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Adi Kriya - Inner Flowering

Do you too want to learn how to tap your Super-conscious Mind to revolutionize your life?

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Today's Mind Secret
Prayer is you calling God. Learn today that intuition is God answering you back.........

Adi Kriya – Your Inner Flowering
The Golden Secret behind all secrets

[Want to know more about this topic's practical application in your life? ... Read more about Dr. Arora's Personal Growth Training here]

What is ‘Adi Kriya – Your Inner Flowering’?

‘Adi Kriya’ [Adi = ancient, Kriya = technique, pronounced as ‘Aadee Kriyaa’] is the ancient most technique discovered by our sages to flower into a life of great success and happiness - a life of abundance.
In the modern day’s stressful life it causes a total flowering of your inner potential by first solving your personal and professional problems. It happens through some very easy practical ways from day 1 itself.
  • It was revealed from The Universal Consciousness to Dr. Sudhir Arora by using him as a Channel in his first near-death experience…..

What is the meaning of ‘Inner Flowering’?

A plant flowers only when it has saved abundant energy from its basic survival needs. Only then this surplus energy goes towards reproduction so that the plant’s species continues. A flower is thus the peak of a plant’s consciousness.
But it is still a potential – a potential of fertilization, followed by a fruit and thousands of seeds. Some of these seeds may germinate later into new plants so that the beautiful dance of life goes on and on.
  • You too have a hidden potential of unlimited possibilities. Unknown to you lie within your self seeds of great joy and happiness.
This possibility to actualize your hidden potential, to reach the peaks of your own human consciousness is your ‘Inner Flowering’. For you to be what all you were supposed to be and to achieve in this life what all you were created by your Creator to achieve.
But the outer world is a pure reflection of your inner world. If there is confusion inside, then there is chaos outside. Only if there is total focus and clarity inside can you have abundant success and happiness outside.
That’s why for 98% human beings their potential remains wasted throughout their lives simply because they did not learn the right ways at the right time because of their inner conflicts.
  • Only about 2% of human beings are crystal clear enough to exhibit their full potential and enjoy the full beauty of life in their lives.]

‘Adi Kriya’ then is the ancient most technique discovered by our sages to help you in your inner flowering. Thus, you too can realize your true potential and attain the peaks of your consciousness - so that you too lead the abundant lifestyle that you always dreamt of…..

Why is ‘Adi Kriya’ the ancient most technique?

You know very well that ‘Bharat Varsha’, the ancient land of India, was called a ‘Sone ki Chirriya’ or ‘The Golden Bird’ for thousands of years in the whole world.
Not one rishi, not one king, not one city and not in one century.
But for thousands of years, from rishis to kings to the general public - the whole civilization - all attained total flowering, a life of abundant financial prosperity as well as peaks of spiritual growth!
  • There must have been a valid reason, an authentic technique behind this amazing flowering of our ancients. ‘Adi Kriya’ was that valid technique.
Since time immemorial this ancient most technique was being passed on through successive generations. That’s why the whole civilization could prosper fabulously for thousands of years…..

Is that the reason why yoga and meditation etc. originated only in India and nowhere else?

Yes, precisely. That’s why
  • Vedas
  • Upanishads
  • Vedanta
  • Geeta
  • Yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Ayurveda
  • Kaamshastra
  • ‘The Golden Bird’
- all developed only on the soil of this holy land and nowhere else in the world.
  • Moreover, this outer prosperity and inner spiritual growth went on throughout all the ages under various kingdoms with different languages, different customs and in different regions - but all in this glorious land only.
There must have been something beautiful, something sacred which the whole culture must have been doing as a part of daily living! ‘Adi Kriya’ was that something sacred and beautiful.....

Is it because our ancients knew some ‘secrets’ not known to others?

Correct! Our ancient elders experienced the peak of the flowering of human consciousness because of ‘Adi Kriya’.
It’s because they were able to tap the awesome God-given secrets lying within the human body and mind – much, much before the rest of the world even came to know about them.
Thus, they were able to
  • take better decisions,
  • manage their time more productively,
  • create wonderful relationships,
  • manage their daily stress more effectively and
  • create financial and spiritual wealth in their daily lives.....

What are the statistical facts about our ancestors’ wealth?

