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The 3 Spiritual Laws

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Today's Mind Secret
Theoretical discussions and debates only feed your ego. Learn today to absorb the lessons of practical spirituality to actually take a quantum leap in your very existence.........

The 3 Spiritual Laws of Success & Happiness
The fundamentals of your whole life

[Want to know more about this topic's practical application in your life? ... Read more about Dr. Arora's Personal Growth Training here]

What’s the difference between universal and man-made laws?

For a law to be universal, it must be applicable to all parts of the universe in all situations. That means it must include all galaxies, stars, plants, animals and, of course, all human beings of all religions, in all ages, in all countries and in all situations.
All our legal, social, religious and moral laws are man-made – and hence non-universal - since they are applicable only to a particular set of followers or citizens. Stones, plants and animals hardly seem to follow their morality or legality!
  • Only the 3 Spiritual Laws are universal since they apply to all parts of the universe in all situations like all galaxies, stars, plants, animals and human beings of all religions, in all cultures and in all countries………

What are these 3 Spiritual Laws?

I] First Spiritual Law: the Law of Completeness

  • It says that this Thinking Intelligent Universe is Complete, Perfect and One Whole as It is. It’s like a complete, dark and mysterious circle. It always was, always is and always will be like this in its Infinite Wisdom.
  • You too are a part of this Intelligent Universe. So your life is complete as it is. You too are complete the way you have been created by your Creator which is none other than this Thinking Intelligent Universe.
  • This completeness includes both days and nights, both positives and negatives and both ups and downs of your life. Whatever happens in your life happens by The Diviner Will or by The Will of G.O.D. – Grand Overall Design.
Therefore, this Universal Consciousness does not make a mistake. It is always right and was always supposed to be like this only.
It is just like The Law of Gravity or The Laws of Motion. All these physical and spiritual laws are there since before time began and will continue to be there for the eons to come.
You may not like gravity when it breaks your leg if you exceed its limits. But the problem is not the gravity; problem is that you had exceeded its limits!
Similarly, if This Perfect Ocean has decided in its Highest Wisdom that your life's wave has to go up or down for some temporary period then you have to simply flow with The Flow of the Cosmic Current.
You may not like some things in yourself or in your life. No amount of complaining or sulking about them makes things any better. It does not make any difference to this Universal Law of Completeness.
The more you resist some unwanted things the more they persist in your life. You feel more and more miserable because you choose not to like certain incidences happening in your life. The more you fight with this Law, the more you lose energy.
  • So your best choice is to first accept willingly whatever happens – good or bad - and stop fighting with the reality.
But this is easier said than done. The only way to reach this level is through meditation.
  • This will save 98% of your energy which is being lost every day in your conflict with The Law of Completeness.
  • This saved 98% energy will then change your life for the better automatically by following the Second Spiritual Law………

II] Second Spiritual Law: the Law of Change

  • It says simply that like the changing seasons - from one moment to the next - everything changes in this universe. Whatever has gone down will come up and whatever goes up will once again go down. That's The Second Law Of The Universe, The Cosmic Law Of Change.
Every thing changes; you are changing every moment physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually; the world is changing every moment; the stars are changing every moment. But this Law will not change!
Every thing is changing every moment. Just open your eyes and see around you in your everyday life. After the completeness of life this is the second reality to be accepted.
  • So everything, positive or negative, is temporary. ‘This will also change’ – is the most important mantra for you to follow. Then why curse, condemn or criticize any painful happening? Why become attached and crave for some pleasurable outcome?
  • When ever thing is impermanent, this painful or pleasurable happening also will change. Why lose your daily life’s precious energy in trying to make things permanent?………

III] Third Spiritual Law: the Law of Complementary Opposite Poles

  • Everything in this Thinking Universe is temporary and changes into its opposite after sometime. This is The Third Law of The Universe, The Cosmic Law of Complementary Opposite Poles.
  • It is the duality of positive/ negative or up/down of the sine wave or rajas/tamas of Vedanta or yang/yin of Chinese philosophy or day/night or birth/death or mountains/valleys.
Today's good becomes bad tomorrow, just like yesterday's bad became good today.
Good changes into bad, night into day, love into anger, hate into love, friendship into enmity, loss into victory, strength into weakness and vice versa. It all happens in front of your own eyes every day but still you don't see this Cosmic Drama unfolding in every moment because you refuse to live in the present moment.
Examples are countless. Your young body is becoming old body. You hardly ever meet your childhood’s best friend. You have changed your favorite doll for the new mod dress.
Your total dependence on your parents as a child has been replaced by your total dependence upon your spouse. You joined this company so eagerly full of joy. Today it’s a lousy company and you are looking for the next job offer.
Yesterday’s sworn enemies are the best of friends today. See France and Germany, Japan and America today. Best friends are competitors today – see China and Russia.
You and I are a part and parcel of these very Universal Laws and there is no way, yes, no way can we escape from this Reality.
  • Everything will change in This Thinking Intelligent Universe but these Cosmic Laws will never change for any body. Ever………

Isn’t it all very fatalistic?

Fatalistic? Not at all! Fatalistic means that you dream of something, don’t do any planning to achieve it and don’t do any concrete actions. You are plain and simple lazy. Instead you waste your time in just hoping that thing will turn out in your favor somehow.
Like a student wastes the whole year in the coffee house, malls and mobile but hopes to get 80% marks in the final simply because she fasts every Monday.
You bluff and beat about the bush in the interview but hope to land up that well-paying job because of your daily prayers.
You keep on cursing everybody but hope to have warm relationships with every one just because you go to church every Sunday. All this is being fatalistic.
  • What we are telling you is the reality. It may not suit your taste and may be shocking initially. But still the reality will not change………

So what must I do actually to live my daily practical life?

