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Mind Guru Dr. Sudhir Arora, MBBS
Be Confident, Be Happy
Solving Personal Problems
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36 Years' Experience
42,100 People Already Benefited
Internationally Acclaimed Personal Counselor, Life Coach & Motivational Trainer
JUST 1 CLICK FOR ANY PAGE... Very informative site... Mind & motivation training of a different kind
Worldwide Counseling & Training On Skype Or Phone - Customized Solutions For Your Personal Problems – Changing Lives Positively
Adi Kriya - Inner Flowering Confidence
Financial Problems Interview Skills & Nervousness
ATM - Any Time Meditation Cure of Stammering Frustrations & Anger Laziness & Procrastination
Anxiety, Tensions & Worries Daring on Stage & Public Speaking Goals & Ambitions Leadership & Motivation
Chronic Health Problems Decision Making & Problem Solving Skills Guilt Marriage Counseling
Communication Skills Depression   Happiness Personality Development
Computer-related Stress Failures & Success Inferiority Complex & Shyness Positive Thinking
Concentration & Memory Fear & Insecurity Inter-personal Conflicts Time Management  Still More.....

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Have you decided to create self-motivated leaders at every level in your organization?

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Today's Mind Secret
In life, either you win or you learn. Learn today to never, ever give up.........

In–house & Customized
Corporate Leadership Training
ATM - Any Time Motivation
Personally Taken By
Pune’s Senior-most Corporate Motivational Trainer
Dr. Sudhir Arora, MBBS
Internationally Acclaimed
Online Mind Guru, Life Coach,
Motivational Trainer & Keynote Speaker

36 Years Of Exceptional Experience
Exciting, Fun-filled, Interactive Training
42,100 People Already Benefitted
Enriched The Lives Of The Largest Number in Pune

Who have been your Past Participants?

The past participants in our hugely popular motivational training programs on leadership have been from leading corporate organizations like [Some short names]:
Alva Laval, AT&T, Bajaj Auto, Bajaj Tempo, Bharat Forge, Cognizant, Cummins, GE Consumer Finance, IBM, ICICI Securities, Infosys, Kalyani Forge, Kanbay, Kinetic Honda, Kirloskar Pneumatic, Krupp, MBT, Max Life Insurance, Mphasis, Patni, Persistent, Philips, RIECO, Sandvik, Satyam, SBI, SKF, Sulzer, Synerzip, TCS, Tata Honeywell, Tata Management Training Center, TATA Motors, Tech Mahindra, TELCO, Thermax, Wipro, YASHADA, Zensar, etc, etc………
[Read more to see the Bigger List here]

What does the Media say?

“...Motivation Movers.....Lighting fires under people to help them perform better at work and home...” - Business India
“...Its' all in the mind.....Essential for a confident and tension-free life...” – Midday
“...The guidance Arora delivers is highly practice oriented and without any objectionable mumbo-jumbo...” - Pune Times of India
“...A wholesome formula providing peace and freedom from worries...” - Maharashtra Herald………

Any Participants’ Testimonials?

“Dr Sudhir Arora is the best in the field for preparing us to experience the abundances of life. I am in short of words to write a recommendation for him. One needs to be with him and see the life getting transformed. He combines ancient Vedic wisdom with modern psychology to provide custom built solution for you. The tailor made solution helps you effortlessly navigate ups and downs of life bringing the best out of you.”
… Mr. Pande Rakesh, IIM-A at Tesco HSC
“Many thanks for your excellent and very energizing session. Everyone was so well charged up that our afternoon session which was supposed to end at 6 PM had to be extended by more than 2 hours. Many thanks for your very interesting communication style and techniques evolved through years of experience and insight.”
… Mr. Sunil R Hasabnis, MD, Baumer India
“Today I work as a Director of Engineering for Synerzip. Much of what I did to get here, or what I do to function as a Director here, is derived from the teachings in Dr. Arora’s training.
… Mr. Rohit Ghatol, Director of Engineering - New Technologies, Synerzip
“Dr. Arora is a great personality. When he speaks during his training, it’s something out of this world. It impacts your mind and thoughts and certainly changes the mind set.”
… Mr. Naresh Gupta, Assistant Vice President, Lavasa Ccorporation
“Your training was a great fire-starter session. You really have given us a mantra to be stress-less always and live life happily. Indeed, it was a session which has enlightened our thought process to keep ourselves motivated in any situations of life.”
… Mr. Yogesh N. Surwase, Sr. Agency Development Manager, Max Life Insurance………

What are Dr. Arora’s 7 Core Competencies to help our people? How is he Creatively Very Different from others as a Corporate Leadership and Motivational Trainer?

