. This ‘fight’ response is also because of our friend adrenaline only.
  • Same stress and same adrenaline secretion happens when you are daily in the competitive, aggressive or pushy mode in traffic, on phone, in office, with peers or with clients.
  • At home too exactly the same stress game of ‘flight’ or ‘fight’ takes place during inter-personal conflicts………

How does adrenaline work?

Adrenaline stimulates your all body muscles. They contract and become ready for the ‘fight or flight’ response to save the body from that situation’s stress. If the muscles are used to fight or run away, well and good – the purpose of secreting adrenaline is served.
  • If not, then the extra adrenaline is decomposed by the body after the threatening situation or crisis gets over. So there is no damage to any part of the body because of adrenaline’s side effects.
  • That’s why when a crisis blows over you suddenly feel light or weak. You may also feel a sense of relief, release or relaxation. All this is due to adrenaline withdrawal……

What is the difference if we are not able to ‘fight’ or ‘flight’? Suppose we just have to stay there with an artificial smile?

The crucial difference is that with the dog’s danger your extra adrenaline served its purpose of using the body muscles to fight or escape to save your life. Soon this extra adrenaline would be broken down by the body to complete its life cycle.
  • But with a cornered state of having no escape you are unable to use your muscles to ‘fight’ or ‘flight’. The extra adrenaline rush is neither utilized for its basic function of ‘flight’ or ‘fight’ nor is it broken down early.
  • Consequently, all your body’s voluntary and involuntary muscles remain under a prolonged period of contraction and stress because of continued high adrenaline levels.
Similarly, if you do actually fight physically, the extra energy generated in the muscles is consumed.
  • But there may be a simmering state of continuous underlying hostility like in a dissatisfying job or a dysfunctional family background.
  • It keeps on secreting high adrenaline levels in your body day in, day out 24x7 for months or even years……

The tragedy unfolds

It is just like the constant drip-drip of a leaking water tap. Initially nothing bad happens. But after some time even the solid cement floor of the bathroom develops a hollow under the leaking tap.
Similarly, with no rest in between for the extra adrenaline to decompose, your body soon starts getting ‘burnt out’. The same best friend adrenaline now becomes your worst enemy!
How tragic really………

‘Dis – ease’ becomes ‘disease’

When this starts happening almost daily your body just cannot cope up with the extra adrenaline pouring in so frequently.
  • The perpetually contracted muscles under the continuous effect of extra adrenaline simply get exhausted. Hence they become tired and painful.
  • As the muscular walls of body’s arteries contract the arteries’ diameter decreases. Now less and less blood goes to all critical organs. Therefore, they get less and less oxygen and glucose.
  • Additionally, their toxic wastes start getting accumulated within the organs themselves instead of getting washed out with a normal blood supply. The critical organs then start malfunctioning gradually.
  • Now this reduced blood supply starts killing your white blood cells. Your immunity or the resistance to fight with various diseases starts going downhill – first slowly and then rapidly after some time.
[Phew! What a list of damages!]
This state of ‘dis - ease’ then slowly becomes a ‘disease’! ………

Oh! Now I understand. What are these diseases?

Lots of medical research is being done today all over the world in the newly emerging field of psycho-neuro-immunology [the study of role of mind over nervous and immune systems].
It has shown repeatedly that stress is either the direct cause or the precipitating cause of 90% of all diseases in the modern day’s high pressure life.
It means that your unchecked stress will either cause some disease directly in your precious body or it will expedite an already-present disease process.
  • The various stress-induced diseases can be loss of memory and concentration, anger, mood changes, volatile behavior, chronic tiredness, sex problems like frigidity, loss of sexual interest, inadequate erection, premature ejaculation, etc.
  • Others can be hair loss, headache, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, poor vision, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, common cold, gum infections, ear infections, imbalance of thyroid and other hormones, irregular, excessive or scanty periods, cervical spondylitis, etc.
  • You may also get joint pains, muscular pains, chest pain, back pain, leg cramps or burning sensation in limbs.
  • Or you may develop acidity, gas, constipation, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic diarrhea, skin problems, etc.
  • In other cases the problems can be more serious like diabetes, high BP, angina, heart attack, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, kidney failure, liver diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, other auto-immune disorders like psoriasis, etc. ………

The weakest point of the chain is the first to break down

Every person has a different constitution and his own unique weakest and strongest points. Your weakest organ will breakdown first under stress while other organs may not be affected immediately.
  • That’s why what may be a child’s play for you may be devastating for your friend.
  • That’s why different people will show different symptoms of stress under exactly similar circumstances.
  • Additionally, same person will show different stress problems in exactly similar situations at different ages and stages of life………

This was all because of chronic or long-standing stress. Can we have acute or sudden stress also?