Being practical means that you understand that the output of work cannot be more than the input of energy. Your output is so less because your inner energy is being daily sucked out in fighting with the 3 Spiritual Laws.
In fact 98% - yes, 98%! - of your daily energy is sucked out because of your silent inner conflicts with the reality.
  • So if you really want to be action-oriented and not be fatalistic then first you have to increase your inner energy levels and use that energy for the right actions.
Here are the 3 practical steps to do it daily:

I] First Step of Acceptance of Reality

It’s exactly like looking at a road map and first seeing the sign ‘You are here’. Then only you can plan your further journey. Otherwise you’ll be hopelessly lost.
  • Your first priority is to save and conserve the wastage of your precious energy. No cursing, no condemnation, no criticism and no craving for something different. Simply a neutralacceptance of whatever is the reality in that present moment………

II] Second Step of Planning your Work

Now you use this huge amount of saved energy to see which road to take. You choose the right road without any confusion.
  • Plan out your work and work out your plan accordingly. This way there is no frustration and no exhaustion any where in the journey………

III] Third step of doing Right Actions

Last comes the stage of right appropriate actions. You do whatever the situation calls for according to the ground reality.
  • ‘What is’ is always more important than ‘what should be’.
An example is of trying to make a building of 20 storeys. First priority is to make the foundation real deep and strong. Then only you can make rest of the building………

But the ground reality keeps on changing every moment. How to handle this ever-present change?

You are dot on line! New ideas keep on cropping up; people’s behavior keeps on changing; new situations keep on developing; new technology keeps on bursting on the scene and unexpected problems crop up.
Therefore, old decisions and actions soon become outdated and irrelevant.
In such a changing universe you modify your decisions according to the new reality without fighting with the changing truth. Now you do new, fresh and appropriate actions without accusing, blaming and complaining about anything.
  • Thus, there is no conflict and no energy division. All your actions and their results become total and complete………

What are these total actions and total results?

As a result of this total friendliness with The Highest Universal Intelligence there arise no conflicts within you at any time.
Instead, all that energy which earlier used to get wasted in your inner turmoil and fighting with the flow of life is saved now.
There is no energy sucking, no sadness and no depression. Your energy is present totally; so you get only total actions. It automatically leads to total results and total success.
Automatically, you become more enthusiastic, more positive and always more filled with zest of life.
You start becoming more successful and more happy in each and every moment of your life.
And is it not what you always wanted in life? Yes! The way to real happiness is very different and very easy!!!
  • This then is working smarter and not harder………

Very interesting! Then how to work smarter and not harder?

By trying to hurry up your life's flow you are becoming the biggest barrier to your own happiness and future success.
You cannot speed up the process of your life’s wave. It will take its own, sweet time. You just cannot decide this time.
You only have two choices in every moment of your life:
If your life’s wave is going up - that is, your good times are here - then make the maximum use of your energy to go up in your life.
Don’t waste these precious moments in debating, arguing and fruitless discussions. Now is the time to dream and dream big! Your inner spiritual energy will see to it that you reach to the top soon.
But when your wave is going down – that means the times are bad – then you just lie low. Now is not the time to struggle. Now is the time to take things easy and conserve your energy.
By trying to swim in a river upstream towards the mountains you will unnecessarily get tired and exhausted
It's far better that you float with minimum energy along with the current of life. Let the current of life take you anywhere downstream towards the ocean.
You just enjoy the beauty of life along the way rather than fruitlessly struggling to do something that you cannot achieve.
Going upstream is futile. You just will not succeed. No human being has ever done it successfully. Millions have tried before you and all, yes, all have failed.
Those stupid drops who thought that they will change the course of their wave all struggled and fell away exhausted.
  • Those who succeeded in the eyes of the world were those drops that intuitively aligned their lives according to The Cosmic Law of Completeness, The Cosmic Law of Change and The Cosmic Law of Complementary Opposite Poles ………

I understand all this now. What if I need more personalized guidance in this respect?

Then please contact Dr. Arora. He is an awakened soul and will help you through his customized training on ‘7 Mind Secrets’.
For the last more than 3 decades he has been helping people from all walks of life to lead a confident happy life in alignment with the spiritual laws.
If you too feel a need for his personalized guidance to become supremely self-confident and happy for your whole life then

Please CALL US TODAY for a FREE introductory personal session.

Dare to be truthful to your Inner Spiritual Self.
You have nothing to loose other than your inner confusion and conflicts!

Amar Prasad,  25 yrs., DME, PDTD, (BE Mech)

"I have gained so many things since joining Dr. Arora's course. Three things I would like to mention most: 1. Confidence, 2. Courage, 3. Convincing skills. Before joinning this course, I was a very under-confident person. For that reason I used to get so much tensions, worries and anxiety in my studies and work. These all led me to a very poor health.
I suffered for 4 years so much from ulcers, gastritis, acidity and sinus. During those 4 years I practically used to visit doctors every week. After completing Dr. Arora's course, I gained a lot of confidence. I got out of all my tensions and worries. My stomach problems simply disappeared. I stopped visiting all doctors after 1 month of completing the course. I gained 4 kg. weight within 6 months and I became an ideal weighted person. Till now I have maintained the same good health.
Other than this, I gained courage in my life. That helped me to become free from all my worries about my future. I have become very happy and joyful person now. My career prospects have improved a lot because of the convincing skills which I have learnt from Dr.Arora. Thanks to Dr.Arora for showing me destiny of my life."

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