  1. Your cellular biochemistry transformed with game-changing skills
  2. Your neuro-endocrine system boosted towards powerful ATM – Any Time Motivation
  3. Master your own 3 minds at your vital DNA level
  4. Hands-on experiential training with minimum theory
  5. Knowledge-oriented, proven and practical skills
  6. A unique style of down-to-earth training in English/ Hindi
  7. Superbly designed in such a way that all participants can practice them every moment effortlessly while working on the computer or actually dealing with their clients or dealers!………

What are the Key Takeaways for our people in your Corporate Motivational Programs?

  1. Designed specifically to significantly improve productivity. That’s the bottom line.
  2. Helps your people to use their 3 mysterious brains – Right, Left and Intuitive – collectively to creatively convert all their problems into big opportunities.
  3. Breakthroughs in their inter-personal relationships at a professional as well as personal level.
  4. Output excellence by first focusing on their top 20% priorities to generate highest value addition in their work.
  5. Overcoming procrastination consistently to take high-impact initiative to surpass all targets by tuning in to their ‘Wisdom Center’.
  6. Ability to handle bigger responsibilities with a stress-free, positive mental attitude.
  7. A totally relaxed and consistently focused ‘State of Higher Consciousness’………

What are his Different Customized Modules for our own Corporate Leadership and Motivational Training Programs?

  1. Self-leadership For Change Management
  2. Work-Life Balance For Maximum Output
  3. Inter-personal Skills For Conflict Resolution
  4. Power Health For Stress Management
  5. Peak Performance For BIG Goals
  6. Work Smarter, Not Harder For Time Management
  7. Team Building For Problems Solving………

Who all will Benefit from his "different" Corporate Motivational Training?

  • Senior management
  • Decision makers
  • Middle managers
  • Team leaders
  • Executives
All others whose performance directly affects the bottom-line of your dynamic organization………

What is the Methodology and Approach of training of his "unique style" of Corporate Leadership and Motivational Programs?

It is an interactive program. Step-1: Questionnaire :
The participants will first answer a written questionnaire to know themselves better.
Step-2 : Training itself:
They then practically experience and learn the various tools and techniques to tap the hidden secrets of The Super-conscious mind.
Step-3 : Queries :
Answering their questions happens concurrently during each training session.
Step-4: Feedback:
Feedback assimilation and implementation is the last important part of each training day………

Who is the Lead Facilitator of your unique Corporate Motivational Training Programs?

Dr Sudhir Arora is an awakened soul. He leads small as well as very big groups along with his soul mate and co-facilitator, Mrs. Madhushree Sudhir Arora.
In his highly meaningful, deeply enriching and one-of-a-kind unique style of training he combines the very best of the highly effective Indian spiritual values with the highly efficient Western work culture.
For the last more than 34 years he has been passionately facilitating the participants' incredible growth in the exciting field of self-leadership, communication, stress management and work-life balance.
Thousands of influential people have already benefited extraordinarily from his vast professional knowledge and profound wisdom.
He is the Founder-CEO of Pune’s well–known Hope Academy. He did his MBBS in first class from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, Delhi University in 1979………

Yes, we are quite interested in your Corporate Leadership and Motivational Training. How to contact you?

Please Call Us Today at the number given below for training in your organization.
Raise your people’s morale and self-motivation to raise your productivity.
You have nothing to lose other than their hidden weaknesses.

Worldwide Online Training & Counseling Through
Phone:      098 90 93 08 15 / 93 71 01 95 17
Skype:        dr.sudhir.arora

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See 100+ Reviews & Star Ratings in

200+ Videos

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Solving Personal Problems
Be Confident. Be Happy.
1 % improvement in a day improves your life by more than 300 % in 1 year!
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