Yes, very much. Your body may not be able to cope up with sudden big changes in your life.
  • Like, a sudden bankruptcy, unexpected big financial loss, a roadside accident, sudden loss of job, sexual assault, a big scandal, a public humiliation, examination failure, a big show-down with a friend, continuous overwork for a few days or weeks, etc.
The same above-mentioned stress-induced problems can happen because of acute, sudden stress too………

So what is the final answer?

Let’s say that your body works best with minimum stress at an arbitrary 50 units. If you go to 0, there is a change of -50. If you go to 100, again there is a change of +50. In both situations there is a big quantum of change.
As stress is the body’s reaction to change, big change will cause big stress. Hence both extremes will cause big stress on your system.
  • That’s why both overwork as well as laziness will cause stress.
  • Too passive or too aggressive behavior will cause stress.
  • Too many or too little responsibilities will cause stress.
  • Running away from modern life will be as stressful as being a part of the mad rat race.
It means that all extremes will cause big stress sooner or later………

What should we do then?

Your body is a harmonious unity of all organs. They work not at the maximum [or extreme] capacity but at an optimum capacity in team work with all other organs. This is what actually creates the beauty of a healthy mind in a healthy body.
  • Therefore, the middle path is the best path – neither too much of this, nor too much of that. Minimum change, minimum stress!
  • Balance in everything, balance is everything………

Balancing the 4 pillars of your life

Your precious life has 4 pillars :
  • Self
  • Family
  • Society and
  • Career
All the four pillars need to be given optimum attention at all times in your life.
  • The critical point is to realize that career, the fourth pillar, is meant to provide you with money and other resources to enjoy the other three pillars.
  • If you spend all your time and energy to focus only on career, then this extreme behavior does give you a great financial success initially undoubtedly.
  • But this is just like burning your candle at both the ends. It gives you double the light initially, but at what price? You burn the candle very fast!
  • What do you feel? Is it happening with you at least sometimes? ………

The 4 needs of your Self

Your Self likewise has 4 needs that have to be full filled – not quarter filled – in an optimum way every day. They are your
  • Physiological needs [of oxygen, water, food and daily body functions like breathing, sweating, sleeping and excretion, etc.] and Physical needs of safety and security.
  • Emotional needs of love, sharing, caring, belonging in relationships and fulfilling hobbies.
  • Intellectual or mental needs of ego, material success, knowledge, name, fame, power, etc.
  • Spiritual needs of connecting to your Inner Highest Intelligence or a Higher Power.
The tragedy of stress starts occurring the moment you start neglecting your other three needs only to fulfill your intellectual needs of ego and material success………

OK, I have understood. But what should I do to de-stress myself now?

You want to know where and how?
Simple! Start today to strike a balance between your 4 personal needs and also 4 pillars of life.
Give more time to your sleep, balanced diet, daily exercise/ yoga/ aerobics/ dancing, etc., spending more time with people whom you love, going back to nature and your hobbies………

I tried most of this but could not persist consistently. I need faster relief now. What must I do now?

Then you need a personalized guidance to come out of your problems immediately. You can contact Dr. Arora for his well-known training on ‘7 Mind Secrets’.
Dr. Arora, a medical doctor, is an awakened soul and will personally guide you without any medicines or surgery to de-stress yourself with his very easy-to-use techniques.

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE personal introductory session.

Don’t burn your candle at both the ends.
You have nothing to lose other than your stress!

Vasant B. Augustine,  39 yrs., D.M.E., D.B.M.

"It was conducted in a beautiful way. Dr. Sudhirji's experience which he himself has gone through in his life was a real eye-opening experience & made us feel that all of us are sailing in the same boat of problems, worries & tensions.
Dr. Sudhirji's speeches with a humorous touch made all sessions lively & everyone took active part in each session. Public speaking & inter-active meetings were effectively conducted & everyone came to know where he stands. Training conducted was simply superb."

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