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Mind Guru Dr. Sudhir Arora, MBBS
Be Confident, Be Happy
Solving Personal Problems
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36 Years' Experience
42,100 People Already Benefited
Internationally Acclaimed Personal Counselor, Life Coach & Motivational Trainer
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Communication Skills Depression   Happiness Personality Development
Computer-related Stress Failures & Success Inferiority Complex & Shyness Positive Thinking
Concentration & Memory Fear & Insecurity Inter-personal Conflicts Time Management  Still More.....

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Finally Revealed
The Millionaires’ Code Of

Be Confident, Be Happy

Personally Revealed By
Mind Guru Dr. Sudhir Arora, MBBS
Internationally Acclaimed Life Coach,
Motivational Trainer & Keynote Speaker

36 Years’ Exceptional Experience
Solving Personal Problems Effectively

42,100 People Already Benefitted
Very-easy-to-follow Game Changing Skills
At Your Own Convenience

Along With

Mrs. Madhushree Sudhir Arora

Very Limited Seats
The Only Self-growth Course Giving You
Personalized Support Life-long

Participants In Our Past Workshops
Have been from [Short names]:

Alva Laval, American Express, Bajaj Auto, Bajaj Tempo, Baumer India, Bharat Forge, C-DAC, Cognizant, Cummins, Datapro, Deepak Fertilizers,
Garware Wall Ropes, GE Consumer Finance, Greaves, Guardian Holidays, Gulmohar Developments, HDFC Bank, Hoechst Roussel, HSBC Global,
IBM, ICICI Securities, Indian Seamless, Infosys, Jabil Circuit, Jetking, Kajaria Ceramics, Kalyani Forge, Kanbay, Kinetic Honda,
Kirloskar Pneumatic, Krupp, Mantri Credit, Max Life, Met-Life, MBT, Modi Xerox, Mphasis, NTPC, Patni, Persistent, Philips, RIECO,
Sandvik, SKF, Sulzer, TCS, Tata Honeywell, Tata Management Training Center, TATA Motors, Tech Mahindra, TELCO, Thermax,
UCO Bank, Wipro, YASHADA, Zensar, ZF Steering etc., etc.
[Read more to see the Bigger List of Our Past Participants here]

Do you feel that you are unable to Succeed and be Happy and Healthy in your life because of some problems?

Dear friend,
  1. Do you have lack of big money in your life? Or
  2. Really do you find it difficult to achieve your life’s ambitions? Or
  3. Are you lacking self-belief and confidence in yourself? Or
  4. Are you unable to overcome your stammering in spite of all efforts? Or
  5. Is the stress of life’s daily problems becoming too much for you to handle? Or
  6. Of late, do you have poor memory and concentration? Or
  7. Are you having some inter-personal conflicts in some relationships? Or
  8. Is confusion in some field of life sucking away your happiness? Or
  9. Are you unable to strike a proper work-life balance? Or
  10. Do you find yourself inferior in some respects? Or
  11. Often do you feel shy and nervous while talking to people? Or
  12. Does your shyness also exhibit as fear of public speaking? Or
  13. Is it that you have too much anger, tensions or worries? Or
  14. Mostly do you think about life with negative ideas? Or
  15. Do you feel guilty when you say “No” to others? Or
  16. At times do you find it difficult to take right decisions? Or
  17. Quite often do you have shortage of time and excessive pressure of work? Or
  18. You are unable to express yourself assertively and confidently? Or
  19. Is any acute or chronic health problem making your life miserable? Or
  20. Are you unable to lead and motivate your people towards a common goal?
How many ‘Yes’ answers did you get out of the 20 questions above?
Your ‘yeses’ are the critical problem areas of your life which need immediate attention.

Here the time-tested and proven techniques of Dr. Sudhir Arora’s training of ‘7 Mind Secrets’ will surely help you to achieve a confident and happy life full of abundance………

What it means for me? What will I gain from ‘7 Mind Secrets Course’?