According to economic historian Angus Maddison in his book ‘The World Economy: A Millennial Perspective’, India had the world's largest economy in the 1st century to 11th century, with a 33% share of world GDP in the 1st century and 29% in 1000 AD.
During 1700 AD, Mughal era, India’s share was 25%, more than the whole of Western Europe.
  • Paul Kennedy, in his highly regarded book, ‘The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict from 1500 to 2000’ estimates that in 1750 India's share of the world trade was nearly 25 percent!!!.
It came down to 3.8% in 1950s. It came down to 0.5% in the 1960s and now stands at around 1.5%!.

Yeah. I agree that ‘Adi Kriya’ was that underlying technique. But why did we become slaves later in our history?

  • Slowly during the last 2000 odd years our culture gradually became arrogant and complacent and lost touch with ‘Adi Kriya’ and all that was so great in our civilization.
We became first the slaves of our own negativity. Then only the foreign invaders could come and conquer us for two thousand years. What do you say?.....

But for the last 100 years or so we do have resurgence once again in our culture! Is it not true?

Yes, you are absolutely on track! That’s why at this fortunate point of time in human history The Infinite Consciousness or God has once again opened His mighty secrets to us through ‘Adi Kriya’ now.
  • So the time has come for you too to benefit now from this ancient most technique of our enlightened sages to create great happiness and abundance in your own life…..

But will it really work in the 21st century?

Absolutely! Truth is eternal and works equally well in every century– simply because it is The Truth! Truth does not need any validation or supporting proof. It is its own proof.
But please don’t believe us. We may be right or wrong. But do trust your own experience.
  • Just learn from us ‘Adi Kriya’ and practice it daily. See a new wonderful happy life happening to you in front of your eyes from day 1 itself.
‘Sirf kar ke dekho’ ie. do it yourself and experience the benefits yourself in your own mind and body…..

How did the revelation of ‘Adi Kriya’ happen?

  • ‘Adi Kriya’ was being revealed by The Supreme Intelligence to Dr. Arora for the last more than 30 years, right since 1978, in bits and pieces. It used to come as sudden strong ‘flashes’ of ideas from his Inner Self at any time of the day anywhere.
But these sudden flashes were not fitting into the conventional logical mind of a medical doctor. So initially his well-trained medical mind refused to accept the usefulness of these sudden flashes of his intuition.
However, very fortunately, he had a lot of problems in his early life – both physical and psychological. He kept on using all the conventional logical solutions to his problems.
But the problems kept on increasing and his personal and financial life kept on becoming more and more miserable…..

What happened then?

His personal world was shattered when he became financially bankrupt in spite of running a successful medical practice in his own nursing home in New Delhi, India.
To come out of his misery he then started following his intuitive flashes of ‘Adi Kriya’.
He thus started truly on the path of learning and teaching meditation in 1990.
To start a new life he shifted to an entirely new city and a new culture for him, ie Pune, the Punya Nagari of the Indian mythology.
  • Consequently, from his intense emotional suffering came about his ‘spiritual rebirth’ at the age of 35 in 1991.
Because of the intuitive insights received through ‘Adi Kriya’ he bounced back in life very fast…..

It must have been very traumatic?

Yes, it was a very tough time really. And the next severe blow to his very existence came when his first marriage of 16 years ended in a legal divorce in 1993 at the age of 37.
Now wholeheartedly he started applying these illogical intuitive flashes of ‘Adi Kriya’ to his huge problems.
  • Immediately his life started flowering – financially, emotionally as well as spiritually…..

What about his career during all this years?

He always had a very deep seated value of spreading happiness and abundance in other people’s lives.
So all these years he professionally continued helping people through personal counseling to facilitate their inner flowering. During these sessions he had the first hand chance to encounter human suffering in its various forms and shapes from very close quarters.
His own life’s personal experience coupled with his vast professional experience made him follow these flashes of ‘Adi Kriya’ more and more.
  • The more he personally used these techniques and the more he taught them to others, the more his personal and professional life flowered into peace, happiness and abundance…..

Who is Mrs. Madhushree Arora?

Following these flashes of ‘Adi Kriya’, after his divorce he met and married his soul mate, Madhushree, in 1993.
  • It has been a heavenly union of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati ever since – the inner flowering of two Indians coming from two absolutely contrasting backgrounds of north and south India.
‘Adi Kriya’ showered upon them a life of financial, emotional and spiritual abundance, just like in the lives of our ancients…..

When did they start Hope Academy?

