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Mind Guru Dr. Sudhir Arora, MBBS
Be Confident, Be Happy
Solving Personal Problems
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36 Years' Experience
42,100 People Already Benefited
Internationally Acclaimed Personal Counselor, Life Coach & Motivational Trainer
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Worldwide Counseling & Training On Skype Or Phone - Customized Solutions For Your Personal Problems – Changing Lives Positively
Adi Kriya - Inner Flowering Confidence
Financial Problems Interview Skills & Nervousness
ATM - Any Time Meditation Cure of Stammering Frustrations & Anger Laziness & Procrastination
Anxiety, Tensions & Worries Daring on Stage & Public Speaking Goals & Ambitions Leadership & Motivation
Chronic Health Problems Decision Making & Problem Solving Skills Guilt Marriage Counseling
Communication Skills Depression   Happiness Personality Development
Computer-related Stress Failures & Success Inferiority Complex & Shyness Positive Thinking
Concentration & Memory Fear & Insecurity Inter-personal Conflicts Time Management  Still More.....

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Today's Mind Secret
Learning is a never-ending life-long process. Learn today to be a good student before you crave to be a good master.........

“Train The Trainer” Workshop
Let us work together to spread
abundance in more and more lives

[Want to know more about this topic's practical application in your life? ... Read more about Dr. Arora's Personal Growth Training here]

Is the training done by Dr. Arora himself or other trainers on his behalf?

The mission of Dr. Arora’s life is H.O.P.E. – Helping to Overcome your Problems Effectively. He achieves his life’s mission to help people by solving their personal and professional problems through his personalized counseling and training sessions.
He is thus very passionate about it. Each and every counseling and training is therefore done personally by Dr. Arora himself. This is one thing that he does not outsource.

What is the minimum age and qualification needed to join Dr. Arora’s “Train The Trainer” Workshop?

Eighteen years onwards. Yes, 18 years! We have had the fortunate experience of training young people as young as 19 years also to become professional trainers in their life! There is no older limit, of course.
The only qualification needed is a d-e-e-e-e-p passion to help others through your own experience and wisdom. If you feel that deeply within yourself you are not really having an attitude of interacting with people from all backgrounds and helping them, then this line is not meant for you.

Is it meant only for new would-be trainers or even experienced trainers too who wish to upgrade their training skills?

Dr. Arora’s “Train The Trainer” Workshop is meant for new-comers as well as experienced hands. The only thing needed is a longing to transform your own life and others’ lives.
You only have to come with an open mind and just be willing to quench your thirst of the real deep knowledge of The Fundamental Laws of Success and Happiness.

What about those inexperienced people who wish to become trainers but are unsure whether this is the right career for them?

This is, in fact, a very important question for everyone of any age and from any walk of life, whether a beginner or an experienced trainer.
Dr. Arora is going to show you very clearly whether your own temperament really suits this wonderful vocation. You will then become very sure whether this is the right career for you or not.

What are the course contents then?

Dr. Arora is going to customize his training for you exclusively. Nevertheless, broadly speaking, you will have the following course contents:
  1. Your Temperament as a Trainer: Does it really match with your ambitions?
  2. The Laws of Marketing in Training: How to use these very basic laws of human civilization to make your training is a hit with everyone in the audience anywhere in the world?
  3. Your Structured and Extempore Presentation Skills: What do you have to have within yourself to carry the audience with you on any and every topic?
  4. Your Self-marketing as a Trainer: How to create a demand for your knowledge in the competitive world?
  5. The Feel Good Factor: Why is it the most important factor in your success and fulfillment as a trainer of repute?

Okay, I am very clear now. I too wish to become a very successful trainer and feel fulfilled in my life. What are my gains from your “Train The Trainer” Workshop?

Dr. Arora’s practical and result-oriented techniques are not only going to help you in your professional life to feel more fulfilled but also going to transform your own personal and domestic life completely.
Please go through our page in this website on Your Gains from our Personalized Training + Counseling before you go forward.

Okay. I have gone through your article in your website on Your Gains from our Personalized Training + Counseling. How many sessions will be needed for me?

