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Mind Guru Dr. Sudhir Arora, MBBS
Be Confident, Be Happy
Solving Personal Problems
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Computer-related Stress Failures & Success Inferiority Complex & Shyness Positive Thinking
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7 Mind Secrets

Do you want to awaken the leader within you?

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Today's Mind Secret
Only healthy roots yield healthy fruits. Learn today to first make your own roots stronger, deeper and healthier.........

‘7 Mind Secrets Course’
For a Confident Happy Life

Can you please tell me the list of problems where your training course can be helpful?

Let us first talk about you. Your life is like a tree. On this tree you have some healthy fruits which give you health, wealth and happiness. Therefore, there is no problem.
You also have some unhealthy fruits which give you some problems.
  For example, stammering, low confidence, poor memory, poor marks, poor concentration, low income, poor interview skills, job dissatisfaction, work overload, stress, poor time management, etc.
  Or it may be shyness, inferiority complex, nervousness, anger, depression, anxiety, jealousy, repeated failures, negative thinking, poor relations or inter-personal conflicts with friends or family, fears, phobias, sex problems, chronic pains, lack of sleep, other chronic diseases, etc………

How do you proceed to solve these problems?

Trying to solve the problems superficially by using some short cuts, gimmicks or tricks does not help you for the long term. You must have realized this by now in your own life.
  Therefore, we have to go from roots to fruits. We go to the roots of your problems and make them stronger, deeper and healthier.
  If the roots are healthy, then the tree automatically becomes healthy. Then all the fruits also become healthy automatically for the whole life………

And where are these roots?

They are all in your mind. Isn’t it? After all, whether it’s good or bad, it’s all a game of your mind and its 3 mysterious powers. Consciously, logically, you have to do something or say something. But an anxiety, a fear comes from the sub-conscious mind…“What will people say?”…“Suppose I fail?”…“Suppose they laugh at me?”… “Insult me?”…“Criticize me?”…“Suppose I am unable to come up to their expectations?”… “What will happen to my reputation?”, etc. ………

What’s the net result then?

You get divided into two -- conscious A and sub-conscious B -- fighting within yourself…2 steps forward and 1 step backward, 5 steps forward and 6 steps backward; one half fighting with the other half and you sucking your own energy.
  Whether A wins or B wins, it does not really matter because in your inner conflict the whole of you becomes a loser!
  You also judge yourself continuously in every thought, every action. This self-criticism just sucks your energy. You become a net energy sucker, not a net energy booster.
Do you agree? Is it happening with you in your life at least sometimes? ………

What is the role of‘7 Mind Secrets’ Course then?

'7 Mind Secrets’ is a very powerful course which has scores of well-proven techniques for you to become a peaceful, whole and complete human being once again.
This happens by the integration of your conscious and sub-conscious mind with the Infinite Super-conscious Mind. Then there are no inner energy-sucking conflicts.
You are thus able to lead a confident happy life every day for the whole life. You are able to experience outer success as well as inner happiness.
  As they say “Whosoever wins his own mind wins the whole world.” ………

How is it really done?

Let us show by an example. You have done the action of reading these very words which you are going through right now. This reading action was preceded by some thoughts like “What is mentioned in these pages?”, “How can I benefit from these techniques?”, “Let me first understand the whole thing clearly”, etc., etc. Isn’t it so?
Such thoughts are arising in your mind one after another. So you want to read further to know more and more. Agreed?
Your thoughts are made of words in some sequences. These words arise very fast from a mysterious place within you. Then they disappear again in that mysterious place.
That mysterious place is a storehouse -- the library of all memories and experiences right from the first second of your birth. It is your deeper 90% sub-conscious mind.
  It sends a constant stream of words to your superficial 10% conscious mind as chains of thoughts………

What’s the secret then?

Here’s the secret. If you choose positive words, then the thoughts are positive and the resulting action will also be positive. You will then have positively happy results.
If the words coming from the library of your 90% sub-conscious mind are negative, then the thoughts will be negative. The actions will also be negative, giving more suffering to you in your everyday life. Right? ………

But it is so difficult to think positively consciously all the time!