  • You will achieve the success and the riches that you always dreamt of.
  • Additionally you will gain great self-confidence to achieve your life's ambitions. You can then face the whole world confidently anywhere during public speaking.
  • You will be able to cure your stammering 100% without any medicines.
  • You will achieve a very high degree of memory and concentration.
  • Plus you will also learn the most important smart working and studying techniques to become much more efficient in your career or studies.
  • Definitely you’ll overcome your stress, anger and worries to gain a profound peace of mind.
  • You can take independent and better decisions and stay cool, calm and composed in spite of increased responsibilities and work load.
  • Leading your people from the front with total control and charisma will come easily and naturally to you.
  • You‘ll never feel inferior again in your life and will definitely start thinking positively to convert your problems into your opportunities.
  • It will be very easy to say ‘Yes’ only when you want to say ‘Yes’ and say ‘No’ when you do want to say ‘No’.
  • Additionally, you will regain your health without life-long dependence on any medicines. In other words, a wonderful integration of your mind, body and soul will happen………

What does the press say about Dr. Arora’s Course?

“…Motivation Movers….. Lighting fires under people to help them perform better at work and home…” – Business India
“…Ripples of Hope…..Neither too spiritual nor too management oriented, and not insisting on an ascetic lifestyle, Arora has hope for all of them…”– Pune Times Of India
“…It’s all in the mind…..Essential for a confident and tension-free life…” – Midday
“…The guidance Arora delivers is highly practice-oriented and without any objectionable mumbo-jumbo…”– Pune Times Of India
“…A wholesome formula providing peace and freedom from worries…” – Maharashtra Herald
“…Vast diversity in the range of people who have gone through Hope Academy’s Course: students, housewives, doctors, bureaucrats, very successful businessmen and executives…” – Pune Times Of India………

What is Dr. Arora’s ‘7 Mind Secrets Course’? Any side effects of his training?

Like most other human beings you also consciously use only 10% of your mind power while the rest 90% of your sub-conscious mind power and the Infinite Super-conscious mind power lie dormant and wasted.
‘7 Mind Secrets Course’ then is the well-known training course in Pune for age group of 15 to 75 years to solve your personal and professional problems by tapping these awesome mind powers.
It has no medicines or surgery. Thus there are absolutely no side-effects of any kind………

My problems are quite complex. How can your training solve them?

Your problems are like scores of unhealthy fruits on the tree of your life. You can attempt to polish one or two fruits at a time. This way some fruits may become healthy but the new fruits coming up will be still unhealthy.
You keep on polishing a few fruits at a time but the new crop of fruits is always unhealthy. Soon it becomes an unending task going on and on and on and on…..
That means the problems of your life will never end in spite of your continuous best efforts. New ones will always keep on cropping up. You’ll simply get exhausted and frustrated in your life………

You are so right. What to do then?

The roots of your problems are all in your 90% sub-conscious mind. By training you to master its amazing powers though ‘7 Mind Secrets Course’ we solve the basic roots of your problems.
Thus when the roots of a plant become healthy the fruits automatically become healthy. This is the easiest way to solve all your life’s serious problems………

Can I see the testimonials or recommendations of your past participants?

Sure, sure. Please go to the following links:

Read More Testimonials       Read Past Participants' Recommendations     Important Case Studies

      See More Photos       See More Videos      Send this Link to Your Friends

What about the latest advances in self-growth skills?

Dr. Arora himself is very deeply into his own self-growth towards self-realization. So he keeps on learning and mastering the latest advances in the field of self-development.
He also keeps on adding these latest advanced knowledge and skills in the field of human psychology and human behavior in all his subsequent workshops………

There are so many other courses too like yours today. How are you better than them?

Dr. Arora is an exalted soul and is simply very different from others. He does not claim any superiority over others. But his uncommon delivery style, innovative knowledge and first-class skill sets stand him apart from all other trainers.
It is really a pure delight to undergo at different times his fun and laughter-filled entertaining training of a different kind. You only have to experience it first hand to know what even a single session’s techniques can do to transform your life………

Ok. How is Dr. Arora different from others? This will help me to take my final decision.