Everyone’s problems are unique and different from others. As a result, Dr. Arora has to first understand your case totally in depth. Then only he shall customize his techniques for your personal use.
Thus, your personal counseling and training takes a module of minimum 5 sessions of 90 minutes each. These modules are taken exclusively for you by Dr. Arora himself over a span of a few days.
Along with that you also have the privilege to undergo our regular, open-house group training on “7 Mind Secrets”. This unique combination of both coaching workshops going on simultaneously is what makes the crucial difference in your total learning and inner transformation.

Then can I start my exclusive personal counseling right now?

Sorry. Dr. Arora’s personal counseling and training is available worldwide through phone and Skype. Consequently, there is a first-come-first-served priority list. So you have to book his time in advance. All his experience of more than three decades is there for you then.

Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes, of course.

Okay. Then how do I go about it?

It involves only 3 steps:
1] Please give a call to +91 98 90 93 08 15 first and simply tell your problems very briefly. Upon confirming with you we will temporarily block our dates and time for your exclusive personal counseling and training with Dr. Arora.
2] Please send all your personal and problems’ details in your email to Dr. Arora at as soon as possible. Kindly make it as expressive as possible. The more detailed, the better it is for you.
Additionally, it saves you a lot of your precious time and money during the actual counseling time with Dr. Arora.
3] Please deposit the necessary fee by cash, check, Paypal or online transfer to the following 12 digits account:

SAVINGS A/C NO.: 003901602677

After getting the bank’s confirmation we shall discuss with you and mutually confirm the final convenient time and dates for your sessions. These time slots will be booked in advance exclusively only for you and for no one else.

Understood clearly. I also have some deep personal problems for which I want the solutions urgently. I do very much want to undergo Dr. Arora’s personal counseling and customized training in “Train The Trainer” Workshop. How do we go about it NOW?

In such a case you are most welcome to contact Dr. Arora, an awakened soul, immediately. In the last more than 3 decades he has helped thousands of people from all walks of life to lead a life full of joy, confidence and fulfillment.
His expertise is now available to you too. He will customize his highly popular training exclusively for you.

Please CALL US TODAY to begin the abovementioned 3 Steps process.

This very moment is the right moment to start. Dare to go now where your heart wants to go.
You have nothing to lose other than your hesitation and indecisiveness!

Nadeem Kazi, 24 yrs, M.Sc (Horticulture), Soft Skills Trainer

My Abundance With Dr. Arora’s Training

Dr. Arora Inspires Innovation!
Dr. Arora inspired me to become a trainer at a very young age of 19 years. Yes, nineteen years! Since then his continuous training has inspired me tremendously to innovate and make my trainings more and more effective!
He appreciates new ideas and inspires to do better, no matter what. As a result of which, I could develop my own workshops (Unlock The Extraordinary, Rejuvenate etc.) and can deliver it in best way possible.
By now, I have conducted 500+ workshops and touched thousands of lives from different parts of the world.

He Works On Our Passion Quotient!
Sir’s training has taken my passion to a new level where I live my life to the fullest and help thousands to live in the same way… Happy and Confident!

He Works On Our Strengths!
We can win a war on our strengths, not on our weakness! While the world focuses on weaknesses, Dr. Arora focuses on our strengths and helps us like a friend on the journey of self-growth! I have learned to use my present Abilities and Assets to Take Action in Here and Now! Use the best within you and life will change in blink of an eye!

He Mentors A Mentor Within Us!
Sir’s workshop has shaped a mentor and motivator in me! He is a ray of hope during life’s most difficult moments! Listening to him, I feel a very quite but very strong mental shift! A positive shift in the way I respond to life’s personal and professional challenges!

He Brings Out The Best In Everyone!
He has a knack of bringing out the best in everyone! He appreciates at the right time and guides us personally to take our training skills to The Level Next!
He is not just a Trainer’s Trainer but he’s a Guru! A guru who transforms lives! A guru who brings about changes, changes which will change lives of people beyond their imagination! After all, he lives by his mission- Changing Lives Positively!

He Gives Personal Guidance!
Dr. Arora’s work has been an enormous influence and framework for my thinking! Surely, he has one of the brightest minds and warmest hearts in the universe!
I stand here because of Sir! His guidance has turned my life around!
Now it’s your time! May you always… your best!

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See 100+ Reviews & Star Ratings in

200+ Videos

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Solving Personal Problems
Be Confident. Be Happy.
1 % improvement in a day improves your life by more than 300 % in 1 year!
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