Yes, you are right. Your mind keeps on giving negative, judgmental thoughts. Trying to remove them consciously only leads to more confusion and suppression within you ultimately. It’s like a rope getting more and more knots.
Deep inside, you start fighting with yourself all the time, becoming your own worst enemy in this process.
  So trying to think only positively by consciously suppressing your negative thoughts is not going to help you.
You cannot fight with your own self and also win the war with outer world simultaneously! What do you feel? What’s your experience? Do you agree? ………

Here is the Master Key

It’s like living among beautiful fragrant flowers.
The Master Key is to use various well-proven techniques of our training course to choose positive words from your 90% sub-conscious mind so that the thoughts and the results are automatically positive, healthy and happy.
How to do it effortlessly throughout the day (as well as night!!) is the Dr. Arora’s ‘7 Mind Secrets’ Course…..

What happens then in ‘7 Mind Secrets’ Course?

It is simply like the beauty of the early morning when sun is rising in the horizon and a soft breeze is flowing around you on the beach.
By using these techniques very powerful and positive thoughts burn into your totally receptive sub-conscious mind like an irreversible CD.
  They work continuously throughout the night even when you are asleep! And even through the next day silently behind the screen. This happens day after day, night after night.
Slowly and steadily, your old negative thoughts and behavior change to positive thoughts and positive behavior.
All this happens effortlessly without any conscious efforts by you to suppress your own natural day-to-day thoughts. It’s as easy and as simple as that………

What’s Dr. Arora’s experience in this field?

These advanced techniques have come as a result of his personal research in the field of human mind and human behavior since 1979, ever since he became a MBBS doctor and started in the field of counseling.
Additionally, God was very kind to him. In his own personal life, He gave him huge and complex problems. He also gave him the initiative and intuition to solve them.
  Therefore, what all he shares with you in these techniques comes from his own personal life’s struggles and troubles, plus the professional experience that comes from having counseled thousands of people.
Add to it his intellectual knowledge from more than 500 books on success and happiness that he has digested from his personal library………

How to solve my personal problems then?

There are 3 steps in solving your personal problems:
You have already taken the First and The Most Important Step. That was to take Initiative and visit us. This Most Crucial Step has already taken you on The Right Path.
No! This is NOT because of contacting us! It’s because finally YOU decided that “I have to take charge of MY LIFE. That enough is enough. That it’s high time I DID something positive and constructive to solve MY personal problems. IT’S MY LIFE AFTERALL. For this I am willing to take any help from any quarter”.
This first step is always The Most Important Step as well as The Most Difficult Step for every thing. By taking this step you have already solved 49 % of your problems!!! ………

What do I have to do next?

For the second step you only have to take just a little bit more 2% efforts.
  That is, you simply have to call us and fix up your appointment with us. We have to first sit with you in person and understand your problems in depth.
This completes your own 51% role in solving your personal problems.
  The final 49%, that is The Third Step, is our role. We are here to help you solve your personal problems to lead a confident happy life.
We know your problems will be 100% solved. But we just cannot help you UNLESS YOU TAKE THE SECOND STEP.
So just go ahead and call us and fix up your appointment with us. Then see your life changing right in front of your own eyes. DO IT NOW.

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE personal session.

Grab this golden chance to transform your life from problems to solutions.
You have nothing to lose other than your suffering!

Laxminarayan Sharma,  26 yrs., B.E. Civil

"1. I have learnt to control my anger. 2. This course has helped to get me a well playing job. 3. My attitude has tremendously improved in a +ve manner. 4. Public speaking skill has made so much improvement that my voice is listened to by even much senior people in a meeting. 5. I had started leading the team very effectively. 6. It has taught me how to do effective Time Management & Stress Management. 7. I can take now many decisions in a +ve way."

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See 100+ Reviews & Star Ratings in

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Solving Personal Problems
Be Confident. Be Happy.
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