To share their abundance with the whole world the Arora couple started Hope Academy in Pune in 1994. It was started specifically to train people from all walks of life to lead a confident, happy life, full of abundance by tapping the amazing secrets of ‘Adi Kriya’.
  • This is being done regularly ever since in Pune in their ‘7 Mind Secrets Course’.
In 1998 Hope Academy was incorporated as Hope Academy Private Limited…..

Any Spiritual Masters they had on this path?

Yes, of course, with an immense heartfelt gratitude:
Osho Bhagwan
- the enlightened peak of spirituality that they encountered during this most beautiful journey of their lives. Because of His Grace their lives together have become more and more like the flowering of the lotus flower…..

I heard they had some major medical problems too?

Yes. In April 2008 in a routine mammography Mrs. Madhushree suddenly faced left side breast cancer 1st stage.
Because of timely diagnosis her body was not deformed. She underwent the complete regime of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and got fully cured in six months.
  • Here ‘Adi Kriya’ helped the Arora family come out of this traumatic experience as emotionally very strong, very united and spiritually highly enriched.
They practically experienced the underlying beauty of the statement that ‘Mountains and valleys are the part of living. Going through them smilingly is the art of living!’.....

What about Dr. Sudhir Arora himself?

Later same year in November 2008 Dr. Arora came down with a severe debilitating attack of stage IV ulcerative colitis plus Crohn’ disease.
He started losing huge amount of blood and mucus in stools 15-20 times in a day. It was a period of very intense physical pain and exhaustion for him.
During August, 2009 to August, 2010 he underwent 5 major surgeries and 16 invasive procedures. His total large intestine was surgically removed to save his life…..

Oh my God! What was the result?

He remained in and of various hospitals because of some very serious life-threatening complications. He lost 20 kg weight out of his 70 kg and was given 29 bottles of blood during this span.
He encountered near-death experience twice during this time.
It was as if physically he was reborn. He feels today it was his 3rd birth, the 1st being the biological birth in 1956 and the 2nd being his recovery from the intense emotional disaster of bankruptcy and divorce in 1991.
  • While most people don’t even get to completely understand even one life fully, Dr. Arora considers himself to be specially blessed to have experienced three different lives in one life itself…..

What was the role of ‘Adi Kriya’ during this time?

It was during these periods of excruciating pain that the final pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of ‘Adi Kriya’ was finally revealed by The Infinite Consciousness to Dr. Arora.
  • It just happened in about 30 minutes at about 6 in the morning on his 53rd birthday on June 10, 2009. All the haphazard pieces which were dawning upon him for the last more than three decades just fell into place by themselves.
  • The Golden Secret behind all the secrets, ie. how to create happiness and abundance in human life became absolutely crystal clear to him. The Universe had finally opened its mightiest Secret!.....

Where was his wife during all this time?

  • Madhushree was like Savitri of ancient India who got back the soul of her husband Satyavan from the clutches of Yama – the Lord of death Himself – through her intense devotion.
Madhushree remained steadfast in her love to her soul mate and was like a rock between her husband and death 24x7. She was instrumental in him coming back to life to spread the wonderful technique of ‘Adi Kriya’ to the whole humanity.
Ever since then the Arora couple is spreading the beauty of ‘Adi Kriya’ and its manifold amazing benefits to all people from all walks of life.
Thus, ‘Adi Kriya’ has dramatically changed the life of the Arora family and thousands of other people with its amazing, seemingly miraculous results…..

Can we too can get the same awesome benefits of ‘Adi Kriya’ in our life?

Yes, very sure. From day 1 itself! You are most welcome to contact Dr. Arora.
He will help you to have first abundance in your own personal life, then to become a channel yourself so that your flame can light more flames of your loved ones too.
If you do feel the need for such a personalized guidance to overcome your tensions and worries then

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE personal session.

Convert your tensions into stepping stones of success.
You have nothing to lose other than your failures!

Satish A. Sawant,  30 yrs., Civil Engg.

"The very first thing I have gained is confidence and how to take initiative steps for breaking 'Inertia' (which is very important thing to change the life). I learnt how to do meditation. What I gained from meditation is beautiful. It can not be expressed in words. How to live life tension-free, stress-free and how to overcome fear is also what I have gained from Dr. Arora's Course.
Before coming here I knew everything but didn't know how to practice it. Things are not new to us but here Dr. Arora helps us to take them out of ourself. This course will bring me on the right track of my life."

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