Primarily, Dr. Arora’s is creatively very different from others in 7 ways:
  1. He is a medical doctor from Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi University who is the senior-most motivational trainer in Pune,
  2. He has more than 3 decades of exceptional experience of R & D in the field of human mind, motivation and leadership,
  3. The largest number of people from all walks of life have already benefitted from his various high-impact programs and counseling,
  4. He gives you totally hands-on experiential training with minimum theory,
  5. He transforms your cellular biochemistry from the roots with his unforgettable game-changing techniques
  6. He boosts your body’s neuro-endocrine system and immune system towards powerful ATM – Any Time Motivation, and
  7. He trains you to master your own 3 minds at your vital DNA level………

You are well-known for giving life-long benefits to all your workshops’ participants. How do you promise to do that?

We have continuous group sessions of Hope Meetings as a free life-long support system. Here Dr. Arora is continuously available round the year to recharge your batteries throughout your life without any extra charge.
What it means for you is that you can repeat the group sessions of ‘7 Mind Secrets Course’ any number of times life-long totallyfree to learn more and more from Dr. Arora himself and gain in-depth from his hugely vast experience of life………

Wow! But is it optional or compulsory to repeat the course?

It’s purely optional and is offered as a life-changing facility without any extra fee.
There will be many times in your future life when new personal or professional problems may pull you down again. At that time you may again need to have a helping hand to steer you clear of your life’s obstacles.
Here Dr. Arora is once again available to you during such critical times to sail smoothly in the ocean of life………

Great! But why do people come to repeat the course?

As our wise elders from all religions have taught us, learning is a continuous process and never ends any time in life.
So Senior Hope Graduates come to simply rejoice in the highly supportive, positive and enthusiastic ambience of Dr. Arora’s Hope Academy. They come to recharge their batteries, learn more new skills and take their success and happiness to the next level………

You are again well-known in Pune city for giving a very close personal attention to all participants. How do you do that?

A very important fact is that Dr. Arora takes up very limited participants in his training in every batch. Plus everyone is encouraged during the beginning of the training itself to discuss his or her personal problems one-to-one personally with Dr. Arora himself.
It helps Dr. Arora to help you better by first understanding your personal issues in great depth. He is then able to customize for you his more than 100 techniques to suit your personal temperament, thinking style and life’s problems………

That’s really unique! It’s really wonderful. What is the duration and number of such paid advanced personal counseling sessions?

Each such paid session for advanced personal counseling lasts for about 90 minutes. You may require 1 or 3 or 5 or even 10 such sessions. It all depends upon the seriousness and complexity of your problems.
Truly speaking, this personal support is the most important reason behind such a fast and dramatic turnaround in the lives of all the participants of Dr. Arora’s workshops………

Are these paid advanced personal counseling sessions optional or compulsory? Will they suit my 21st century’s professional life-style?

They are totally optional. Everything has been designed to be extremely flexible and optional. Your timings, your schedule and the pace of your learning are all according to your own life’s financial, emotional and work demands.
Being a thorough professional himself, all of Dr. Arora’s techniques have been designed by keeping in mind the 21st century life-style and its pressures on all the participants ………

Is it very serious? I mean, is there too much discipline during his training?

Not at all! On the contrary, his training is full of fun, zest and laughter. It’s very, very different from what you have ever learnt in your school or college or some other course.
Unlike many other such courses, your personal freedom and individuality is given the first preference over everything else.

OK. Who are the usual participants in your course?

The people who gain the most from this course are: Students,                IT professionals,
Engineers,                Doctors,
Chartered accountants,                Lawyers,
Industrialists,                Business persons,
Executives,                Middle level managers,
Senior managers,                Bureaucrats,
Architects,                Interior designers,
Artists,                Govt. officials,
Self-employed professionals,                Housewives and
Success-oriented ambitious people like you………

Really, I do wish to join your life-changing course. But I don’t have the time from my heavy duties!

That means you are trying to do too many things in one day - leading to hurry, worry and work pressure.
Hard work certainly has taken you to where you are today. To go to the next level in your life now you have to learn to work smarter, not harder today; not tomorrow after retirement!
It’s all the more important for you, therefore, to do the ‘7 Mind Secrets Course’ now to smartly manage your time more efficiently and life more effectively………

What about my duty shifts which change every week or if I go on an outstation tour for a few days? Is your course schedule rigid like other courses or really flexible to suit my convenience?

Absolutely no problem. It is a circular course, not a linear straight course.
What it means for you is that your learning in every session of Dr. Arora’s training is complete by itself. You can comfortably miss a few sessions in between because of your duty shifts or tours. Then again come and rejoin the course according to your convenient timings.
Dr. Arora will personally make sure that there will be no loss of any learning to you. The new session that you rejoin will be again complete by itself for you. In this way you can do the whole course completely while also attending to your official duties simultaneously.
Thus if you are not able to finish the course in 4 weeks, then you can finish in 6 weeks or even 10 weeks. That is the huge degree of total flexibility that we provide you………
[Read more about Our Course Schedule here]

Right! I am fully convinced now. But is the investment within my budget?

Yes, of course. The investment is surely a very high value for your hard-earned money. This premium course is meant for an ambitious person like you if you want the best in life for yourself and are totally committed to change your life for the better………

Is it then better to join along with my friends or family members?

Absolutely! The family which learns together and grows together always stays together!
When two or more friends or family members join together then your self-growth is truly exponential. Thus when your own motivation dips down, your partner is there to pull you up. When she goes down, you are there to help her come up.
And together you both pull the whole family up. It is truly win-win for the whole group of people who join together………

Finally what it means for me personally after all?

For you personally it finally means that
  1. You are going to gain tremendously from Dr. Arora’s more than 3 decades of experience in his highly personalized personal and group training of ‘7 Mind Secrets’,
  2. Additionally, your personal and professional problems will be discussed in depth in the exclusive 1-to-1 advanced personal sessions with Dr. Arora himself (totally optional),
  3. His more than 100 techniques will be customized then according to your personal problems,
  4. Your personal and professional problems will be solved with very flexible and powerful techniques in the training of ‘7 Mind Secrets’,
  5. You will gain very flexible, practical and workable take away skills that will totally suit your own professional and personal life-style,
  6. You will have a free life-membership of all his future group sessions of ‘7 Mind Secrets’,
  7. You will thus lead a very confident and happy life full of abundance………

How to take Dr. Arora’s personalized help then?

Dr. Sudhir Arora, a medical doctor, is an awakened soul and has already helped thousands of people like you to solve their personal and professional problems without any medicines through his training course of ‘7 Mind Secrets’.
He will personally help you too to first light the flame of abundant success and happiness in your own personal life. Then your flame can light more flames in your family, friends and fellow colleagues.
Join his personalized guidance and group training to overcome your difficulties at the earliest.

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE personal introductory session.

Dare to convert ‘Impossible’ into ‘I M Possible’.s
You have nothing to lose other than your problems!

Worldwide Online Training & Counseling Through
Phone:      098 90 93 08 15 / 93 71 01 95 17
Skype:        dr.sudhir.arora

Dr. Dilip S. Kiyawat, 48 yes., MBBS, MCh (Neurosurgery), Apollo-Jehangir Hospital

"Dr. Arora’s training was taken in a very friendly manner. Enthusiasm of Sudhir Ji is worth watching and adopting. Simple language, words and sentences used are from day-to-day daily language.
It is a very easy to understand course.
Lot of material has been compressed in very convenient capsules. This is a grand feast for any keen learner.
Small stories, jokes and excellent actions by Sudhir Ji make the whole course very lively.
Lot of time is given for people’s participation to ask questions and their public speaking so as to allow them to open up completely."

Read More Testimonials....

Read More Testimonials       Read Past Participants' Recommendations     Important Case Studies

      See More Photos       See More Videos      Send this Link to Your Friends

See 100+ Reviews & Star Ratings in

200+ Videos

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Solving Personal Problems
Be Confident. Be Happy.
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